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The Sanctuary Spa Replenishing Hydra Tonic

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Brand: Sanctuary Spa / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Tonic / What it does: Hydrates,

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2013 13:39
      Very helpful



      Revitalising Hydra-Tonic Lotion that is recommended by me..

      I am a huge fan of the range of "Sanctuary" Spa Products, and have tried out most of them in the past I think. I was delighted to receive a gift bag brimming with a selection of products from within the range from my husband a while back, as a gift for my birthday. This review outlines my experiences of using the "Sanctuary Spa Therapies Revive Replenishing Hydra-Tonic."

      The product is essentially a body lotion product, but with many added benefits, which I will explain in more detail a little later in this review. The current purchase price for the generously-sized 200ml bottle is £10.25 and you can purchase from larger branches of Boots, or online at their website at www.boots.com, where postage costs will usually apply.

      The packaging for the Replenishing Hydra-Tonic is in keeping with the rest of the Sanctuary range overall, thanks to the product being presented in a plastic bottle that is coloured in bright orange plastic. The bottle has a slight 'oval' shape to it so it sits neatly on the side of the bath thanks to this thin design. There is a plastic lid on top, and underneath this is a sturdy 'pump' dispenser that is easy and quick for me to use, even though I suffer with limited strength in my hands as a result of reduced mobility. I find too that the perfect amount of product is dispensed with each 'press' on the pump, which prevents waste - a valid point, given the higher-than-average purchase price of this particular product.

      The product is described on the packaging as containing "An expert blend of essential oils to boost energy levels." This appealed to me greatly, as I suffer from a health condition that causes me diminished stamina and sees me having to cope with dreadful fatigue. I found it intriguing too, to read the promise on the packaging, that the product would help me; "enjoy the uplifting mind and body benefits of a reviving spa treatment at home." No part of the product's description felt 'flat' or uninspiring as I read, and the description of the product's ingredients only confirmed this impression;

      "Grapefruit - Known to stimulate the mind."
      "Lemongrass - Helps invigorate the senses"
      "Orange - Promotes happiness and lifts the spirits."

      It's fair to say the product had a lot to live up to, and I was really looking forward to trying it out.

      Pressing on the bottle's pump dispenses the perfect 'blob' of what I think is best described as a lotion, rather than a cream. Certainly, the product is without any particularly 'fluffy' or 'whipped' consistency, with it being more 'liquid' than this, but without it running or dripping unhelpfully as it is applied. Being a pale white colour, there is nothing particularly 'different' about the product in terms of its appearance; it looks like a basic, plain body lotion, although these points are mere observations on my part, rather than being points I find it necessary to criticise.

      As the thin, cooling Hydra-Tonic Lotion is spread over the skin's surface, the product's rich, zesty aroma begins to develop, and any initial impressions about the product being 'basic' or in any way 'average' are quickly forgotten; as the lotion is smothered over the skin, I am aware of the most refreshing scent of fresh orange that feels instantly revitalising. As if this wasn't enough, the other citrus-based scents in the product's aroma make themselves known, allowing the culmination of scents to feel invigorating, with an 'awakening' feel being particularly noticeable when the product is used first thing in the morning, or when I am feeling particularly 'heavy' in my mind as a result of fatigue or lack of stamina or sleep. Certainly, at these times, it is impossible to miss the strong, fruity scent's ability to quietly 'awaken' the skin, and - it would seem - the mind, with an enjoyable refreshing feeling being noted each time the product is used.

      The 'zing' in the product's aroma is provided, I think, by both the Grapefruit and the Orange scents contained within; I can't say the Lemongrass is particularly easy to pick out, but other consumers with a finely-tuned sense of smell may disagree. For me, the main scents are the strong citrus ones, and these feel as though they have been helpfully balanced before their addition to the product; they are without the over-powering 'sickliness' that many fruit-based scents often carry, and in addition to this, I find their strength has been helpfully balanced so the Hydra-Tonic Product doesn't feel too strong or rather too 'heavy' in its scent. This is a vital point, particularly for a product that claims to have a beneficial effect on the mind such as this one does, as I have found many other body/skin care items that have citrus-based scents are extremely heavy and feel rather too intrusive for my own tastes. In most cases, these other products have proven to be too much for me in my insomnia-induced state and I usually end up avoiding them like the plague after a few uses.

      The Sanctuary Replenishing Hydra-Tonic, on the other hand, has proven to be so enjoyable to use, and feels so quietly refreshing that it has been the product of choice for around a month now; other, similar products from rival brands haven't really stood a chance against this little Gem from Sanctuary.

      I could go on and on about the beneficial feelings obtained in the way of a relaxed 'awakening' feel, that never feels as though it is 'shrieking' its presence in the way other products do, but I have noticed there are other benefits to using the Replenishing Hydra-Tonic too;

      Firstly, I feel the lotion itself is of an extremely high quality; it spreads over the skin extremely easily, and even when in my most fatigued state, I am able to use the product without much effort. I think this is mainly down to the product's thin texture, as this seems to move over the skin easily and quickly, without much effort being required on my part; I find that I really only need to 'spread' this lotion over the skin rather than continually rub it to get it to absorb properly.. It seems to do that by itself, helpfully.

      Absorption takes place in just a moment, and the Hydra-Tonic seems to instantly begin to 'sink' into the skin as soon as it meets with the skin's surface. This is absolutely ideal for me, as I have very little time - or stamina - for products that feel fussy or require too much effort on my part. This is not an issue at all here, as the Tonic seems to literally remove the need to continually smooth and rub the product over the skin's surface; instead, I simply need to spread it around a little and can then go about the rest of my morning routine. By the time I have finished, some five or ten minutes later, the Tonic has become completely absorbed, leaving no trace of tackiness or greasiness in its wake.

      The moisturising properties of this particular product are notable too; my arms in particular have benefited greatly from the Hydra-Tonic's caring lotion, and where before there was obvious dryness with a small area of uneven, blotchy skin on each upper arm, this has become completely smoothened and softened with the continued use of the Tonic. In addition, the skin's suppleness seems to have been restored, with a refreshed appearance being notable alongside the diminished dryness. Whereas before, the condition of my upper arms left me feeling rather self-conscious and very aware of their dull, blotchy state, the Sanctuary Hydra-Tonic has restored moisture and apparently evened out the skin tone, with this improvement taking place very quickly too; I think I had actually only been using the product for around a week when the best results were achieved.

      True, I can't say that I have noticed any improvement to my energy levels whilst using this product, but I HAVE noticed that it helps me overcome some of the 'heaviness' that hangs around in my limbs, (and in my mind!) which can be particularly difficult to shake off first thing in the morning. I have found that when this product is used after my morning bath or shower, it has helped to shift some of the 'fogginess' that feels as though it is hanging over my head. This impressive result in itself would probably warrant a repurchase of the product from yours truly, but the fact that it performs so well in combating dryness and restores full moisturisation to my dry, sensitive skin with such impressive results really leaves me in no doubt as to the wonderful properties of this particular Lotion.

      Taking everything into account, I have only high praise for this beautiful product from Sanctuary, and I have already repurchased it for myself, as a result. True, its price tag is slightly higher than many other skincare products, but this does feel completely justified and warranted each and every time I have used the Hydra-Tonic to quench my thirsty skin, particularly as it leaves me feeling noticeably uplifted and refreshed in a fragrant, zesty cloud. The product unsurprisingly comes with my full recommendation, and in particular, I can't recommend it enough for those consumers who, like me, suffer with health complaints that often leave you feeling drained, exhausted and fatigued, as this little gem really does seem to help me 'shake off' some of the dreaded fatigued 'fog' that hangs over my head every day.


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        26.10.2012 11:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Refreshing body lotion with wonderful scent.

        The Sanctuary Replenishing Hydra-Tonic lotion is a body lotion from the Coven Garden Spa Therapies range of the beauty brand. The Spa Therapies products are created as the best at-home alternative of the professional treatment for women when they can't visit a spa.

        This product line designed to provide treatment of three types: SLEEP, RELAX and REVIVE. As the names suggest, each category represents a different type of skin treatment according to the woman's needs: SLEEP products have calming properties to sleep better, the RELAX range is intended to relax and de-stress and REVIVE is designed to recharge the energy levels. The Replenishing Hydra-Tonic lotion comes with a set of REVIVE products for a full revitalising spa session, the Energy-Zing Shower Drench (body wash), the Invigorating Body Rub (body scrub) and the Body Boosting Brush.

        ~ What's in it? ~

        Sanctuary claims that it has an expert blend of essential oils to boost energy levels. According to the Sanctuary therapists, those therapeutic beauty products contain ingredients (oils and extracts) that can generate emotional effects like happy thoughts and mind uplift.

        This lotion is intended to revive the skin and hydrate it at the same time. It contains a mixture of lovely moisturising ingredients such as essential oils that benefit and condition the skin. The main ingredients are:
        Grapefruit - stimulates the mind
        Lemongrass - helps invigorate the senses
        Orange -Soothes, restores and uplifts the spirits

        ~ The Lotion ~

        The Replenishing Hydra-Tonic lotion itself is a white coloured, thin textured lotion. It has a gel-cream consistency and it is very light, suitable to be used all over the body. It's not creamy and it's not runny/watery either. The light and silky lotion is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin feeling toned and hydrated.

        On application, it leaves a very unique feeling. At first, it provides freshness with a cooling effect and as the lotion is absorbed I can also feel the benefits of the oils. The oils provide a silky, smooth sensation and hydration on my skin. After a few seconds my skin is extremely soft and fresh with a light energetic orange scent.

        It is free from parabens and it's not tested on animals.

        ~ Packaging and Price ~

        The lotion comes in a cylindrical-shaped semi-transparent bottle in orange colour from which you can see the lotion inside. The Sanctuary logo and the fish trademark of the brand are printed in the front. The product's detailed information and ingredients are listed in the back of the container. The top lid is made of semi-transparent clear plastic and there is a pump to control the amount of product used. After the lotion is finished, the plastic bottle can be recycled.

        The 200ml (6.7 fl OZ) tube is available at Boots stores and online at the official Sanctuary website. The cost of the lotion is £10.25 in the store. Official page: www.sanctuary.com

        ~ My experience ~

        It is very important for me to look after my skin and moisturise it daily as I want it to be soft and smooth. I am always interested in good skincare products and when the moisturiser doesn't suit my needs it makes my skin feel dry and tight.

        This lotion was a free gift as part of a promotional offer from Sanctuary. I had spent a total of more than £10 on other products from the brand and I could choose a free gift between two products, the Replenishing Hydra-Tonic lotion from the revive range or the Nourishing Bath Soak from the relax range.

        Initially, I wasn't familiar with the new product line and the SLEEP-RELAX-REVIVE concept so I chose the hydrating lotion because I needed it more than a body wash. When I decided to use it, the first pleasant surprise was the scent. I am a fan of orange-scented fragrances and this is a very lively and fresh smelling lotion. Further, I like the tall and slim design of the bottle and the fact that it has a pump dispenser for hygiene reasons and for easier application.

        I usually put the body lotion on dry skin right after the shower to help retain the moisture. It is nice and easy to apply using circular motions and it moisturises well. On application the lotion feels pleasant and fresh. I think it's a great product to use in the morning when you need energy to start your day. It leaves the skin feeling nourished without the greasy feel of other heavier lotions. Because it has a cooling effect, I think I would prefer it for the summertime since it's hard to find a light and refreshing body product without being sticky after a while. It tones the skin without looking shiny from the oils. My skin gets really soft after using it and it provides a great revitalised sensation.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        I would recommend giving it a go, especially if you can get an offer with reduced price or a gift pack to try it first.

        Thank you for reading!

        This review was published on ciao.co.uk under my username "sweetybi"


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