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The Body Shop Ginger Whipped Body Souffle

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Brand: The Body Shop / Souffle / Type: Souffle

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    2 Reviews
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      12.02.2010 13:16
      Very helpful



      I love it!

      I've never really shopped in the Body Shop until just recently, I think their prices have always put me off but when I went to the outlet shopping centre near me, I decided to have a look in the body shop outlet and maybe treat myself.

      The ginger body soufflé was one of the items that I picked up on this trip, it cost me £3 but was originally £12 which is the same as you would pay for one of their body butters. I bought it partly because it was significantly cheaper than a body butter and partly because it just sounded so luxurious and indulging being a 'whipped body soufflé' that it really appealed to me.

      For anyone who uses the Body Shop Body Butters, the packaging for this product is pretty similar to those - same size and shaped tub, just different labels really. The product contains Soya from a community source, which means as with all Body Shop products that it has been ethically sourced and the people who have produced it will have been given a good deal.

      I wasn't sure what to expect from the smell of the product, if you've ever used fresh ginger to cook with then you'll know it's quite a strong smell which lingers on your hands for quite a while after you've used it. However when I opened the tub I was pleased to find that whilst the product did have a ginger smell, it was much more subtle and I noticed that it faded pretty quickly once you've used it on your skin. I prefer products which do this as it prevents your body lotion clashing with your perfume or body spray.

      The body soufflé is white and when you open the tub it does look as though it would have the texture of body butter, but as soon as you touch it, it's obvious that it has a much lighter consistency. It's nowhere near as thin as a regular body lotion, but it is thinner than a typical body butter.

      I've found that a little of this goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling lovely, soft and smooth even 24 hours after you've applied it. It rubs in very, very easily and doesn't leave your skin greasy or sticky at all, just lovely and moisturised.

      My skin was in pretty good condition when I started using this product and after just over a week I'm amazed to say that my skin feels even better than it did before I started using it. The top of my arms tend to have patches of dry skin which makes them look quite blotchy unless they are very well moisturised, at the moment there's no patches of dry skin or blotchiness at all so I can certainly say that it's a great moisturiser.

      Overall, I really love this product, the smell isn't overpowering as I'd feared and it leaves your skin in absolutely fantastic condition. There's also the added benefit that you know local producers are benefiting from the product, so it's a conscience-free luxury that I'd certainly recommend. I bought this in an outlet store and I've noticed that it is a limited edition product, but isn't available on the Body Shop website so it may be that you can only buy this in outlet stores or selected shops which seems a really shame as it's a great product.


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      21.05.2008 17:37
      Very helpful



      One of my faves, I can't recommend it highly enough!

      Another of my amazingly brilliant Christmas presents was this gorgeous smelling and very effective body soufflé. I have to say that this is one of my favourite Body Shop products EVER!

      I use body butter, body lotion or body soufflé as if it is going out of fashion! Every day I slather it on my arms and legs as I suffer from dry skin if I don't. Even though I do I still suffer occasionally if the cream I am using is not moisturising enough.

      I have a small patch of eczema on my upper arm that can flare up if a product is harsh too. This has not happened when I have used this product, there has been no irritation at all.

      This comes in a screw top plastic tub. Easy to open and close even with cream covered hands. The tub is similar in size and design to The Body Shops body butter tubs but not identical. The tub is clear plastic and has a sticker on the lid which has the usual Body Shop logo and says
      Energising hydration with stimulating ginger and organically grown Community Trade Soya oil. Normal skin.
      200ml 6.8oz (194g)
      The right side of the label shows ginger that has been sliced.

      The side has a label going round it that doesn't really have any purpose what so ever! It just has the logo again and says either end
      200ml 6.8oz (194g) (one side is in French)
      Then it says in twelve languages and small print body soufflé. I'm sorry and the point is???!!!

      The base has yet another label and this says Energising hydration for normal skin. Store in a cool dry place, in many languages. There is also the barcode, recyclable symbol, use within twelve months of opening symbol and it says that it is made in the UK. This label will peel back to show you the full list of ingredients and company information.

      I must admit the packaging could have been better designed it is not eye catching or pretty but it is the contents that makes it worth buying so I don't mind having a plain exterior.

      This lid screws off to reveal a pale cream and the colour is hard to describe at first glance it just looks cream but it has a hint of pink to it, almost peachy.

      The scent is the most gorgeous smell I can think of, well ok maybe chocolate beats it but I wouldn't want to rub that all over myself otherwise I might end up chewing my own arm off!

      The scent is very fresh and is not heavy or eye wateringly strong. It is an understated warm ginger scent with hints of lemon making it even more gorgeous!

      When you touch it, apart from it being cold, as you would expect, it is so light and smooth that you can hardly feel it against your skin at all.

      Applying it is luxury, a tiny bit goes on like a dream covering more skin than you would expect, so a tub goes a very, very long way. I use less of this than any body butter I have ever used and I thought they went a long way.

      This sinks in and does its job almost immediately. There is no real feeling of greasiness left behind either just a moisturised feel that I love.

      I have always got a couple of creams on the go at a time as I am the type of person that gets easily bored when I use the same one every day, I like a change! Although I have three open at the moment this is the one I reach for every morning, I just love it!

      The scent envelops you and relaxes you whilst also waking you up gently, by the time I am finished applying it I feel ready to face the day.

      The scent not being that strong means that it does not last which is a shame in a way but is also a bonus in another. If like me you like to wear perfume then you will probably feel the same way as me on this. If you wear a lotion or cream that is too heavily scented then it can fight with the scent of your perfume and just not work. This being so subtle and fading away means that I just smell of my gorgeous perfume!

      The results are great, it is not overly moisturising so I don't feel like I have an oil slick on my skin but it also works very well at the same time. I have had no trace of dry skin since I started using it and my eczema has not been affected by it either.

      There are two main moisturising ingredients Shea butter which is great, this is ideal for hydrating skin and Community Traded (The Body Shops form of fair trade) organic Soya oil from Brazil, brilliant!

      This is a limited edition product so I know my love affair will have to end at some point, but not too soon if I have my way! I have bought three more to go in the cupboard so that I wont have to part with it just yet! This is now only available online unless you are lucky enough to come across a tub in a store!

      Even though I have been using this daily since Christmas it lasted for several months! I would say that it was about four months, slightly longer than a tub of the same size of body butter.

      This costs £12.00 which does sound like rather a lot but where it lasts so long it ends up being quite good value. It costs the same as The Body Shops body butters too.

      I am so enamoured with this body soufflé I wish I could give it more stars but I will have to settle for just five! I wish it wasn't limited edition because I will be very sorry to see it go! I cannot recommend this highly enough, if you get a chance smell it, that said if you don't have the money avoid it, one sniff and you will be hooked!

      The Body Shops website is always worth a look, you can find more information on their products, figure out which will suit your skin type, buy online and find out where your local store is www.thebodyshop.co.uk their delivery charges are not bad and they tend to be pretty quick too.


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