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Time Delay Smoothing Body Lotion

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Brand: Boots / Type: Body Lotion / What it does: Smoothes, Protects

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2008 02:26
      Very helpful



      My new must buy!! There's no going back for me now.....

      Anyone who reads my reviews regulary will know that I really don't like body lotions but I am a huge fan of Boot's Time Delay products and constantly buy them. So when I saw on the shelves in my local Boot's a Time Delay product I hadn't seen before my heart skipped a beat with excitement and then dread!

      Now I love the effects of a decent body lotion/moisturiser, of course I do and yes there are times when I really need it because like many of you I do suffer with dry skin etc but more than that I lost a lot of weight (6 and a half stone in total) and I am paranoid my body isn't as firm as I would like it to be. I mean you don't lose that kind of weight after years and years of being classed as obese and end up with a wonderful figure. Beneath the clothes can be a whole host of sins lol However I hate having to strip off in the cold and wait for moisturisers to dry etc and I'm a busy gal!

      So my heart leapt again when I read that not only does this smooth (maybe I can finally wave bye bye to my crepe belly) but it also promises to firm and it's by Time Delay so yep done deal I was gonna buy it from the moment I first laid eyes on it!

      The Packaging....

      White opaque 200ml recyclable pump action bottle. Very simple and elegant in design. On the front I'm simply told 'It's Time To Moisturise, Soothing Body Lotion' and then I'm told it's Boot's Time Delay and then at the bottom I'm told it helps skin look younger, day by day. On the back I'm told what it's meant to achieve, how to use it, ingredients, size (as I've stated already), and contact details for Boot's in case of problems and they do state that if your not entirely happy with the product they will give you a full refund and it doesn't affect your statutory rights. I do like the pump action design on this which is clear plastic and you can click it in out to dispense and shut off. It works great and dispenses a good amount of the lotion and I've had no problem with it clogging or anything since I've been using it which makes a nice change with bottles such as these lately. The lotion is white and opaque.

      What It's Meant To Achieve....

      Melts into skin to instantly firm, smooth and help protect.

      This luxurious body lotion instantly smooths and conditions all over. Powerful antioxidants help protect the skin against the visible signs of ageing, while our specialist skin-firming complex makes your skin feel instantly more supple.

      To Use....

      Apply all over your body, gently massaging into skin, working from feet and hands towards the heart, to help stimulate circulation. Use morning and evening.

      Dermatologically proven to be kind to skin.

      Using It....

      Well a little of this product goes a very long way as it's a lotion opposed to a thick cream. I do as recommended and start at feet and work my way up my body, covering all of me apart from my face.

      Smell wise, well to my nostrils I can smell a hint of vanilla and coco. It's quite deep but still remains light fragrance wise and upon application it does smell incredibly strong but that smell calms down after say half an hour but you don't lose the fragrance completely for hours, it's just sniffable if you or someone sniffs you up close! lol Pleasant fragrance but quite sweet and creamy so I so advise people to test this product first to see if they like the smell as I'm sure it don't be to everyones taste and I really don't think a man would want to use this!

      The application doesn't feel at all greasy or too thick and at the same time it doesn't run everywhere. The feeling on your skin feels smooth in a very natural and none thick or gunky way. It really isn't heavy at all on the skin, you apply and go and can dress immediately as you don't get a greasy transfer on to clothes or a sticky feeling at all as it's just absorbed straight away. Skin is smoothed but gently so and you feel like you haven't applied anything but skin does feel more smooth and soft!

      The Results....

      After application being so straightforward and hassle free would my skin really feel any different? Well yes it does as soon as you apply it you feel your skin looks and feels somewhat smoother as I've just explained. It really does give off a cosy feeling. As for firming well it took 7 days of continuous evening usage to start feeling that.

      Yes my skin does feel a bit less wobbly whether it's in my mind or not! It's not like you suddenly lost 6 inches around your waist but then this product doesn't boast that claim. I do feel a bit tighter around me tum and after using it 7 days even when I haven't applied it my skin feels generally in a much better condition.

      I feel hydrated and smooth and even my cellulite feels smoother and looks a bit less visible. I have no dry flaky skin at all and although this isn't sold as a skin brightening lotion my skin does appear to be a bit more glowing and therefore the younger claim I back for this reason as I just appear that bit healthier.

      Another nice thing about this is as well is that it washes off easily. This means you don't feel cruddy like your getting a nasty build up. As the lotion is light it comes off with water so showering with say a shower gel is easy to lather up unlike some shower gels I've used after certain moisturising creams that soap and gels struggled to get off.


      I really, really like it. It has a nice grown up fragrance, nice packaging, and a little goes a long way which makes this alot more economical than alot of other stuff I've used in the past that was cheaper to purchase.

      Skin is instantly improved so it's a great treatment when and if you required it so you could buy this and only use it for 'special occasions' if you desire. However the long term benefits (to me) outweigh the immediate results and, well I shall continue to use it to keep up the good work I've already achieved.

      Yes a little more expensive than some body moisturisers but it's so worth it, if not for the fragrance alone lol It's truly a nice moisturiser that deserves a place in your life! Great for sensitive skin like mine, it penetrates where needed and doesn't over moisturise where it isn't. It appears to be very intelligent!

      Only available in Boot's and £6.50 a bottle and a great buy.


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    • Product Details

      This luxurious body lotion instantly smoothes and conditions all over / Powerful antioxidants help protect the skin against visible signs of ageing, while our specialist skin-firming complex makes your skin instantly more supple /

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