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The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Butter

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Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    5 Reviews
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      24.06.2013 17:33
      Very helpful



      Well worth finding!

      Whenever I take a shower or a bath I love to use a moisturiser afterwards and some of my favourites are the Body Shop ones. I love all the flowery ones and most of the fruity ones although I am not at all keen on the nutty or oily ones.

      The one that I have tried recently is the Lychee Blossom Body Butter which, admittedly, is now rather difficult to find. It was originally made by The Body Shop as a Limited Edition and I don't know about other branches but the one here in Llandudno does not have any left. They have also stopped selling it online too but you can get hold of it on EBay where there are also other items in the Lychee Blossom range for sale too.

      At full price all the 200ml Body Butters are now £13 which is an expensive treat in my book so I never pay full price! I wait until there is an offer on and I also have a Love Your Body Card which gives me an extra 10% off the final price.

      As with all of the Body Shop body butters this one comes in a round plastic tub with a screw top. This one is pink with a white lid and a pretty pink and white label showing (presumably) lychee flowers and the name of the product. The lid unscrews to reveal the white body butter which is the consistency of very thick cream.

      The fragrance that is released when the lid is removed is lovely but how on earth can I describe it? I assume it smells like the blossom of the lychee plant but, never having been privileged to smell such a plant, I wouldn't know for certain! What I do know is that it is a light, fresh, flowery fragrance just right for the summer (if we have one!)

      The butter is easy to apply - I just dip my fingers into the pot, removing some of the butter and then rub it onto my skin. It is easily absorbed and doesn't leave any greasy residue. Incidentally the design of the pot means that all the body butter gets used as it is fairly easy to scoop out every last little bit. I sometimes get cross at the amount that I waste when using the pump action containers and I can't get the last bit to come out.

      The fragrance of the body butter lasts for a long time on my skin and, as I get warm, I get continual wafts of lychee blossom - I find that I keep on smelling the skin on my arms as I love the fragrance! My skin feels very comfortable, lovely and soft and definitely moisturised.

      The ingredients, as ever with the Body Shop, are sustainably sourced and all form part of their Community Trade initiative making sure that producers receive fair payment for their produce.

      These ingredients include lychee extract which is known to contain high levels of Vitamin C which is beneficial for the skin and this is also what gives the body butter the lovely fragrance. Shea butter is a Community Trade product from Ghana and it is also known for its skin softening qualities. Organic Babussu Oil comes from Brazil and is very similar in nature to coconut oil - it is not only an excellent moisturiser it also melts at body temperature which means that it is easily absorbed into the skin. Organic Soya Oil also comes from Brazil and contains Vitamins B and E complexes which are known to improve appearance of the skin.

      On balance I would definitely recommend this body butter - it works well, it smells divine and my skin feels lovely when I use it. The only disadvantage is the difficulty finding it these days, but it is worth the effort!


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        30.12.2011 23:22
        Very helpful



        A great product for mositurisng dry skin

        I popped into my local body shop for a bit of post Christmas sale shopping and found that this body butter was reduced to £5! Having tried other body butters from the shop before I guessed it wouldn't dissapoint, especially at that price! I haven't tried this particular scent before, but I tested it out in the shop first and was not put off.

        The body butter smells of lychee which I guess wont be surprising, but overall I find that the scent smells very clean and not too heavy. The cream itself is white, it is a thick cream however compared to the other body butters I find that it is a little runnier. This actually makes it easier to apply in my opinion and once you have rubbed it into your skin it becomes apparant it is a very moisturising product, because my skin felt instantly soft and the product also remained on the skin for about five minutes being absorbed. You definitely cant get dressed straight away after applying this product, so I prefer to use it in the evening when I have time to wait for it to absorb.

        The body butter comes in the traditional plastic tub with a screw top lid, as do all the body shop body butters. The bottom of the tub is a deep pink and lid is white with a gradiated pink sticker on it which states the it is a skin softening body butter which contains lychee extract and community trade ingredients.

        Community trade ingredients are essentially fair trade ingredients, with the body shop making sure the producers of the ingredients are paid a fair amount for thier products. The drive this company has towards social, ethical and environmental responsibility makes buying from them slightly more guilt free! As always with the body shop, the product is not tested on animals.

        I would give this product a 4/5, it moisturises very effectively the only downside is that it takes a while to absorb.


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        16.09.2011 16:51
        Very helpful



        I love it!

        The Body Shop (BS for short) is a shop who offer a wide range of beauty products.

        ~Body Butters~

        BS offer various scented body butters for various skin types. One of the more recent releases is the Lychee Blossom Body Butter. This is part of a range which includes a body lotion, spray and perfume.

        This body butter is ideal for those with normal to dry skin. It claims to be an intensive body moisturiser which will leave your skin moisturised and soft for up to 24hours. It contains shea butter, lychee extract, organic babussu oil and also some soya oil. The body butter can be used all over the body and the scent of lychee blossom can be layered on the skin by using the complimenting products.


        Like the other BS body butters, this one is housed within a round, chunky plastic tub with a screw off lid. The tub is bright and offers complimenting white and pink (deep and light) shades alongside some information and a pretty floral design.


        This body butter is only available in a 200ml size (many of the other scents are available in 50ml as well) and can be purchased from www.bodyshop.co.uk or instore for £12.00. It is worth looking it for discount codes for the website.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I don't tend to shop at Body Shop except for gifts as many of their products don't seem to agree with my sensitive skin. I have tried a few of their body butters in the past and although I have adored the delicious scents, none of them have took to my skin well. I love body butters and usually opt for Soap and Glory but a few months ago I was in Body Shop with my sister and was given a sample tub of Lychee Blossom Body Butter. I liked it and a few weeks later, managed to purchase it on a half price offer. £6.00 is much more affordable for a body butter.

        The packaging is very pretty and standard for BS. The tub is sturdy and although I have dropped it a few times, it is yet to split or crack open. The lid is awkward to screw back on with damp hands and takes a little practice. I love to apply my body butters after a hot shower and simply to moisturise and scent my skin. The most appealing aspect of this body butter and the reason I was initially tempted by it was the scent.

        ~Lychee Softness~

        This is a high quality body butter. It adopts a strong, almost luminous white shade and is extremely thick in consistency. It feels very cool and once applied to my skin, it is very soothing and refreshing on my dry skin. This is a true treat to apply and my arms and legs really thank me for the intensive drink this butter gives them. Despite being so thick, this butter melts on to my skin and moreso when my skin is slightly damp or warm post shower. It feels luscious!

        Rubbing this across my skin, the butter turns creamy and feels light yet intensive. It starts to sink into my skin soothing any dryness almost instantly. This butter works particular well at relieving dryness around my knees and elbows and works a treat to reduce shaving rash on my legs. The butter absorbs fairly quickly but does need a bit of rubbing to get it all fully absorbed. My skin feels fresh and healthy when I use this butter and deeply moisturised despite there being no tacky or heavy feel on my skin. The surface of my skin is smooth and silky soft.

        Whilst my skin feels hydrated for most of the day, I don't feel that the 24hour moisturisation claim is justified. It isn't far off it though. The shea butter is very much evident and I would say the moisturisation is mainly owed to that. I love shea butter and it works extremely well in this butter. But what about the scent? What makes this particular body butter different from the others that BS offer?

        Well, the lychee blossom scent is simply stunning. It is a bright, uplifting scent and always makes me smile when I use this butter. I can't wait to try the EDT out as I think I may fall in love with it! It is a mouthwatering, sweet scent which compliments my skin and gives it a bit of zing! The lychee is juicy and fresh and there is definently more sweetness present with just a hint of floral. As I apply the butter to my skin, the scent isn't too strong and has a soapy undertone. It sits nicely on my skin and I can mainly smell it if I sniff my skin but it isn't a scent that jumps out to anyone nearby. It is subtle yet delicious but only lasts a matter of 3 or 4 hours on my skin.


        Although this body butter is thick, I only need to use a small blob per application. It spreads and melts so well covering my skin in delicious scent and softening properties. The full price is high but the quality of the butter is high so in the long run, very much worth the price. I would recommend waiting for special offers as they are regular. I wish they had this in a 50ml tub as well though.

        Overall I can recommend this body butter for those with dry skin. It is airy and light so perfect for Summer use when the weather is warm. My tub is lasting well and the scent/texture is the same as the day I bought it despite regularly opening my tub and it being exposed to air.

        Thanks for reading :)


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          16.07.2011 23:17
          Very helpful



          A lovely summery product that will make your skin smooth and fragranced.

          Despite the name sounding a bit weird when I was recently in The Body Shop, they had a sale on and I decided to give this particular butter a try as I hadn't done so before.

          I purchased the 200ml size, they do have larger ones but I did not see them for this particular scent. Normally retailing for £12 each they are much better when you can get them at 50% off for just £6 each. Fortunately for me sale items were buy one get one half price so effectively I paid just £3 for this.

          The tub is plain white with the color coming from the attached labels. Bright pink with little pale white flowers dotted around, the label is very feminine and was what first attracted me to look at what it was. As is normal with the body butter range the label contains the fragrance, body shop logo, size, ingredients etc.

          On opening the tub you are greeted with a thick white moisturiser which has a strong floral, fruity scent. Application is very easy and glides on smoothly being absorbed quickly into the skin making it feel cleansed and soft. I love the fact that this range keeps my skin smooth and lightly fragranced for hours afterwards.

          I can't say this is my favourite scent of body butter but it is lovely and perfect for the summer. Plus it's always nice to treat yourself, even nicer when you save a packet in the process.


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          05.07.2011 13:38
          Very helpful



          A fruity body butter offering from The Body Shop, enjoyable if you can find it!

          Okay, so I'm a bit of a bath and body addict to put it mildly, and as a Love Your Body Card holder I can never resist a sale in The Body Shop. It was in The Body Shop that I found the Lychee Blossom Body Butter at 50% off and jumped at the chance to give this body butter a whirl after I had smelled it .

          ***So if you don't know who The Body Shop are (why wouldn't you) here is a little bit about them....***

          The Body Shop was first founded by Anita Roddick in Brighton offering high quality products that were sustainably sourced and gave back to the community in which they came from. Although the business has now grown to include over 2,500 stores across the globe and has now been taken over by cosmetics giant L'Oreal; The Body Shop still likes to follow its core values.

          Twenty years ago The Body Shop set up their own co-operative, to ensure a fair price to their suppliers in the developing world, which now helps over 25,000 people in their local communities. The Body Shop Foundation was also set up in 1990, a charity to help small frontline services funding in times of hardship. The Body Shop has always been against animal testing and not only cares about animals, but people too. Their recent campaigns relate to the prevention of child sex trafficking, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.

          It is clear to see that Anita Roddick was a woman clearly ahead of her time, as we are now increasingly aware of the damage we're doing to the planet and about the sustainability of the goods we buy. I have been pleased to see over recent years that L'Oreal are still supporting their campaigns with the recent trafficking campaign being sent to Downing Street.

          ***To the body butter - was it packaged well?***

          I purchased the 200 ml tub of this body butter, the standard size for The Body Shop. The tub has a lid which easily screws on and off, for easy access with wet hands, but tight enough that I don't worry about it falling off when travelling. The use of a tub means the body butter can easily be scooped out, reducing waste of the product, my main gripe with pump dispensers. The packaging on this one is certainly bright with a white lid with fuchsia sticker with a fuchsia base. This does make it easy to spot in a vanity/ bag, however I find it a little garish, and the sticker a bit uninspired when compared to their other fragrances including Dreams Unlimited and Love Etc.

          As the body butter is a bit thinner than some of The Body Shop's other butters (that coming next) if the product is not stored upright the butter ends up on the top of the lid. I don't have a problem with this except when opening and closing the lid some butter often ends up on the outer screw section where it can dry and look a bit messy in my opinion.

          *** I have never smelled a lychee blossom, so what does it smell like?***

          As the name would suggest this product definitely smells of lychees. It is a sweet, summery, tropical smell; without the coconut/ sun tan lotion aroma. I really love this scent, as I am less keen on the typical British berry scents; it also reminds me of when I was travelling around Viet Nam where fresh lychees were widely available in various markets and food stores. In fact one of the main reasons for buying the product was to complement my DKNY Summer 2011 for her perfume, in which one of the main heart notes is lychee. As DKNY don't make any complementing products I was delighted to find this body butter complemented perfectly, and allowed the scent to last longer on my skin. The scent of this body butter does remain after application, however it does become less fruity over time, but I find the scent is still faintly noticeable four hours after application.

          ***Texture, Absorbency and Moisturising Capabilities***

          The Body Shop's body butters have a huge following in the beauty world, and with good reason, I have foun they effectively moisturise with minimal residue with a wide range of scents on offer. The Lychee Blossom butter is white in colour, and claims to be for normal to dry skin, and is of a slightly thinner consistency, similar to my cherry and strawberry Body Shop butter. Therefore less of the thick 'butter' consistency of my shea and brazil nut butters.

          This does have some advantages, this is one of the most easy to absorb products I have ever tried. Even though the consistency is a little thinner than some butters, a little does go a long way. I use my butter approximately once a week and after six weeks still have three quarters of the tub remaining. As far as stickiness and residue go, this product is non-greasy (no shiny skin look) after application, a small amount of tacky residue dues remain on the hands, but if you rub your hands together a couple of times further rubbing the product in, this soon goes away.

          I have found this butter to satisfy my normal/ dry skin's needs on the whole. In fact my first application with this product, I went a little wild and really coated myself in the butter, this resulted in noticeably softer skin for the following two to three days. Recent applications have not been so dramatic, Body Shop claim that this will keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, a statement I can definitely second. However, for very dry areas I would recommend a body butter for dry to very dry skin such as the Shea butter or one of the new Body Shop duo butters.

          ***Important Ingredients***

          Lychee Extract

          This is what gives the product its fruity scent. Lychees are also known to contain high levels of Vitamin C which is beneficial for the skin.

          Shea Butter

          This is a community trade product from Ghana, also known for its skin softening qualities of very dry skin.

          Organic Babussu Oil

          This is sourced from Brazil, most likely near the Amazon. It is very similar to coconut oil, in that it is a good skin moisturiser and melts at human body temperature allowing for effective absorption.

          Organic Soya Oil

          Again sourced in Brazil. Soya oil contains many antioxidants including Vitamins B and E complexes known to improve appearance of the skin.

          ***Price, Availabilty and Other Products***

          The 200 ml body butter is priced at £12.50, the same as the other body buttes that match the fragrance range. I do think this is a little steep, and I'm glad I got my 50% off. I have used Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter and would say the product is on a par, I prefer the scent of Lychee Blossom, but the price of the Soap and Glory butter. It is also important to remember if you spend £5 you can receive a Love Your Body Card, which is valid for twelve months which gives you 10% off all products including sale products, and items bought at The Body Shop online.

          The Lychee Blossom range does seem to be a little hard to find in store (it is limited edition) but can easily be found online at The Body Shop's website.

          Other products

          There are a wide range of other products to match the fragrance this allows you to layer the scent. Here are my brief thoughts plus full reviews to follow:

          Lychee Blossom Shower Gel (200 ml) £6.50 - nice refreshing, soap free shower gel, a bit sweeter than other product due to the addition of honey. BUY.

          Lychee Blossom Body Lotion (200 ml) £7.50 - smells nice a bit lighter than the Body Butter. I wouldn't buy this again as I need the moisturising capabilities of the body butter. BUY/MISS depending on your skin type.

          Lychhe Blossom Body Spray (100 ml) £7.00 - I normally love Body Shop sprays but found this one had a chemical/ artificial undertone to it. MISS.

          Lychee Blossom Eau de Toilette spray (30 ml) £9.00 - I actually don't own this as I have the DKNY summer fragrance which smells similar, but I tested it in store, it smells really nice like the body butter - fruity and refreshing. BUY.

          ***Overall Thoughts and Recommendations***

          I think this is a lovely scented body butter, although not my favourite from The Body Shop or other brands. I wouldn't recommend for those with very dry skin, but for those with normal and slightly greasier skin this product would be perfect. I love supporting The Body Shop due to its ethical stance over the years, but I am knocking a star off for the price, and the availability of this product in some stores.

          Thank you for reading, all reads, rates and comments appreciated.

          This review may also appear on Ciao under the same username.


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