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Urban Decay Pina Colada Body Balm

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2 Reviews

Brand: Urban Decay / Balm / Type: Body Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    2 Reviews
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      08.02.2012 19:40
      Very helpful



      Would not go near this!

      I would have been SERIOUSLY annoyed if I'd paid the rrp for this product (which was around £15 if I remember correctly!) I bought a few of these and ERGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH

      ~~Product Description~~
      (amazon.co.uk) Deliciously scented and flavoured, this dreamy blend of a balm leaves you velvety smooth to the touch. Skin looks and tastes intoxicating. Just smooth this ever so slightly shimmered body balm onto skin with its ultra soft sponge.

      ~~Current Price & Additional Information~~
      These are currently sold by various vendors for either £7.99 and below or around £11.99 for the body balm and a lipgloss. They come in tubs of 80g/2.82US oz.

      The packaging isn't to everyone's taste, but I think it's actually pretty nice for the price I paid (i.e. 50p!) It's quite a chunky tub with the lid curving upwards. The lid has a really nice albeit plastic-y star stuck on the top. The colour of the lid is a pretty pearly colour and the base is see-through so you can see the creamy grey colour of the balm. Writing is pretty minimal with the basics, as well as a disclaimer telling you: Do not ingest. Pina Colada is for kissing and licking but it's not a food substitute. When you twist open the tub, there is a plastic holder where the sponge goes. Lifting this open reveals the balm.

      ~~My Thoughts~~
      I bought this whilst browsing this website's closing down sale. I came across this Urban Decay product and thought it was incredibly cheap... so cheap that even if it didn't work out it wouldn't matter too much. Also I'd tried Urban Decay products before and was quite impressed with the quality, so I didn't really think it could go too bad. I ordered Mai Tai, Pina Colada and a third one, Cosmopolitan - this was wrapped up as a filler present... but had I tried the others out promptly, I don't think I would have even given this away...

      The first impressions were ok; the sponge that it comes with for instance is really nice and soft and the product does smell of pina colada. I bought this purely out of curiosity... I mean... 3 urban decay products for £1.50...(!) The smell is pretty strong so once you open the lid, it just hits you. But... not in a great way. It smells too sickly and unnatural for my liking.

      After a few uses of the sponge that it comes with it turns a rather dirty, moist grey colour since the balm isn't solid. When you apply it you get a silvery sheen on your skin. This looks actually quite nice on the skin, but the smell makes me feel pretty sickly. It seems to smell better in the tub... although even then it isn't nice. When you come up really close to the skin, it smells even sicklier and even stronger. If I wear this over my body or put some on my face, I think I will throw up... that or nobody will come near me! You get what you pay for I suppose...

      I have never, ever licked it or even been tempted to lick it... not only because that thought leaves me a bit uneasy, but mostly because of the nasty smell.

      Even though the balm gives a nice sheen to my skin, I just can't stand the horrible, cheap alcoholic smell that makes me feel physically a bit ill! Even though the balm is soft to the touch on your skin, since it's quite moist, if you touch wherever you've put it, it will transfer to e.g. your hands, etc...I can see completely why I managed to get this for only 50p! I am actually considering scrapping out all the balm and keeping the tub to store small things because I think it does look pretty ok! That's one of the very few things that I like about it. 1.5 stars given for the packaging (reusable) and for the nice dewy look on the skin... if you can stand the smell...


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      28.06.2009 23:07
      1 Comment



      Good packaging but bad product

      I am a massive fan of Urban decay and have had a fair few pina coladas in my time, so when i saw this product i bought it immediately. What a huge disappointment!!
      When using this lotion, i found it extremely difficult to get any amount from the container onto my skin. The balm is very set into the pot and is not like a cream or butter but instead resembles a wax. Once applied to the skin, it did not melt as expected and instead just sat on the surface forming a waxy lining. After several minutes, it did disolve into the skin however despite the product description, my body did not feel silky and did not feel moisturised. As a result, I had to use another body butter later on as my skin felt so dry.

      On a more positive note, the packaging is great and the body balm does smell and taste ok. If you are looking for a novelty to interest your partner, this may just be it. However, if you are looking for a great body butter opt for the Body Shop version and you'll smell great and have fabulous soft skin.


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    • Product Details

      Your skin will feel deliriously silky after sponging yourself in this flavoured body balm /

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