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The Body Shop Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel

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4 Reviews

Brand: Body Shop / Type: Body Gel / Texture: Gel / What it does: Energises

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    4 Reviews
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      04.10.2010 22:01



      A great product if you want to treat yourself.

      I recieived this as a gift and I probably wouldn't have picked it up otherwise.

      The packaging is sturdy and good quality, much like all the other Body Shop Toiletries. The packaging, to me, is quite masculine. It looks very funky,ethnic and natural and I do quite like it on closer inspection, but it wouldn't attract me in store. It is a squeezy tube with a flat lid.

      The gel is very odd in consistency. It is quite runny but still easy to manipulate and use. It is a white gel and it contains some funny little orange balls which I was not expecting at all! These, however, disappear when you rub the gel onto your skin. It rubs in and does not leave any feeling of greasiness, infact leaving an almost matte 'residue' but not in a bad way. Your skin immediately feels very soft and smooth.

      The smell is certainly for an aquired taste, almost citrussy. I do quite like it.

      I don't find that this energizes me or awakens me but I do like it. It contains Guarana, a well known stimulant so I can see that this might work. It does have lots of different aromas that would awaken and stimulate your senses, though.

      This is quite an expensive product but is quite indulgent. I would reccomend this as I think it's a different product with a lovely result. The Body Shop is a store that i've always loved and been prepared to pay more for as I feel you are getting good quality products for your money. This is no exception.


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      13.09.2009 18:42
      Very helpful
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      I don't shop for toiletries very often - my mum works at Boots and wil often bring me round lots of goodies to try, so my bathroom is never empty . However, when out shopping recently, I was approached outside the body shop by someone offering to spray me with their new perfume . I agreed to be sprayed, and the woman also gace me a little plastic pot to take into the shop and get a free sample of anything to take home.

      Well, Free is always good, so I spent a good while going all around the shop sniffing things and rubbing things on . I did get myself a free sample of some body butter, but I also spent a fair amount on some lovely products - One of which was Total Energy Body Gel, which cost me £11.70 for 200ml .

      The packaging is a squeezy tube with a flat lid - enabling you to stand it on the lid on a shelf . The tube itself is a rich reddish brown colour and quite glossy, with a cream label to front and back with the Body Shop logo and all the revelvant info you would need - how to use, ingredients, company contact details and so on .

      The instructions are very simple - simply slather over your body after showering to kickstart your day. Thats the instruction off the back of the pack, and it sounds relatively simple . I don't have a shower, only a bath, but I figure it should still work!

      Flicking open the lid, I squirt a little onto my hand . It squirts out easily, a thin gel in a creamy colour, flecked with tiny little orange balls . I was a little concerned about these balls - where were they going to go , but when I rubbed the gel into my skin, they too vanished . The gel itself had an immediate cooling effect on my skin the minute it touched it, and rubbed in very easily, leaving no trace of grease or heaviness.

      The smell - it's just fantastic , a strong, lively, invigorating smell, full to the brim with different citrus notes , a hint of ginger and spicy peppermint . It delivers a real kick up the backside scent wise, and whats more, it lingers . The smell is very strong, so I tend not to apply it to my whole body - I find a little of this rubbed into my hands and arms is enough to get me, even on the most hungover of mornings, feeling wide awake and very chirpy , and able to concentrate on the day ahead .

      This effect is maybe partly because this product contains Guarana, a known stimulant, but I have to say I think it's more of an aromatherapy thing that makes it work for me . I have always found citrus scents, such as bergamot and verbena incredibly uplifting, and ths product is crammed full of them . In fact, looking at the ingredients Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Lime, and Grapefruit are all present . This also contains Ginger , Rosemary, Peppermint, Cedar Wood, and Patchouli.

      There are other products in the range with the same aroma combination, that I would probably try in the future , including a body wash, pulse point balm, and essential oil . The oil in particular I think I will by, as I love the idea of this scent being all around my home.

      I think at £12, this product is certainly more expensive than most products I normally by, and as a result I am using this very sparingly. However, I would be happy to pay this price again, partly because I am totally in love with the product itself, but also because the Body Shop as a company has some great policies, including not testing on animals, not using animal ingredients, and sourcing ingredients responsibly , including not using over stretched natural resources where possible, and paying people fairly for their products. I could say a lot more about the Body Shop in this respect, but thats a whole other review.

      Would I recommend this product . Oh yes, it gives you a great big kick on the backside on those hungover, groggy, can't be bothered kind of days, smells brilliant, goes on like a dream, and a little goes a long way!

      5 stars!


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        31.08.2009 15:58
        Very helpful



        Don't bother with this, if you like the scent get the oil.

        Total Energy is an aromatherapeutic range from the body shop with products containing oils of bergamot, ginger, rosemary, peppermint and lemon including a body gel, body wash, pulse point balm and essential oil.

        The Enlivening Body Gel from the range is one of those completely useless beauty products from the body shop that sells only because it smells so damn good. It is essentially a nice smelling semi-solid water with no discernable use other than a slightly odd take on perfume.


        "An invigorating body gel to stimulate and hydrate for soft, radiant-looking skin. Leaves the body feeling refreshed and the senses stimulated and ready for action.
        Ideal for those looking to refresh their body and enhance their energy levels so they feel more alert, revived and ready to go!"


        I've had three small tubes of this from various freebies when shopping at my local body shop and spending over £20, which is approximately 1 full size tube. The packaging is very attractive, brown tube with a pale creamy label (each range has its own label colour).

        The gel itself is pale with small granules in it which disappear whe rubbed into the skin. The feel is pleasantly cool on the skin, and instantly there is a powerful wave of the sharp scent. You might be inclined to call it a stimulating, if only to the nose.


        The gel disappears quickly, but it is impossible to tell if it sinks in or simply evaporates. The more you rub it in the thinner it gets, so evaporation is a real possibility. Certainly there is no change in the feel or appearance of the skin to imply absorption. It is not hydrating, nor softened, and it doesn't look any more radiant than before. So the function of this gel is not to moisturise skin.

        As for "refresh the body and enhance energy levels", where do I begin? What exactly is refresh the body? If I was asked how to refresh the body I would immediately think "get a shower", clean body = clean mind. The sharpness in the gel's scent may entice you to think of toilet cleaner, but that is as close to clean as you will get. Enhancing energy level...perhaps the strength of the scent will wake you up? Who knows? However the scent doesn't last long after application, maybe 40 minutes.

        Another point to make: the strength of the essential oils in this will likely bee far too potent for anyone with sensitive skin. Indeed, it warns of increased sensitivity to sunlight on the back.

        Don't get me wrong, the scent of this is absolutely to die for, if they were to make a perfume of it, it would sell out fast. I myself would be first in the queue. But as a skin product this is a waste of money. If you like the smell, the pulse point balm or essential oil are a far better choice.

        If you are inclined to get this, it costs £11.70 for a 200 ml tube.


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          07.10.2008 17:30
          Very helpful



          Great on cold mornings when you can't get going.

          When you buy from The Body Shop you sometimes get a free gift bag of trial size or small size products when you spend over a certain amount and that is how I came to own this product.

          This review is of one of The Body Shops newer products from and updated range. They have sold a range of 'Wellbeing' products for a while now, they are aromatherapy products basically but their take on them.

          This range has recently under gone a make over and has come back with a couple of new fragrances. In total there are four sections to this range;
          Deep Sleep- contains Camomile, Jujube, Geranium, Juniper, patchouli and French lavender.
          Divine Calm - French lavender scented.
          Simply Purify - Rosemary, Lemon, Pine, Eucalyptus and Orange
          Total Energy - A blend of Bergamot, Ginger, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon, Cedarwood, Mandarin, Lime, Grapefruit and patchouli.

          From the TOTAL ENERGY range I have a small 50ml tube of Enlivening Body Gel, this is usually sold in tubes of 200ml for £12.00. The packaging is a little different from what I have come to expect from TBS and I have to say, I like the new look! The tube is a deep red brown colour with a black flip top lid to make it easy to use and there is a beige sticker with a subtle picture of flowers and fruit for the background of the information written on it. The sticker then has a border round it in burgundy and black. Dark and modern is the best way to describe it I suppose.

          When you dispense a little on your skin it is always cold and refreshing. I white fluid, with occasional flecks of orange running through it. This will hold its shape but as soon as you start to rub it into the skin it completely disappears! This turns to water almost as it just smoothes over and sinks into your skin within seconds leaving no trace of greasiness or stickiness what so ever! The orange bits tend to just fall off the skin so I don't find them all over myself.

          My skin gets left feeling moisturised just enough, those with dry skin would not find this moisturising enough though. It leaves the skin with a matt finish unlike a lot of other moisturisers, I think this is a definite plus point.

          Now you are wondering about the scent, I can tell!
          This smells GORGEOUS! This has a real citrus scent with a zesty kick and the ginger warms it right up, I can see why this is meant to improve your energy levels, it is a real get up and go fragrance that leaves me feeling regenerated if I apply it when I feel low or tired.

          After applying the scent lingers well and I can usually still smell it faintly after eight or ten hours if I sniff right up against my arm. The moisturised feeling lasts too.

          I am not a firm believer in Aromatherapy but scents do strange things to us as we are all aware, bringing back memories and even helping us sleep so to beat the blues or to get you going in the morning a little extra help is worth a shot.

          A little of this gel goes a very long way, where it is so thin it will cover a large area with a very small amount of product, makes it better value than it may seem at first glance.

          It contains Gurana extract, Guarana is what they put in a lot of energy drinks as it is a natural stimulant, so I guess the idea is that it will be absorbed and give you a boost of energy, not sure as I believe that.

          The gel itself is Aloe Vera based, an ingredient we have all heard of, a natural moisturiser, which is great for sensitive skin (not that I am saying this product would be as it contains essential oils which some skins can find harsh). This is farmed in Guatemala and bought by TBS through their version of Fair Trade known as Community Trade. They pay fair prices and make sure that the farmers are their villages have better living conditions and are not living in poverty.

          I swear I trialled this when it was in development (I should point out that this was nothing to do with TBS but through a product testing group I am involved in. You don't get told what the product is or who makes it.) and loved it then too!

          I love this product and it is one that I will certainly be buying in the Future, I highly recommend you have a sniff of it the next time you are in one of TBS stores, or near me on a day that I have used it!

          The range has only a few products but I am sure that there is one I will be making sure to buy and that it the bottle of essential oil they sell in this fragrance, it will be nice to have the scent wafting all round the flat!

          Other products in the range;
          Total Energy Essential oil £8.00
          Total Energy Exhilarating Body Wash £8.50
          Total Energy Pulse Point Balm £8.00
          Total Energy Starter Kit £18.00 (gift set)

          The Body Shop is involved with many charities and foundations, information on these can be found through links on their website. None of their products are tested on animals. They also run their own version of fair trade, which they call community trade, they pay fair prices to farmers of the ingredients they buy. Details of their community trade programme can also be found on their website.

          The website is very user friendly and means not only can you buy online (good P&P charges and fast delivery) but you can also find out more about their products and find out where your local store is situated.


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        • Product Details

          An invigorating body gel to stimulate and hydrate for soft, radiant-looking skin / Leaves the body feeling refreshed and the senses stimulated and ready for action /

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