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The Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Souffle

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Brand: Santuary / Souffle / Type: Souffle

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    3 Reviews
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      25.03.2011 14:27
      Very helpful



      an excellent moisturiser that works best on dark skin

      As most of you are probably aware by now I'm addicted to the Sanctuary range, combine any of their products with a bit of sparkle and you're automatically onto a winner with me. It was with that in mind that I chose the shimmering body soufflé from the Sanctuary's Bidadari range.

      What Is Their Bidadari Range?

      I'm sure most people are aware of who the Sanctuary are and if not a quick google search will tell you that and so I'll skip that part for this review. Their Bidadari range however consists of a body wash, shimmering bath crème, shimmering body oil and this shimmering body soufflé. As the names suggest each of these products has an added bit of sparkle to them.

      According to the Sanctuary this range is based on cleansing practices from Indonesia and when used together, these products supposedly help you "recreate the beautiful golden-skinned look of the Bidadari spirit women"

      First Impressions And Use

      On opening the tub you can immediately smell the product but no one smell is distinguishable from the rest, they all blend together to give an oriental type of smell. For those of you who have used the other products in this range the smell is the same.

      The soufflé itself is a kind of dark creamy orange colour, you can't tell by looking in the pot that it has any sparkle to it at all. Putting my fingers in to the tub you can tell that there is yogurt in there as the consistency is the same. It's easy to get some onto my fingers and this spreads easily over my skin. I'm mixed race so whilst my legs are white as a sheet, my arms are darker, (I'm making myself sound like an alien here!) this soufflé had a different effect on each. When applied to my legs it tinted my skin a slightly darker colour; although I wouldn't go so far as saying that it gave them a tanned look it did make a noticeable difference to the colour. On my arms it didn't change the colour at all but did brighten up my skin tone, this is probably due to the added sparkle rather then any actual change in skin tone but more on this later.

      Rubbing this into my skin was easy. It absorbed well and took only a matter of seconds to rub in completely. After I had rubbed it in my skin felt noticeably softer and smoother. I was surprised by how much of an effect it had. Usually I need body butters rather then lotions on my legs because the skin can get very dry but this seemed to work just as well. It also left no greasy or oily layer on my skin at all after application.


      I found that I only needed to apply this once, the moisturising effect lasted right through till the following morning. For those of you with extremely dry skin you may need to apply this twice since it's not quite as moisturising as some other products I have used but for normal/dry skin once will be plenty.

      The sparkle again had different effects depending on the natural colour of my skin. The particles are only tiny and although showed on both my arms and legs it wasn't really that impressive on my lighter skin and only showed up at all under certain lights and at the right angle. On my darker skin however it looked gorgeous. It caught the light at every angle really brightening up my whole skin tone. Although it would look great under night lights as an added extra touch in normal light during the day it gave it a bright radiance that no other product so far has given me. They did rub off after around 3-4 hours but lasted really well up till then. I didn't notice anything building up on my clothes which I would expect if it was transferring to them so not quite sure where they went!

      The scent lasted all day and was strong enough to be noticed almost like an aura around me and I certainly got a whiff of it every time I moved. It's not overpowering at all but acts almost like a very delicate, oriental perfume.

      Active Ingredients

      As taken from the Sanctuary site:

      This contains Jasmine extract which is designed to soothe and relax you, Ylang Ylang is included for the same benefit, yoghurt is included to moisturise your skin. There is also Shea Butter added which although it doesn't say as much on the site or on the tub I know to be moisturising too.

      Other Information

      This is suitable for vegetarians but I'm not sure about vegans. It contains yoghurt powder so make your own call on that one.

      It contains 5 different kinds of parabens so if you are concerned about them it's probably one to avoid.

      Price, Availability And Recommendation

      The Sanctuary only sell their products from their website and from Boots. This costs £9.18 for a 300ml tub and is part of a 3 for 2 offer on the Sanctuary's website. I can't currently find it on the Boots website, this is a range that the Sanctuary are discontinuing so this may be why. However, if you can find it for sale on Boots it's generally at the same price, on the same offer as if bought directly from the Sanctuary themselves.

      I would highly recommend this product. It looses a star because of the effect of the sparkle on my lighter skin but besides this it is an excellent product.


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        15.09.2010 16:10
        Very helpful



        Not a bad cream - but not great!

        *** Mini tub ***
        I received a small 50ml pot of this cream as part of a Sanctuary gift set with other body creams. The full size product comes in a 300ml plastic tub and retails at £8.49. So not wildly expensive - but not dirt cheap either! Also in Sanctuary's Bidadari range are a luxury body wash, shimmering bath crème, shimmering body oil and shimmering body dust.

        *** Golden tan? ***
        I took this cream on holiday with me recently as I hoped the shimmer would nicely set off my tan! I have always enjoyed using Sanctuary products in the past so I thought this would be ideal to take away with me - especially as my pot is a nice dinky size!

        The cream contains ylang ylang, jasmine, yoghurt and turmeric, and is meant to leave skin feeling "exotically fragrant, wonderfully smooth and softly gleaming". Perfect for my holiday, I thought!

        *** Gloopy ***
        On opening the tub, I was a bit put off by the texture. Maybe travelling took its toll on the cream, but it was a bit gloopy looking, and I also wasn't mad on the colour - a slightly sickly yellow-brown. But you could see the gold shimmer in the cream and I was keen to try it out despite the dodgy appearance.

        I think Sanctuary products usually smell amazing, but again I wasn't too sure about this one. It's quite a delicate, floral fragrance but I found it slightly sickly. So far, so bad!

        *** Sinking in ***
        Despite the odd appearance, I found the cream to be a nice texture once I dunked my finger in, and it was really easy to apply. It sank into the skin straight away and didn't take a lot of rubbing in at all. The shimmer was very subtle, and left skin with tiny gold particles on it. This was a little too subtle for me, but this may not be a bad thing for some. It did leave skin feeling really soft , and the smell was quite pleasant once the cream was rubbed in.

        *** Summary ***
        Overall, I wasn't particularly impressed with this cream. It was an effective moisturiser but nothing amazing - and I definitely wouldn't spend over £8 on it.


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          06.08.2009 17:10
          Very helpful



          Super Souffle


          Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Soufflé was given to my mum as a gift for her birthday. Unfortunately for her and luckily for me, she didn't like the product as it caused a slight rash on her skin. I welcome all Sanctuary products with open arms so when she gave the to me I thought "Get in!"

          *The Claim*

          Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Soufflé creates a nourishing experience that leaves your skin exotically fragrant, wonderfully smooth and softly gleaming.

          *About The Product and What It Contains*

          Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Soufflé is a lusciously rich shimmering soufflé which adds delicate Jasmine, sensual Ylang Ylang to moisturising yoghurt and skin brightening Turmeric.

          Jasmine extract in the soufflé helps to soothe and relax.
          Ylang ylang has sensual qualities and is known to have skin soothing an calming benefits.
          Yoghurt soothes and moisturises.


          When applying this product, scoop a generous quantity from the jar. You don't need a massive amount but in order to reap the benefits I always use a fair amount. Massage the soufflé firmly onto clean skin. Make sure that you do rub it in firmly rather than gently, otherwise it will not soak into our skin, just sit on the surface. I tend to use this after I have got out the bath as it makes my skin feel gorgeous.

          As I suffer, like most people, from particularly dry knees I focus on this area as it makes even these areas feel soft. It is easy and quick to apply with maximum effect.

          *Price and Availability*

          Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Soufflé retails at £9.95. It is quite high is price but you should think of it as an alternative to spending a day at the Spa. Then it works out that you are actually saving money!

          You can purchase this soufflé from any Boots store. If you don't have one local to you, it is available to buy online at www.boots.com. Alternatively you can buy it directly from The Sanctuary Spa shop online at www.thesanctuary.co.uk.

          *My Opinion*

          The packaging: Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Souffle comes in a clear glass jar with a metal clasp closure. The jar itself is very stylish and looks nice. But I can't say that I'm a big fan of this type of packaging as it isn't that simple to open. I would certainly prefer a lid that just twists off as I think this would attract more consumers than this more complicated contraption. Although the glass jar looks nicer, it isn't the easiest to use.

          Colour, texture and smell: The colour of this soufflé is a dark cream colour with a slight gold shimmer. To look at, this soufflé is certainly not the most appealing. But when applied the gold shimmer that you are left with is lovely and the perfect amount of shimmer without being over the top. It looks perfect when you have a glowing tan.

          The texture of this product is actually quite strange. It is quite thick and bouncy but massages into your skin easily. It is like the stuff you used to get in a plastic pot when you were younger that made fart noises. Don't let this put you off though!

          As for the smell, it is divine. It is a fairly sweet floral scent and you can definitely smell the jasmine in the soufflé which is good for me as I love that odour. If you don't like the smell, don't bother with the product as it lingers on your skin for quite a long time after it has been applied.

          Does it leave your skin exotically fragrant, wonderfully smooth and softly gleaming? Yes, yes and yes. The smell is left lingering on your skin once applied which is fantastic when it smells as good as it does. Your skin is left smoother than you could even imagine. This soufflé is great to use if you have a hot date and want to feel confident. And you skin gleams marvellously with the slight shimmer that you gain from this product.

          Longevity of the product: This soufflé comes in a 450ml glass jar. I found that this lasted between 3 and 4 months when used once or twice a week. It isn't the type of product that you would use on a daily basis as it has such a lasting effect.

          *Would I Recommend This Product?*

          I would strongly recommend using this product. It makes your skin feel beautiful leaving you relaxed and refreshed. It is a product that makes you feel as though you've spent the day at a spa when you haven't even stepped foot outside your house.

          How unlucky is my mum that it caused her a rash! I'm reaping the benefits though so I will definitely not complain. For anyone that loves to pamper themselves or is a fan of Sanctuary products, I recommend this product unquestionably. It is a high quality product that although is quite expensive, you will be left feeling indulged.

          If you like this product, you can also buy the following from the Bidadari range: Shimmering Bath Crème, Body Oil and Body Dust.


          I adore the way my skin feels after I have used Sanctuary Bidadari Shimmering Body Soufflé but the price tag is somewhat off putting. I will only buy it as part of a 3 for 2 offer but there is no doubting the fantastic feeling that you get when you apply it. It is great to give to those close to you as a birthday or Christmas present so keep it in mind when it comes round to that time again.


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