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Thierry Mugler Angel Body Lotion

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4 Reviews

Brand: Thierry Mugler / Type: Body Lotion

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    4 Reviews
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      24.02.2015 18:31
      Very helpful



      A very good perfumed lotion to hydrate

      I was recommended to try this from a friend, who listens as I bend her ear about lotions to perfumes not being as good as dermatological tested cremes and would love to find the lotion that can help skin and smell as great as the perfume.

      So this was recommended for the aspect that this is really lovely and very effective on the skin. However, yes, there had to be a however, the scent really was not to my taste at all.

      The scent is a strange combination of:

      This for me wasn't floral at all but very sweet. I have tried various product from this brand / designer before and this is very different from what I had experienced before.
      This is not as harsh smelling as the previous scent but highly sweet smelling.
      Saying that the effect of the lotion on my skin was by far one of the best in the fact that it lasted and hydrated all day.
      This is a lightweight lotion that sinks in very quickly and instantly is silky to the touch.
      I may not recommend the scent but the lotion is lovely to wear and would definitely suggest you try a sample of the scent before you buy. I seem to be the only one in the group of friends that have tried this and don't like the scent.
      To buy the lotion means you will help your perfume last longer all day and enhance the scent if you wish :)


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      29.07.2013 13:12
      Very helpful



      a sweet treat from Thierry Mugler

      ~Angel Perfuming Body Lotion~

      Angel is a popular fragrance range offered by Thierry Mugler. This range includes a perfume and a number of complimenting body products but my views are based on the 'perfuming body lotion'.

      This body lotion can be worn alone or alongside the other Angel products for a more intense, longer lasting fragrance on the skin. As with the other Thierry Mugler body lotions, this lotion is promised to be lightweight and packed full of skin nourishing ingredients. Skin should be left feeling soft, smooth and deeply hydrated. The main selling point though is the fragrance which follows the same route as the Angel perfume with notes of chocolate, caramel, patchouli,honey and vanilla.


      The full size bottle which houses this body lotion as absolutely gorgeous. It is a tall bottle which is shaped a bit like a jagged gem stone and is a gorgeous blue colour. My body lotion came from a gift set and isn't quite as fancy. My body lotion is presented in a blue tube with a silver lid and looks really pretty as there is a slight irridescent shine to the tube. The packaging can be recycled and this body lotion has a 12month shelf life from first use.

      ~Where To Buy~

      Angel Perfuming Body Lotion (200ml) can be purchased online at the following prices :

      *www.escentual.com - £28.05
      *www.thefragranceshop.co.uk - £32.50
      *www.salonskincare.co.uk - £26.29

      Some outlets offer gift sets including a 40ml perfume and 100ml body lotion for around the £50 mark.

      ~My Thoughts~

      My love of perfumed body lotions is matched well to my love of the Thierry Mugler brand. I admit that it took a while for the Angel fragrance to grow on me but I now love it. My collection of Angel products has grown over the last few years and I was pleased to add the body lotion to my collection after purchasing it as part of a gift set in the post Christmas sales. My experience will discuss wearing this alone and also alongside the perfume.

      This lotion is absolutely lush! The lotion itself is a baby blue colour and has a light and creamy appearance. The consistency is just right for a lotion - not too runny but not overly thick and I find that it spreads effortlessly and smoothly across my skin. The lotion leaves a cool and soothing trace on my skin and not much is needed to leave my skin feeling hydrated. The lotion simply melts into my skin with very little effort on my part and no residue is evident after it has been fully absorbed. I have been impressed by how well this body lotion penetrates the layers of my skin and leaves it moisturised and silky smooth for most of the day yet at the same time, it is beautifully lightweight. I like to apply it to my arms and around my chest area. My arms are bumpy and dry but this lotion hydrates the dry patches and leaves them smooth to the touch.

      Angel is definitely a fragrance that you need to really like to appreciate it. It won't appear or suit everyone but it has grown on me and I adore it as it smells special and foody! Thierry Mugler have captured the Angel fragrance perfectly well in this body lotion and I love wearing it as it smells amazing and expensive! The main notes that come through are the chocolate and the vanilla with the patchouli being noticeable too. At first, the chocolate appears quite bitter but is soon tamed with creamy vanilla. The other notes sort of hang in the background and I catch random whiffs of them as the fragrance sits on my skin. Overall, I find the fragrance to be foody and very sweet but it is a grown-up sort of sweetness that is rich, sexy and fairly strong on my skin. The fragrance is long lasting. Wearing this alone on my skin, it is noticeable for a good 6 or 7 hours which I find to be excellent. I smell good enough to eat when wearing this.

      ~Layering Angel~

      I do personally find this body lotion to offer enough fragrance to be worn alone. It doesn't mix with with other perfumes except Angel. I am happy to wear the body lotion through the day on its own but if going out in the evening, I enhance it with the perfume. The lotion and perfume work in unison with each other and a strong fragrance is noticeable on my skin all night and often the next morning too. Angel is such a unique scent in my opinion. I often find myself asking complete strangers if they are wearing Angel and they are surprised that my nose can detect it so easily! It is perfect for everyday use or for special occasions in my opinion.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      This body lotion is of a high quality. It leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth as well as smelling absolutely gorgeous. It is expensive but it is worth the high cost in my opinion. I would personally recommend the gift set as you get to try out both the perfume and the body lotion then. I cannot really fault it. I always get compliments on how gorgeous I smell when wearing the body lotion alone. My tube is lasting very well and it is definitely one of my favourites.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        04.09.2012 15:32



        warm, sensual scent. imagine wrapping your body with heavenly moisture, which suites all skintypes, and with a scent of a goddess..now you can with thierry mugler`s body lotion angel.definently a first date success, just ask my boyfriend!!floral and spice in perfect harmony!


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        27.08.2012 18:36
        Very helpful



        Long lasting strong smelling body lotion - a little goes a very long way.

        ---Why I wanted it---

        I smelt the perfume years ago and took ages to try and tract it down - but finally did. I would then get gifts of the perfume and body lotion from a friend who travelled abroad a lot - it was an expensive treat that I could not always afford for myself.


        Made by Thierry Mugler (www.mugler.com).


        Very strong and distinctive - would say it was even slightly chocolatey. It is definitely an acquired
        taste - I absolutely LOVE it - but my husband cannot stand it - so it is as well if you try it out before buying (either sample in a shop or you can buy small spray samples on ebay for a couple of pounds - these are also good to carry in your handbag) - as its not for the faint hearted.
        Don't go with the first smell - leave it develop on your skin and the undertones will be mellower.
        According to the Perfume Shop:
        'Angel is a voluptuous Oriental Gourmand with a celestial top of bergamot and helional as pure and transparent as air; a delicious heart of fruit and honey, which evoke mouth-watering childhood memories; and a sensual, passionate base of vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli'.
        Does not tell you much really!!


        Also quite expensive - the recommended retail price is around £30 for 200mls.
        But I try and buy when on offer, or as a treat at Christmas for myself - I was lucky last time and picked up a reduced gift box at Boots after Christmas a while ago - but the bottles tend to last ages and I use the lotion very sparingly - just a little adds plenty of aroma - and I would not want to use it all over at that price, and probably the smell would be too strong anyway.
        DO NOT over apply or you will be smelt from miles away!!


        Also comes as hand cream and perfume - also equally strong. There is also a shower gel and deodorant plus scented candles - check out the website in case more have come out.
        There is also an Angel Innocent perfume which I have not tried plus La Rose, Violette, Pivoine and Le Lys versions.
        Thierry Mugler also does ranges for men.


        Pale blue vaguely triangular shaped blue plastic bottle with a flip lid which is on the base, if you see what I mean. The bottle I have is not the same as in the image above as it looks to be a new shape now.

        ---My Opinion---

        Definitely what is now my 'signature' fragrance - it is a smell I never tire of - unlike other perfumes/body lotions where I am fed up of them before using half the bottle - so actually quite less wasteful and value for money that way.
        I love the perfume and the body lotion is so strong you can actually just put some on your wrists and use as perfume itself. That is the way I always use it anyway - and not as a moisturising lotion.


        Long lasting heady body lotion- a little goes a very long way - has a distinctive aroma, and is not exactly like the perfume - but I love it anyway. Supposedly vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli with citrus notes.


        Expensive, strong smelling - you either love or hate it - a bit like Marmite!!




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