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Ted Baker Origami Body Souffle

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Brand: Ted Baker / Type: Souffle

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    3 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 23:04
      Very helpful




      I received this Ted Baker body soufflé as part of a gift set.

      ~ Packaging ~
      It comes in a round purple coloured plastic pot, with a gold plastic lid. There is a round sticker on the top of the lid with pink and purple colours on and the words 'Ted Baker London Body Soufflé' appear in gold lettering.
      The pot contains 50ml of product.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This body soufflé is available from Boots or online at boots.com for £2.50 for a 50ml pot.

      ~ In use ~
      The lid twists off easily to reveal the white coloured cream.
      I expected it to look very light in consistency with it being called a soufflé, but it looks surprisingly thick in the pot.
      Despite this, it does feel quite light and thinner than it looks. It sinks into my skin very quickly. I find that a little goes a long way with this body soufflé and you don't need to use much of it to get a decent coverage.
      The scent reminds me of ginger, which I think is an acquired taste. It is a little bit on the harsh side for me. It has a spicy scent, which I find a little too spicy although I didn't mind the body spray from this range.
      A sticker on the bottom of the pot says, 'Fragranced with rose and sandalwood, enhanced with fruity raspberry and soothing vanilla, it was crafted with you in mind.'
      It must be the sandalwood, not ginger, that I can detect in this and I find it harsh and spicy. I quite like the description of the scent and I usually quite like sandalwood in a scent. I have never known it have such a spicy scent in any other product. I can't detect any raspberry or vanilla to alleviate the harshness of this scent.
      I am not keen on the scent of this body soufflé at all.
      On my skin it feels moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
      I quite like to use thinner lotions and body butters like this one because I find them quicker and easier to rub into my skin.
      It is a nice product to use, but to be honest I don't feel that it leaves my skin in better condition than any other body lotion or body butter and in my opinion this smells a lot worse than most lotions and butters so I dislike using this product.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      Others who like spicy scents may like this body soufflé, but the scent is too harsh for me and I am not keen on it.
      I don't like to throw out beauty products before they are used up as I think it is a waste so I will try to finish this body soufflé off, but I won't enjoy using it up.
      I think many people will find the scent too harsh, so I'm not sure why they didn't release this in a scent that would be more universally accepted.
      It works well to hydrate my skin, but other lotions do the same without the offensive smell.
      I wouldn't recommend this body soufflé unless you favour spicy scents and I would not buy this product again.


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      10.08.2013 23:33
      Very helpful



      great product, works really well

      Ever since my mother bought me the Ted Baker designer clothes for children, the obsession started to grow, and ever since I have been a regular shopper there (when I can afford it!) Its a designer that I really love and I think its one of the best British Designers out there.

      I was given this body soufflé along with the Ted Baker body lotion, as a gift by a friend, but I know you can buy them in boots along with other Ted Baker cosmetics. I was really pleased to receive this and was so excited to try it out.

      The 'soufflé' is in the normal sort of body butter tub and the tub is a dark purple with a gold / bronze lid. The sticker on the top has Ted Baker and all the other relevant information written on it and has 300ml of soufflé in it, which is more than enough, especially seeing as I have the body lotion too. I'm spoiled for choice!

      The soufflé itself is a thinner texture than I expected, but it absorbs really well and rubs in really nicely. Your skin feels smoother and more luxurious, and I like to use this on my legs after shaving them. The smell of the product is rather strong, with the rose, sandalwood, rasberry and vanilla fragrances really hitting you, especially the sandalwood. This is not a problem though, as who doesn't like to smell great?!

      I really like this product and would buy it myself, but I would prefer it if it was a bit of a thicker texture but thats just personal opinion.


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      03.04.2013 11:17
      Very helpful



      a lovely soufflé treat for dry skin

      ~Origami Body Soufflé~

      The Origami collection is part of the Ted Baker beauty range. This collection of products includes a body spray, bath foam, body wash and this body soufflé. There is also a hand cream available but this is mainly in the gift sets.

      This body soufflé is described as being an 'opulent body soufflé' which will help moisturise and nourish your skin. This various products in this collection have the same scent which includes notes of sandalwood, raspberry, rose and vanilla.

      The packaging for this body soufflé has the same design as the other Origami products. The soufflé is presented in a purple, round plastic tub with a screw top lid. A foil seal is included to keep the new product free from germs. This body souffle has a 24month shelf life and the tub can be recycled. I find the packaging to be practical given the product offered and quite attractive to the eye.

      ~Price and Availability~

      At present, Boots and www.boots.com offer a 50ml, travel sized body soufflé priced at £2.50. This is on a '3 for 2' offer.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I received a gorgeous Ted Baker vanity case packed full of products from the Butterfly and Origami collections for my birthday last month. My Mum knows of my love for beauty products and I was very happy to receive this gift. What I do find unusual is that some of the products in the set aren't available to buy on their own or are in smaller sizes in Boots. I received a 300ml tub of this body soufflé in my set and it is disappointing for this size not to be available to buy at the moment. I suppose a 50ml is better than nothing!

      As I have dry skin, I feel the need to apply some form of body moisturiser on a twice daily basis. I am happy to apply a light lotion or cream but for a true pampering experience, it just HAS to be a soufflé or butter for my dehydrated skin! I have used this alongside the matching bath foam and both smell absolutely gorgeous. I like this particular collection just as much as the Butterfly range.

      This body soufflé is a treat to use. The soufflé isn't as rich as a body butter but it is thick and has a gorgeous creamy, bouncy texture which makes it easy to scoop out. The soufflé is white and glossy in appearance and only a small blob is needed to fully cover a large area of skin. I apply this to my legs, arms and around my tummy and shoulder area. It is the perfect, all-over moisturiser and is kind to my sensitive skin. It is ideal for applying after a warm shower.

      The body soufflé spreads like a dream across my skin and instantly cools and soothes it. The creamy soufflé feels lightweight yet luxurious against my skin and very little effort is needed on my part with massaging this soufflé in. It simply melts into my skin leaving no residue behind. My skin feels gorgeously smooth and silky after slicking this on. An have been impressed by how intensive this soufflé is as it eliminates the rough, bumpy areas of skin and leaves my skin feeling deeply moisturised and refreshed. My skin feels soft and hydrated for most of the day.

      Scent wise, this body soufflé carries a gorgeous, girly fragrance which is evident when the lid is removed from the tub. It isn't an overpowering scent and isn't as strong as the Butterfly scent but does smell quite perfumed. The scent is fresh with an Oriental twist. The rose is evident but balanced out with the sweetness of the raspberry and vanilla. I can't say I notice the sandalwood but there is a little warmth to the scent after it has been on my skin for a while. I do love the scent and like the way that it sits on my skin as a light, sweet fragrance. I notice it for 2hours or so on my skin so it isn't a long lasting scent. The strength is increase by layering the scent with the other Origami products.


      Overall I would recommend this body soufflé. It leaves my skin feeling great and the scent is light and refreshing. It doesn't interfere with any perfume that I choose to wear but simply leaves my skin smelling lightly fragranced and beautifully sweet. I have used this several times and have barely put a dent in the contents of my tub as it lasts so well. I would prefer to be able to buy a 300ml tub at a time as opposed to a travel sized tub but may purchase the smaller size for going my holidays in a few weeks as I do like it.

      Thanks for reading :)


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