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The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

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7 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    7 Reviews
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      21.04.2013 23:27
      Very helpful



      A great Christmas Item

      =Body Shop - Spiced Vanilla Body Butter=

      This Spiced Vanilla Body butter was part of the Christmas range at The Body Shop, it was available in 50ml and 200ml container.

      The 200ml pop was priced at £13, but I was luckily enough to pick it up in a sale for £4.

      =The Tub=
      The body butter came in a large circular tub, with a screw off lid, the tub is made from plastic and the colour was a creamy orange. On the lid the name is clearly displayed with the Body Shop and the type of Body Butter.

      =The Body Butter=
      As with all Body Shop butters, the luxury is there from the moment that you open the tub, once the lid is removed there is a beautiful smell of vanilla with a hint of spice to it. It just reminds me straight of Christmas, from the spices and the vanilla of the Christmas cake.

      =To Use=
      Once opened the butter is a cream colour, it is quite thick in texture, but once you have some on your fingers the butter has a pliable feel and just melts in to the skin. You just rub into your skin, I have a logical approach of legs first then work upwards.

      =Length of Smell=
      The smell really lasts with this Vanilla it is not over powering, but if you don't like Vanilla this is not the one for you.

      To me this makes Christmas special, as I apply the butter at night, and in the morning, I still have the faint smell of vanilla.

      It doesn't take too long to soak into my skin, I find that its about 10 minutes, at first it is greasy, which is the same with all butters. I even use these on my heels, pop some on then a pair of socks and it makes my heels soft in the morning, a real treat on a cold morning.

      =Body Butters=
      I work through a lot of the Body Butters, so usually have 2 or 3 on the go at the same time, but a tub lasts me about 3 weeks to a month, if I applied it every day so it is good value for money, even better if you can get them in the sale.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this range of Vanilla.


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      04.04.2013 13:39
      Very helpful



      An excellent body butter.

      I love the Body Shop items, I find most of them are suitable for my skin. I always pop in to see if there are any special offers going on, and on the day I bought this body butter it was half the original price, so I bought it after a while trying to decide which fragrance I liked the best. I do love the smell of Vanilla, so I opted for this one. Have just finished the tub and have been using it alongside my other brands of body creams and lotions in my collection.

      It comes in a large circular tub, it has a screw off lid and the base of the tub is a burned orange colour. The lid has the name clearly on the front with brown and orange colours. The tub is a strong plastic. The lid is very easy to screw from the base too.

      Inside the butter is a cream colour, it looks quite solid inside the tub, until you dip your fingers into the butter. It is a really rich butter but extremely soft when you rub the fingers together. It is very easy to apply to the skin by just placing a small amount onto the fingers and gently rubbing it into the skin. I apply a little at a time with this butter so I get an even coverage all over my body. I use it for moisturising my arms, legs. Chest, feet and even my hands. I always include my hands when using a body butter or lotion because it still moisturises the hands too.

      What I love about this butter is the fragrance. It is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. It has a really pleasant Vanilla smell with a hint of spice and one that is fairly strong. I can detect both the Vanilla and the spices too. This fragrance has staying power on the body for quite some time after applying it. I can still smell it on my body at least over 6 hours after applying it, that is staying power, not a lot of butters last that length of hours on the skin. but this one certainly does. If you love the smell of Vanilla as much as I do, you would really like this one. Some people find the smell quite sickly, so if you don't like the Vanilla fragrance, then this one probably may not be so suitable.

      It doesn't take very long to absorb into the skin. I find it only takes around 10 minutes or so to fully soak into my skin. So I usually only use this one in the evening, just before going to bed. It is a little greasy when you first apply it to your skin but this greasy feeling doesn't last long but it is a body butter and so this is obviously normal for this kind of product.

      Once fully absorbed, it nourishes my skin just perfectly. My skin feels absolutely soft to the touch and smells really nice. I always pay a lot of attention to my elbows because sometimes I find this is the area which can sometimes be very dry. This butter softens the skin to help remove any rough patches. When I apply it to my feet, I use a little more of the butter and give them a really good dollop and then just apply some socks that are designed to hold in the moisture for a little longer. I don't do this every night because I use other foot products for my feet too but this one does work well for softening the skin on my heels and I like to use it for my feet at the same time as using on my body if I don't feel like using a different product. Also if I am feeling a little tired and cannot be bothered to use another product I do use for my feet. I have also tried this one on my face. It hasn't irritated my skin and does actually work just as well as a facial moisturiser but I don't use it often on my face area but when I have, it has left my skin feeling just as soft as when I have used it on my body. An amazingly good one for facial skin because I do like to experiment and this one did give nice results on all areas of my skin. I do always use products like this one on a small area of skin which it isn't designed for first before I use it on the whole area because I never know if it would be suitable. I have sensitive skin and this one certainly hasn't caused my skin any problems on my face. I have even used it on my hands. It has left them feeling soft too.

      This is a very good quality body butter, only a small amount is needed to moisturise the skin and so a little really does go a very long way and the tub can last for quite some time. It is extremely good value for the price of £12, when I bought it a while ago but I bought it on special offer for only £6 and so for this price it is even better value. The amount of butter in the tub is 200ml, so quite a lot of butter.

      I highly recommend this body butter to anyone who is looking for a moisturiser which actually softens the skin. I am of my mature years now and my skin has become much drier as I am growing older and this butter does help to nourish and moisturise my skin perfectly. I also have quite sensitive skin but I have not experienced any irritations on my skin since using this product.

      Some people often think a body butter is too thick a texture for the skin and people won't often give it a go, you should if you have never bought a butter before because you will be amazed how nice it actually is and you will soon change your mind and become a body butter user.

      A beautiful body butter with a lovely fragrance and one I will definitely buy again in the future because it nourishes my skin just perfectly. Softens lots of areas on my skin and not just my body. I am nearing the end of my tub now and cannot wait to buy my next one soon in this range.

      The tub can easily be recycled after use too.

      Also on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give it 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        12.10.2012 22:22
        Very helpful



        Beautiful smell and the best moisturiser ever

        ===Why I Bought It===

        I love the Body Shop body butters but had never tried the Spiced Vanilla version before. However I had bought the vanilla soap a while ago which had a very good fragrance so when this was on offer on the Body Shop website I decided to buy it. It was meant for my present drawer but then I gave in and used it for myself!

        ===The Product===

        Comes in a lovely pale orange tub with a gold screw-top lid. Security sealed with clear plastic band around the lid until first opened.
        Body Shop Spiced Vanilla.
        Has a large pale orange and brown label on the lid.
        'Body moisturiser scented with vanilla and a hint of spice.'
        200 mls, made with vanilla extract.
        Has sticky label on the bottom - states to use within 12 months.
        Made in the UK, 'AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING'.
        Store in a cool place.
        How to use - 'Massage into skin and allow to sink in before dressing.'

        ===Other Vanilla Items===

        *Hand Wash
        *Body Lotion
        *Bath Bubbles
        *Lip Balm

        ===Support Community Fair Trade===

        Made with:
        * Cocoa Butter
        * Shea Butter
        * Sesami Seed Oil
        * Soya Oil
        * Brazil Nut Oil
        * Organic Babussa Oil.


        Cost is £12.50 if bought at full price - but I buy on line and there are often special offers where you can pick it up much more cheaply. I bought this for £3 a while ago in their Clearance section.
        All the Vanilla items are currently reduced on the Body Shop website so perhaps they are having a new line with updated packaging coming out for Christmas.


        * Spicy vanilla smell
        * Refreshing
        * Very moisturising
        * Long lasting
        * Bargains when on special offers
        * Can be used all over


        *Cost can be a bit expensive if bought at full price

        ==My Opinion===

        I now well and truly love these body butters and find them the best moisturisers I have ever used.
        This Vanilla Body Butter was bought at £3 for my present drawer but I have found my feet were feeling so dry I just had to dig in and use this one for myself.
        I have not had this variety of body butter before but I did have some of the soaps last Christmas which I found very pleasant and with a nice aroma. I am not usually a fan of vanilla items as they can be very sweet and sickly but going by the nice smell on the soap I thought I would try it.
        This body butter is an off white/creamy colour. The texture is very thick and it is almost solid in the tub - you can turn it upside down without anything moving at all.
        On opening the lid there is a very strong sweet smell. I use this mainly for my hands, feet arms and legs. The instructions say to leave it to dry before dressing - but I find this takes a while to soak in and I prefer to apply it before going to bed. The smell is a delicate vanilla with a spicy element - not as strong and overpowering as the cranberry version. As with the other butters it is very moisturising and even after showering the next morning when you are drying yourself you can feel that your legs and feet are more moisturised.
        The smell is pleasant enough and long lasting, and while not as refreshing an aroma as I found the soaps I will definitely be using all this up to keep my hands and feet soft over the coming winter months.
        I don't think I will ever be an avid fan of vanilla but this body butter is pleasant enough to use and the smell that lingers does not bother me as much as lots of other vanilla items have done in the past.
        I think my favourite body butters so far have been the grapefruit and satsuma, but unless you try the other varieties you never know - and for £3 I think it is very good value and not a smell that I actually hate at all.
        The body butters are definitely the best moisturisers I have used for texture, staying power and moisturising properties.

        ===Star Rating===

        4 stars - would have been 5 but a bit expensive at full price - so keep an eye out for bargain offers.




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        31.07.2012 22:56
        Very helpful



        Lovely festive Body Butter

        I received this Spiced Vanilla Body Butter as a gift near Christmas time, probably because of the fact that this scent is more associated with the festive season than anything else because of its rich spiced vanilla scent that is said to be ever present around the Christmas season. I must say that I agree it is a rather festive and interesting scent, but I do not mind wearing it on all sorts of different times, as it makes a delicious smelling body butter any day.

        I am glad that I received this body butter as a gift instead of buying it myself, not because I do not like it but because:

        a) I have many, many body butters, lotions and all sorts of different body care products around the home, many of them hardly touched since there are so many to choose from. If I had bought this body butter myself (as I had been tempted to do quite a few times whilst on shopping trips in the Body Shop, just to sample it), it would have just been paying money to add to my ever growing pile of body care products which, to be honest, cannot really be thought of as necessities.

        b) This has saved me with quite a bit of money, as Body Shop products have never exactly been cheap. I am not sure how much was paid for this tub of Body Butter since it was a gift, but I know that it cannot have been cheap, seeing as normal large tubs of Body Shop Body Butter presently cost £12.50- quite a lot for a body butter, as you can probably tell. However, I have found that with most of the Body Shop products I have tried in the past, the quality and the delicious scents you receive are definitely worth the price.

        This Spiced Vanilla Body Butter is currently unavailable in stores, probably since it is such a Christmas speciality. However, even if you missed out the Christmas buying season, there are still ways you can obtain this. For example, Amazon are selling the Spiced Vanilla Body Butter along with the Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel for £14.50; also, places like eBay are also selling them.

        This Body Butter is packaged in the familiar Body Shop Body Butter tub, however with a slightly different layout than the regular scents; instead of showing a picture of the fruit or natural material that the body butter is made from, it has a more classic and festive feel to it. There are strips of block colour on the lid of the tub (which can easily be removed from application) with strings of text on it. Altogether, it is a pleasant change from the ordinary packaging, but I have to say that it does not look as completely natural as the regular scents.

        The scent, as I have said before, is very festive, though I have used this on many intervals throughout the year as a single tub of this is sure to last you for more than just Christmas. The spiced vanilla is very sweet and fragrant; it reminds me of spiced vanilla candles that we usually have at the Christmas season. The spice in the vanilla adds a sense of both liveliness and luxury to the body butter, which is lovely all year round.

        The butter is thick and creamy; this can easily be rubbed in your skin. It is quite cool and refreshing on your skin, though it can feel a little bit greasy initially, but only because you have to rub it in quite thoroughly. This, like all of the Body Shop's body butters, is a fantastic body butter that leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturised and refreshed.

        Altogether, this is a brilliant product from the Body Shop that, though it does have its obvious festive hint, can be enjoyed all year round. I give this 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars.


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        21.07.2012 17:40
        Very helpful



        rich moisturising and christmassy!

        I love the smell of vanilla and I love the smell of cinnamon and other christmassy spices, so when I saw this in the Body Shop last christmas I just had to buy it.

        The product comes in that familiar Body Shop Body Butter tub - big, flat and round with a screw off lid. The tub itself is cream with a bronze and red design on the lid.

        The body butter is a rich creamy colour and is very thick and buttery. You dont need alot on your skin for it to go a long way. It is quite rich, thick and greasy like butter (hence the name body butter) but once your start rubbing it into your skin the heat from you body helps to melt it and soak into your skin quickly. As long as you dont apply too much it soaks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. What I love about these body butters is their scent and they way they leave your skin smelling wonderful for hours afterwards. This particular one is very sweet and reminds me heavily of christmas (which is the only time I tend to use it). It is very rich and vanillary, but is is balanced by the smell of spices such as cinnamon and ginger.

        I tend to only use this product at night as it is so rich and it gives it time to fully soak in whilst I am asleep, and it also leaves my pajamas and my bed smelling lovely and christmassy too, like gingerbread cookies!

        The ingredients include community trade cocoa butter (well known for its moisturising qualities), soya oil, sesame oil and babassu oil, as well as a load of stuff I cant pronounce or know what it is.

        These tubs of body butter normally retail for around £12, which might seem a bit expensive but you get quite a sizable tub, and as it is so thick and rich it really does last you a long time! The body shop often have sales on their body butters in which they can go down to as little as £3 which is an absolute bargain, so look out for these!

        I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of moisturisers, body butters, the scent of vanilla or the smell of christmas! I love using it around the festive season and find it moisturisers my skin perfectly and leaves me smelling scrumptious!


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        05.06.2012 12:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A lovely soothing body butter from The Body Shop

        I bought this body butter off the Body Shop website for £3 during a sale. It's usual price was £12.50.

        The body butter came presented in a 200ml pot.

        The body butter smells lovely. It has a gorgeous sweet scent with a hint of spice. The smell is what I would describe as a festive scent. The butter looks like ordinary butter. It's easy to scoop up with your fingers thanks to it's rich and creamy consistency. The butter is to be applied to dry skin. I usually apply it after a bath or shower in the evening.

        The butter feels lovely when it's rubbed against the skin. It's easily absorbed, you don't have to wait around for it to dry. The scent lingers on your skin for hours after use and if you use this at night you wake up to lovely soft skin. The butter is great for dry skin. It's like a big drink for dry skin. I have normal to dry skin myself, although my knees and elbows and what I would describe as very dry. The butter soaks into these dry areas, moisturising them and taking away the dry feeling that I experience. The butter lasted me for two weeks as I used it in generous amounts. However I paid just £3 for it so I wasn't too bothered that it didn't last me that long.

        I would recommend this body butter to people suffering from dry skin. It works a treat.


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          08.02.2012 14:35
          Very helpful



          A lovely spiced vanilla body butter from The Body Shop

          I'm a sucker for a sale, and when I popped into The Body Shop recently and saw that they had 50ml tubs of their Spiced Vanilla Body Butter from last Christmas on sale for £3, I took the plunge and bought one. I love The Body Shop's body butters as they are incredibly moisturising, and I thought Spiced Vanilla sounded like a lovely scent.

          The body butter comes in a pale brown/cream tub with a bronze coloured lid. The label is cream with a dark red line and a darker brown pattern. The butter is designed for normal to dry skin and is "sweetly scented with a hint of spice and extract of vanilla". The packaging states that it is quickly absorbed and leaves skin softer and smoother.

          The product contains no parabens (which are believed by some to be hazardous to health, although I personally have no problem with their existence in beauty products). It is made with real vanilla extract and Community Fair Trade cocoa butter. This cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans harvested by the Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative in Ghana, which is one of the biggest fair trade co-operatives in the world and has helped to fund education and medical care for members and their families.

          On opening the tub, the butter is off-white in colour with a delicious vanilla scent. The pure vanilla is tempered by a hint of spice to create a deeper, more sophisticated scent. The body butter is quite thick, with a smooth buttery texture although it is thicker and less greasy than real butter. It is easy to smooth on the skin and doesn't take too long to absorb (longer than a lighter body lotion though).

          I normally use body lotion during the day and save body butter for the evening. I normally apply it after my post-gym shower and then pop my pyjamas on. I found that this body butter was incredibly moisturising, even on my fairly dry skin. My skin felt soft and moisturised right up until the next morning. Also, the delicious spiced vanilla scent really lasted on my skin, again until the next morning.

          I didn't find that I had to use too much of this body butter at once, so my small tub lasted me a few weeks.

          I loved using this body butter. It smelled delicious and was incredibly moisturising. Using it felt like a very luxurious experience. I may pick up some more this year seeing as The Body Shop have brought out the body butter in Spiced Vanilla again (in slightly different packaging), along with several other items in the range including shower gel, soap, body lotion and handwash. I'm not sure if the smaller body butter is around though - on the Body Shop website I can only find the larger 200ml version at £12.50.


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