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The Sanctuary Body Oil

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3 Reviews
  • Good effect
  • Smells nice
  • Takes a while to sink in
  • Oil on clothes
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    3 Reviews
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      04.12.2014 22:49
      Very helpful


      • " but not great."
      • "Good effect"
      • "Smells nice "


      • "Takes a while to sink in"
      • "Oil on clothes"

      May take a few hours to sink in.

      I bought this product based on recommendations of friends and seeing reviews. I wanted a product that would effectively enriched my skin and keep dryness at bay whilst adding all the goodness my skin needs as it gets through the day.

      I have used Sanctuary brand before and have been happy with the results.

      This is pumped full of goodness and the ingredients were the things that stood out for me as a customer.
      Sunflower seed oil
      Sweet almond
      Grape seed oil

      Wowzers, this was not only packed with enriched goodness and the ingredients I expected to find but the smell was heavenly and I was hooked in. At first.

      This is an oil that aims to provide for your skin to de-stress and add moisture and suppleness.
      The product is their standard looking brand, Orange as is their SPA branding. So we're in safe hands.
      The oil is extracted from the bottle by a pump, cool good to know so when you apply the oil to your skin you can easily use your arm/ elbow to use the pump again without really any fuss at all or putting oil all over the product.
      The oil itself is an orange colour, light you won't look like you've been tangoed.
      As you would expect the oil, is well...oily. You only need a small amount to spread over your skin and it works really well so long term this bottle could last forever and ever, maybe.
      The bottle advises you to apply a generous amount but if you have nine hours for it to sink in good luck with that.
      Okay, nine hours is pushing it maybe three then.
      I did the unfortunate thing of putting too much on and by Jove it takes forever to massage in and then for it to sink in.
      I'm all for a bit of time out, relaxing and letting the product have its wicked way but really this took a fair while.
      I also found it to be sticky even when I had reduced the amount I had put on. My clothes even looked like it had oil patches on, even when I thought the product/ oil had sunk in!

      I use this regularly for three weeks but I can't say I saw a big difference okay my skin was softer but not to much, it did the same as other SPA products, so it didn't stand out enough for me to think 'right I'll stick with this'.
      I felt with this product I had to apply once or twice a day, which I didn't have time for.
      The scent is gorgeous and uplifting for an hour or so but I felt that throughout the day the scent became duller and then very flat to the point of a musky oil smell and I really didn't want that, plus it didn't sit well when I sprayed any perfumes on me, it did confused the smell a bit and I was a bit gutted at that.

      The is a bottle for 750ml for £7.50


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      08.05.2010 15:58
      Very helpful
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      I like to ensure that my skin stays soft and supple. Not an easy task to achieve when working in a very hot and humid environment. Over the years I have tried lots of different products to try and combat the effects of this environment. I recently however found a product quite by chance and it is one that I would happily recommend to others. The product in question is "Sanctuary massage and body oil"

      I pulled a muscle recently and decided that with my husbands help that I would buy some massage oil and he being the lovely soul that he is would provide the healing hands for my massage!!!! I searched around the well known high street chemist type shops and have to say I was none too impressed with the almost non existent selection of massage products on offer. The ones I did find had the oddest fragrance reminding me of hospital cleaning fluid and I didn't really fancy having it rubbed all over me. I was almost ready to give up and buy some deep heat instead when I noticed in my local Boots store a promotion for their Spa Covent Garden Sanctuary range of products. I browsed through the rather smart looking lotions and potions and discovered to my delight massage and body oil.

      The offer allowed me to buy two products for £6 which I thought was fairly reasonable hence I popped a couple of bottles of product into my basket. For those of you who haven't come across the Sanctuary Range I would suggest that it is well worth a look. The concept of the Spa was created over thirty years ago ( a real spa) in covent garden London its purpose to create rejuvenating and relaxing treatments originally for the female dancers who worked nearby at the time. The philosophy is if you feel good about your body you feel better about yourself. They released beauty products for sale to the public at large in 1998 and these are exclusively sold in Boots stores.

      Anyway I digress the massage and body oil is packaged in a frosted effect tall plastic container. You can see the oil through the bottle a pale yellow colour. The lid is made of matching frosted plastic which pops off revealing a screw-cap which once removed the oil can be poured via a small hole in the top of the container. The Sanctuary branding is featured across the front of the bottle. The product contains 150ml of massage and body oil.

      The manufacturer blurb on the back of the container states that the luxurious blend of deeply nourishing oils infused with the sanctuary spa fragrance delivers intense moisture to the skin without greasiness. Featuring Cranberry oil rich in fatty acids, super absorbent sweet almond oil and hydrating grapeseed oil leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth whilst rosehip oil keeps skin supple and moisturised . The satin soft body oil can also be used for massage. Well with these claims I cold hardly wait to use the product. I removed the cap and was immediately aware of a delicious sweet aroma thankfully nothing that reminded me of disinfectant.!!! The fragrance of rosehip and almonds stood out however overall the combination was delightful fresh, crisp and clean.

      I poured a small amount of product into the palm of my hand it was so light I hardly noticed it was there. I was quite surprised by this as it looks very fluid. I tilted my hand and the oil took a good few seconds before it decided to move. Great I though there shouldn't be any uneccesary spillage. To use as a body oil gently rub onto clean and dry skin to provide an immediate moisture boost . I did this and was impressed at how easily and quickly it coated my skin. I was delighted by the fact that it absorbed really quickly too and that there was no greasy residue. I was also very aware that I didn't have too use very much oil either as a little seemed to go a very long way. After one full application I had hardly made a dent in the product. Hence I suggest that this is exceptionally good value for money.

      It didn't take me long to realise the benefits of using this product my skin immediately felt softer and more supple. My skin seemed to have adopted a new lease of life feeling velvety soft to the touch. Not only that the fragrance that accompanied the product after application was delightful and I was aware of it throughout the whole day. I always thought that oil would be greasy on my skin so I have intentionally not used it as a moisturiser in the past however using this product has certainly changed my views. I would highly recommend it to all.

      For massage find an appropriate partner (this is often easier said than done) apply a small amount of massage oil rub the hands together to warm them slightly. The oil allows the hands to easily glide over the body and trust me makes for a lovely massage experience.

      Overall I have been mightily impressed with this product and will most certainly be purchasing it again. On my promotion it was very cost effective. Smells wonderful and lives up to its claims. Highly recommended to all.

      For more products in the Spa range



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        17.08.2009 22:45
        Very helpful



        Great product at a great price

        I really like the Sanctuary range of products - they are very reasonably priced, but feel indulgent enough to be a real treat. They have a number of different ranges of fragrances, but this oil is from my favourite range which is the original fragrance - a great blend of ginger, tumeric, basil, avocado and sweet almond oil.

        The oil comes in a spray pump bottle so is easy to apply. I tend to apply a light coat after the shower in the morning. It absorbs nicely into the skin, and gives a lovely sheen which makes your skin look really healthy.

        I also like to apply this after being in the sun - not if my skin is burnt at all, but just to add a bit of extra moisture if I feel my skin is feeling at all dry - also nice to give a bit of extra shine to your skin for the evening.

        Word of warning though, don't let the bottle dribble as it can get really sticky!!

        The oil costs around £6 and is available from Boots stores - they often have the Sanctuary on 3 for 2, so unless you are in a hurry, I would wait until they have one of their deals on so you have the excuse to try two of their other products at the same time.


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    • Product Details

      A refreshing yet tranquil blend, with a subtle infusion of Avocado, Coconut and Jojoba to condition your skin and seal in moisture after bathing or during massage / This relaxing and warming Body Oil helps nourish tired skins / This product contains a blend of Ginger, Tumeric, Basil, Avocado and Sweet Almond oil which will condition the skin and help seal in moisture after bathing or during massage /

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