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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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4 Reviews
  • Helps you sleep - naturally
  • Calming and head-clearing
  • A big bottle is too much for me when I'm travelling
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    4 Reviews
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      29.11.2014 10:55
      Very helpful


      • "Helps you sleep - naturally"
      • "Calming and head-clearing"


      • "A big bottle is too much for me when I'm travelling"

      A spray (or two) and you're away

      It’s often said that the secret to looking good is getting your ‘beauty sleep’ so perhaps it’s not such a surprise that Dooyoo list the pillow sprays from the company ‘This Works’ in their beauty section.

      I have a small spray bottle of this which was a nice surprise placed on the bedside table in a hotel earlier this year. My first instinct was “I don’t need that” because I sleep like a dead woman most of the time. I have a trouble getting up in the morning but seldom getting to sleep. However, despite spending more time in other beds than in my own at home, I do still get the odd night when a strange environment will keep me restless.

      Hotel rooms offer lots of uncontrollable variables - the temperature, the noise, the softness of the mattress and worst of all, the pillows. If I don’t sleep it’s usually because the pillow is too hard or too soft. At home I have a curved neck pillow but I can’t take that with me. What I can take with me is my pillow spray and on those rare occasions when I’m suffering, a quick squirt can really help. Of course I also sleep better knowing someone else is going to have to launder my post-sleep smelly pillow cases.

      A couple of quick squirts are all you need to create a scented ‘fug’ of pleasant pongs to surround your soon to be sleeping head. The spray contains aromatic extracts that have long been associated with relaxation - most notably lavender, camomile and vetiver. This is a gentle but powerful combination for helping you to get into a more relaxed state. You start out thinking ‘Hmm, what’s that?’ then sniffing it in deeply and repeatedly and then…..well you probably won’t remember very much.

      For those who care, the Deep Sleep pillow spray is safe for pregnant women.

      At an RRP of 16.00 for 75ml, this stuff isn’t cheap but a little goes a very long way and the feeling of bedtime well-being is worth its weight in gold.

      There’s a second version of the spray called ‘Deep Calm’ which is more difficult to get (it may be hotel only) and more powerful which contains frankincense and eucalyptus as well as the lavender, camomile and vetiver. That packs a real ‘wow’ of a punch - it’s like Deep Sleep with added Vics Vapour Rub. I like that one EVEN better than the standard pillow spray especially if I have a cold or a bit of a blocked nose, but take care to keep it well away from your eyes.


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      02.12.2013 01:35
      Very helpful



      I can not fault the product.


      I have to admit I never really believed a pillow spray could help me with sleep, call me cynical but since the medical world have spent several years trying to drug me to sleep and I still spend most nights tossing and turning I honestly did not hold out much hope for some nice smelling spray. However recently on a trip away I stopped at a Crowne Plaza Hotel, I was really touched to find the hotel had supplied some nice goodies in my room one of which was a small set by a company I had never heard of called "This Works". It was a small trial set of deep sleep pillow spray and a small roll on product called stress less! Now there is one thing I am most certainly am and that is stressed so even little old cynical me is open enough to try some nice smelling products when I do not have to pay for them! I will not spoil the rest of the review by telling you anymore about the products but I have since bought full size versions of both and this is my review of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

      THE COMPANY ....

      This Works was not a company I had heard of before however a little research on their website informs me that the company was founded in 2003 by an International Journalist called Kathy Phillips. The company is British based and sources all its products locally and aim to be environmentally responsible as possible.

      The company say that they review their policies every six months and that their current ones are as follows :- (next four points taken from their website)
      1) None of their products or raw ingredients are tested on animals.
      2) All Skincare, Bath and Body formulations are free from phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrance, parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol.
      3) They promote the use of sustainable sources of raw ingredients. Products are manufactured in the UK where the majority of their retail clients are based thus reducing transport impacts.
      4) Their research and development department is continually trying to find ways to formulate safely, thoughtfully and honestly. Sourcing and testing are therefore time-consuming and labour intensive but always in the interest of maintaining the product excellence synonymous with This Works.


      The product really is as simple as it's namesake, a spray that you spray onto your pillow that should help you sleep deeply. The spray is an infusion of several oils that are designed to help you relax and unwind so that you get a better night sleep.

      Lavender Oil
      Lavender oil is well known for its relaxing properties and can be used for depression, tension headaches, stress and anxiety.

      Patchouli Oil
      It is said that Patchouli oil is the marmite of the essential oils, you either love it or hate it. It has a very distinctive scent to it that many relate back to the 60's. It has many uses but is by many believed to be relaxing and may have aphrodisical properties.

      Ho Wood Oil
      Ho-wood acts as a mild analgesic and muscle relaxant, it is relaxing, has mild aphrodisiac properties and is believed to have mild anti-depressant properties.

      Vetivert Oil
      Vetivert is thought to stimulate the immune system and support the body's stress response. It can also be used to release tension form aching muscles and helps to relation.

      Camomile Oil
      Camomile is well known for its relaxing sedative effects but it is also thought to have anti-depressant properties.

      THE PACKING ....

      The product comes in a greyish blue cardboard box with white text on it which really stands out, the base and top of the box are also white in colour.

      The front of the box has the product name, a small blurb informing us that we should "gently inhale this soothing spritz for a good nights sleep" Below that is the company logo and then information about the weight of the product contained.

      The left side of the box has the ingredients of the product in very small print and at the bottom is the FSC logo, the recyclable logo and then something that resembles a finger pointing at a small booklet which I can not tell you what it is meant to mean! Answers on a postcard :-) I find it very odd that I can not see any mention of the fact that the products are not rested on animals. I had to actually look that up on their website to make sure that It was, it's a little odd to not have it displayed on packing because many like myself do look to make sure when shopping that it is displayed.

      The right of the box has some blurbs about the companies ethics and that they are using as natural products as possible.

      The back has more about the essential oils and instructions that say to spray on your pillow or bed cover before you go to sleep.

      Inside the box is a white plastic bottle around 13cm in height, the front of the bottle resembles the front of the packing box but with the colours reversed. The bottle is white with the original greyish blue of the box now the colour of the text. The sides of the bottle are clear however the directions from the card box are repeated on the back of the plastic bottle.

      TO USE ....

      The bottle has a pump spray nossle which you simple press down on a few times and disperse the required amount of product over your pillow and covers to provide a lovely smelling fragrance. The spray is water like in texture and clear like water. I have used this on my white bedding and it has not made any marks at all which I was a little concerned about but it dries almost instantly and simply leaves a gorgeous smelling scent behind.

      DOES IT WORK? ....

      well lets put it this way, I am no longer a cynic! After using the miniature version I have upgraded to the full size 75ml bottle. From the very first use I slept a lot better on the nights that I have used the spray, it is not by any means a miracle worker but I am definitely much more relaxed and calm on the nights that I spray it and I have noticed a significant difference in the speed I get to sleep most nights.

      SIZE AND COST ....

      This product is not cheap the 75ml retails for £16

      SUMMARY ....

      I really like this product, it really does help calm me down and I have actually started spraying a small amount onto my clothing some days when I feel very stressed. The mixed scent of the oils is perfect, I was a little concerned when I first sprayed the trial one after seeing lavender on the list because I really do not like the scent of lavender, however This Works really has got the mix right and combined with the other oils while it is still a prominent scent it is not over powering.

      Other than the cost being a bit on the high side for me I can not fault this product so for me it has to be a 5 stars out of 5!


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        03.04.2013 18:21
        Very helpful



        Help for a restful nights sleep.

        I really like sleep sprays although I am not sure how much they help me sleep they do always smell gorgeous and I find that they really are inductive for relaxation which of course means that if your mind is peaceful then you will probably sleep sounder and deeper.

        This Works... Deep Sleep Pliiow Spray is quite expensive and costs £16.00 but I bought mine on ebay for less than £10.
        It has essential oils in it including Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile which are all known to help relax the body and mind.

        The smell of this is absolutely gorgeous and I had no trouble with breathing it in deeply to get all the effects from the essential oils. The fragrance is really hard to describe as it is a mix of loads of different things, it is flowery but also musky and it has a slight medicinal scent to it. You can definitely tell that it is made with essential oils as the smell is very soothing and relaxing.

        I used this by spraying a few squirts on my pillow and also on my quilt and then I lay in bed and breathed in the fragrance deeply for a few minutes just relaxing. I know for a fact that this helped me relax as I am a bit of a worrier and when I used this I found myself able to relax and forget things much easier.

        I also found that I was able to sleep a bit deeper than normal and wasn't wakening up quite so much throughout the night. In the mornings I felt much more refreshed than normal and overall I just felt more relaxed and rested.

        I really do think that the essential oils in this helped me to relax more which in turn is what made me sleep deeper and better. When this was on my pillow and I was breathing it in I felt so much more relaxed than normal and I found it much easier to just lie and rest without my mind constantly wandering off on a tangent.

        I have tried a few different sleep sprays and I have to say that I thought that this is probably the best of the ones that I have tried as I felt that rather than just smell nice it actually helped me get more rest too.
        I was so impressed that I went on to buy the sleep balm from the same brand which I am also really impressed with.

        If like me you occasionally have trouble with switching off then you should give this a try. It won't send you to sleep but it will help relax both your mind and your body making it much easier to drift off.


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        13.12.2012 23:05
        Very helpful



        A natural sleep remedy

        A good nights sleep is something we all need to survive and most people would agree is essential for our well being and is something we take for granted.

        When you can't sleep a problem I have sometimes, you start to wonder whether you will ever have a good nights sleep again.

        I have two types of sleep problems, first is the can't get to sleep and second is the fall asleep but wake up between 2 and 3am. Both have one thing in common and that is I eventually fall into a deep sleep at 5am and then wake up with a vile headache and feel like death warmed up for the rest of the day.
        So when I was browsing the This Works range in Boots I decided to give their Deep Sleep pillow spray a try.

        This Works range is a new favourite of mine as you can see from my recent reviews. They claim that they only sell products that do work in their range and so far the ones I have tried have lived up to the name.

        The Product
        I bought this in a mini spray version, primarily because I was slightly sceptical having tried aromatherapy oils and pillow sprays before with little success.
        The directions are straightforward simply spray on your pillow and bedding and then hop into bed.

        The spray contains a blend of essential oils that combined , fragrance your bed and are designed to aid relaxation and soothe body and mind.

        The fragrance is lovely and is a slightly earthy floral musky woody aroma, which together assault the senses, but not in an overpowering way. My pillow smelt gorgeous and the scent is soothing and I really enjoyed getting into bed and breathing it in.

        I usually go to bed when I feel really tired , but can't switch off and start thinking about things and within a few minutes start to feel wide awake again. Amazingly the first time I tried this, I fell asleep without too much trouble and even better slept through till morning. So full marks for the sleep spray. I spray this each night before I go to bed, usually on my pillow and the top sheet and duvet, not too much as you will wet the pillow, but a few quick spritzes normally is enough.

        I think what is different about this particular spray is the blend of oils they have used. They claim to use the best high quality 100% pure essential oils. The blend smells beautiful and includes :
        Vetivert - the oil of tranquility which has calming properties that help relieve tension and stress and settles nerves. This oil provides the woody earthy scent.

        Lavender - a really versatile flower that can help relieve stress and tension, this provides a floral scent.
        Wild Chamomile - this is famous for it's soothing calming and relaxing properties that aid sleep.

        Ho Wood - has sedative properties and is made from camphor wood. This has a woody medicinal scent.

        Patchouli - is beneficial for fatigue as it relaxes the body. This has an earthy musky aoma that can be overpowering and I don't care for this scent generally, however they have used a light touch.

        What really works for me here is the blend of oils makes for a really unique scent that combined creates a sense of well being that helps me sleep. To be honest I would continue using this even if it didn't help me sleep as I love the scent and it sort of creates that getting into a newly changed bed that I love as it refreshes my pillow.
        I was a bit worried that the blend would irritate my face as I have sensitive skin, but I haven't had any issues. It is recommended for adults only and as it does contain essential oils I would check if you are pregnant.

        Would I recommend?
        A resounding yes. This is brilliant and has really helped me get much more sleep and most times uninterrupted so a better quality sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and with a clear head, which is wonderful. I still wake up during the night for a variety of reasons due to my age and or heath issues but I find it much easier to get back to sleep.

        I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulty sleeping, but would suggest you try the small version or test in Boots, to make sure you like the scent.

        It has made a tremendous difference to the way I feel generally , simply because I am getting more sleep. Fingers crossed it keeps on working. My mini spray probably lasted about a week . I sprayed fairly liberally so you could make it last longer. I bought it in a set for £10 and I think it was 5ml - I didn't do the maths as a wiser buy would have been the full size.

        Full size 75ml is £15 and is currently free if you spend £40 from This Works on line. Also available in Boots and Waitrose.
        Not the cheapest , but a good nights sleep is priceless.


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      • Product Details

        Modern: The miracle solution to a good night's sleep / With This Works signature relaxing fragrance, this pillow spray will become your must-have sleep solution / Natural: Infused with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile to soothe the body and mind / Beauty: a fragrant pillow spray, the best beauty secret there is / How it works:Infused with 100% natural essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Chamomile, This Works deep sleep pillow spray features This Works signature relaxing fragrance / French Lavender combines therapeutic qualities to relieve tension and insomnia with a fresh and sweet floral smell, while Chamomile's relaxing aroma deeply soothes, with an almost sedative effect to calm body and mind / Oil of tranquillity Vetivert helps to alleviate stress, settling the nerves and establishing a feeling of balance, whilst its sedative action also treats mental and physical exhaustion / How to use:Spray a fine mist over your pillow /

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