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Treacle Moon My Coconut Island Body Butter

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4 Reviews

Brand: Treacle Moon / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    4 Reviews
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      03.08.2012 10:48
      Very helpful



      Buy this to smell like a coconut :)

      I wrote one of my first reviews for DooYoo on the topic of coconut island shower gel. This is the body butter from the same collection and I have also reviewed the body scrub. All three of these products smell equally delicious and I use them regularly at bath or shower time.

      --Overview of the product--

      The product is a thick moisturising body "butter" with a thick and buttery like texture which is scented with the characteristic coconut scent of the Treacle Island range. The product comes in a circular tub similar to tubs that body butters often come in.

      --How to use--

      To use this product simply stick your fingers in the middle of the tub and the cream will come out easily. Smooth the product all over your body especially in areas of dry skin to moisturise and smooth.

      --Personal experience--

      I find the cream smells delicious but I don't notice the scent lasting a long time. However, my other half has remarked that I smell great so I don't know whether it's the body butter or another product I use!! (Either way, one of the nicest compliments to receive!!) I also have issues with the feel of the cream once its on my skin. I find it a little sticky and find it doesn't absorb that quickly once applied.

      Before Coconut Island, I used a Body Shop body butter so this may be why I notice such a difference in the quality of absorption.

      However I love the smell that much that I don't mind and will continue to use this for a little after bath moisturising.


      The beautiful scent is a winner!! Leaves your skin feeling somewhat moisturised as well as the accompanying stickiness!

      Treacle Moon donate a portion of their profits to charity which is great to see. I like to support ethical companies where I can.


      The sticky texture is a definite drawback and the fact that the scent doesn't linger for that long. I like to be able to put clothes on pretty much straight away after moisturising and I don't really have the time in a morning to wait around for cream to dry! For this reason I'd mainly use this after a long, relaxing bath in the evening rather than as part of an everyday routine.

      --Price and availability--

      Available on the Treacle Moon website, at a higher price than in Tescos! For the 250ml tub it is priced at £3.50 in Tescos currently, down from £3.99.


      A lovely scent, but doesn't absorb as quickly or as well as I would like.
      Reasonably priced, and if you love the scent you can bypass the slight defect of the actual product!
      Might buy again but I will probably opt to buy the other products in the range instead as I enjoy the coconut scrub and the coconut shower gel more as they don't have an overly sticky texture!


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      11.05.2011 16:44
      Very helpful



      The coconut smelling body butter will make you think of being on holiday.

      I dont think I have smelled anything so nice in all my life. It's an addiction of mine. Also like the shower/bath wash, it leaves you feeling refreshed and so clean, that you wil want to keep caking it on. It's very moisturising and if you apply it after a bath or a shower before you go to bed then, you have soft skin all night long, and what's even better is that the scent doesn't ware away. This may sound crazy but it smells like being on holiday!

      If you are a fan of coconut and you love pampering yourself after a stressful day, or just in general, you will not be disappointed with this product. After applying Cocunut body butter to my skin, I feel a million times better about myself and my skin feels and smells beautiful and so fresh! To feel a better difference, also use the Shower/bash wash aswell. It's just like coming out of a massage :)


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      19.11.2010 20:39
      Very helpful



      A yummy body butter from Treacle Moon

      If you've read some of my previous reviews, you'll probably know that I do love my smellies! I've ventured out a little different - as opposed to the usual fruity smells I love, and I've become addicted to coconut products. Resulting in me going rather coconut mad with shampoos, hand wash, body wash and body butters etc. So this is a review of a product from my ever growing coconut collection.

      Treacle Moon - My Coconut Island Body Butter:
      'I'm going to a faraway place she said... just for awhile... her toes wriggled in the warm sand and a silly seagull laughed and danced in the sweet wind'

      Just like N-Spa another similar company; I've taken a liking to their little quotes on the front of their products. Treacle Moon appears to do the same. This holds no real relevance to this product but makes things a little more fun!

      My findings:

      It is very unlike me to be down to my last tub of body butter with no emergency spares in the house. However I didn't realise I was so low on moisturiser. So while I was having a soak my wonderful fiancé took a trip to our local supermarket where he picked up this yummy delight.

      I hadn't heard of or seen this product before, and seeing as I enjoy trying new things, I was quite excited (simple things and all that)! When I first opened the lid I was hit straight away by a light coconut scent.

      The cream is white and looks a lot like whipped cream, the only difference being you can't eat this! This body butter is very soft and light to touch and when applying to your skin feels very luxurious and I would go as far to say heavenly. It leaves your skin smelling great, feeling great and being completely huggable.

      Once the body butter has been on your skin for a couple of hours, it will still feel soft and moisturised, and this is the biggest advantage this product has over similar brands. The scent is a little strong to begin with, but no where near overpowering. It emits a lovely fresh aroma of coconuts but doesn't smell artificial like some brands I've tested in the past; the only downside is that can make you feel a bit hungry!

      Their range:

      A company of many bathing delights!

      That Vanilla Moment
      The Raspberry Kiss
      One Ginger Morning
      My Coconut Island
      Those Lemonade Days
      Lovely Mint Story

      All of which are a pack of various items. They consist of; bath and shower gel, hand wash, hand cream, body butter and body scrub.

      Suitable for vegetarians.

      Price and Availability:

      So far I've only seen this body butter in Tesco's. Their website does say 'stockist: Tesco's' so it would seem that this is the only place that sells it. The 250ml tube will cost you around £3.97 and is occasionally on offer for £2.00.

      This product can also be purchased from the Treacle Moon website, delivery cost does apply. http://www.treaclemoon.net/my_coconut_island_treacle_moon_products.html

      As I've said N-Spa is a very similar product and is just as nice as Treacle Moon and their coconut body butter is on offer right now in Asda for £2.00 if you were looking for a cheaper option.


      I'm over the 'Treacle Moon' with this product! Its light on your skin yet skin feels full moisturised. Easy to absorb, and smells truly edible. I think it's fantastic for the money and will last you around a month assuming an average application of once a day. A totally indulgent body butter leaving you feeling completely pampered.

      The packaging is noticeable yet simple and has an easy screw on and off lid.

      I would recommend Treacle Moon body butter to all that enjoy their pamper sessions and to whom that obviously like the smell of coconuts

      Five out of five stars from me!

      Thank you for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      Treacle Moon is a company against animal testing and nor do their products contain any animal derived ingredients. However Treacle Moon is the product range and is actually made by a company called Blue Orange one I have never heard of before, but with some digging I found out they have managed brands such as Elle McPherson, Nicky Clarke and The Sanctuary along with a few others.


      Treacle Moon
      The Cottage
      102 High Street
      SG8 8EF.


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        07.09.2010 18:08
        Very helpful



        A great product - very highly recommended :)

        Treacle Moon Body Butter

        I received this a part of a gift for my birthday and I have seen this brand around and was going to get some. I have quite a few moisturisers and body butters but one more couldn't hurt!

        *About the product*
        It comes in a twist lid tub and it is 250ml or 8.4 fl oz. It is really quite big and it is exactly the same size (depth and diameter) as the large body shop body butters which are 200ml and this is 250ml, so you get more in this one obviously, which is good as I like it.

        The packaging is black and white and it has some orange writing on it and it looks a bit like the lush packaging. It is made in the UK and it is not tested on animals either.

        *My opinion of the product*
        I really like this product but other body lotions/moisturiser/butters that I have used, have had a lotion like consistency but this one does not. You can usually tip the tub or bottle to one side and the product would move but this product does not.

        It has like a thicker jelly consistency. If you just tap the surface of the product it feels 'springy' and elastic like, which seems a bit unusual. It looks and feels almost exactly like feta cheese!

        But apart from the strange consistency it is rather good! It does actually smell of coconut, which is great, as some products don't even smell like what they are supposed to or if the do it smells synthetic but this one does not.

        On application it is so smooth and it smoothes over my skin really easily and it absorbs into my skin very quickly too, and it does not leave any oily/greasy residue left on my skin.

        It leaves my skin super soft, smooth and moisturised. It smells super amazing and the scent also stays on my skin for quite a while but it does become more subtle though out the day.

        I did not buy this as it was a gift but it can be bought from tesco and it can also be bought from the treacle moon site, for £3.97 (excluding postage) so it is cheaper to buy it from tesco.

        Good points
        *Long lasting scent
        *Lots of the product for the price
        *Does not leave a greasy/oily residue on my skin
        *Absorbs quickly and easily
        *Really gorgeous 'real' coconut scent
        *Very moisturising
        *Leaves my skin smooth, soft, smelling nice and moisturised all day
        *Available at tesco

        Bad points
        *big tub - it would be really great if they made smaller/travel size versions

        Thank you for reading my review


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