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Valentino Rock n Rose Body Lotion

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3 Reviews

Brand: Valentino / Type: Body Lotion

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    3 Reviews
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      08.08.2011 08:29
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I use a lot of body lotion, I use it every single day and I do not mind using the cheaper brands on the market. Some of which I find really good ones but I do love a more expensive one too. I usually have the very expensive ones bought as a gift for my birthday or Christmas from family or friends. This one my mum bought me last Christmas and I only started using it around 3 months.

      This one comes in a really pretty bottle which is made of a sturdy plastic and it has a small hole at the top of the bottle to release the lotion. It is a nice baby pink colour, it has a black top of which is quite fancy with nice diamond shapes which point towards the top of the top. The top can easily be twisted to take it off the bottle. The bottle has the name clearly on the front. I love the design of the bottle and it looks really attractive on my dresser in my bedroom. Pink is my favourite colour and so the bottle matches my bedroom colours.

      Inside the bottle the lotion is white in colour and I can detect a hint of pink colour, the smell of the lotion is very apparent as soon as the top is removed from the bottle. It has a really nice fragrance and it smells of a floral fragrance in my opinion. The fragrance is quite a strong one but not too overpowering for a more expensive lotion. The lotion can be easily squeeze from the bottle because it is plastic, even thought it is quite a strong plastic it is very easy to just give it a quick squeeze to release the lotion. I tend to squeeze this one onto the palm of my hands and then just rub it gently into my skin. This one is not too thick, it has a thinner consistency. I first thought that it would be much thicker when I first saw my gift but I was wrong, the consistency is much thinner than I imagined it would be. It is however not a runny consistency, it does not run from my hands while applying it to my skin. This one does soak into the skin quite quickly and it absorbs really well. It does not feel tacky or sticky on the skin when it is applied or after it has dried.

      My skin feels absolutely soft and smooth once it has dried and while applying it I can definitely smell the fragrance. I apply it to my arms, legs and torso. I find that it does not irritate my skin at all and I have sensitive skin and I have had not problems at all since I began using this one. It moisturises really well. I can definitely smell the fragrance on my skin for quite some time after application. It lasts for such a long time. It gives my body that extra smell along with my perfumes. I more often than not use this one for when I am going out for the day, since it is a more expensive lotion I would rather just use it for my outings instead of using it on the days I am at home. I have used it a few times when I am staying indoors too but just for my outdoor days I much prefer to use it on those occasions since it is a more expensive lotion. This is just my preference with an expensive one so that the bottle lasts a lot longer. This one I would say is suitable for using day and night and even if you do not go out for the day it is still nice to give your body a nice smell. I really do love this one for when I am going out for the evening to a party etc, I find it gives that little bit of extra fragrance for my body and a nice treat.

      Only a small amount is needed for this one to soften the skin. It makes the skin nice and soft and extremely smooth. I have a few dry patches on my body and so I just pay a little extra attention to those areas and just apply a little extra lotion and it has helped to soften those areas perfectly well. A little really does go a very long way too with this one. I first thought when I saw the bottle size, that it would be gone in no time at all but I was wrong, there is still quite a bit left in the bottle. It is extremely a good quality lotion, hence why only a small amount is needed to soften the skin.

      The size of the bottle is not too big, it measures approximately 4 inches from the base to the top. The width of the bottle measures approximately 2 inches, it is a chunky kind of bottle and sits well on a dresser without tipping over as some other brands I have found tend to do, this one is absolutely fine. It is a really nice size to place in an over night bag. It is ideal for these occasions so that a nice smelling lotion is in the bag for those special nights out. It is a lightweight bottle and weighs very little for travelling.

      I do not honestly know how much this one costs because I said earlier in my review it was a gift from my mum. I would most definitely highly recommend this one because it has a long lasting, super fragrance and in my opinion a perfume spray would not even be necessary to use along side this one because this one does have a strong enough perfume smell and one that is just like wearing a perfume and could be used as an alternative. Some lotions do not often give such a long lasting fragrance but this one most definitely does in my opinion.

      I would most definitely buy this one with no hesitation. It is a beautiful lotion with the added bonus of the lasting smell on the skin. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a more expensive lotion because I just think you would not be at all disappointed with this lotion. It gives me all the results that I expect from a good brand of lotion.

      It would make a lovely gift for someone special and I am so grateful my mum bought me this beautiful body lotion.

      I give it 5 stars.

      Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        16.04.2011 14:26
        Very helpful



        A nice luxurious lotion, but one that it too expensive for me to buy.

        As many of you are probably aware, I have a huge collection of beauty products, including lotions, creams, shower gels, etc. I can't resist stocking up on bodycare products in particular, and always buy new ones before my current ones are finished. However, I received this product as a gift so I don't have to feel guilty about using it as I didn't have to buy it!

        I mentioned to a friend a couple of months ago that I really liked the Valentino Rock 'N Dreams fragrance and a few days later he presented to me a gift set containing the Valentino Rock 'N Rose perfume and body lotion. I hadn't expected him to do this, and really didn't have the heart to tell him that he had bought the wrong fragrance. Instead I thanked him and accepted my gift gratefully.

        The body lotion that I have comes in a pale pink tube with a black screw on lid, not a bottle like in the picture above (which seems to be more common). The name of the lotion is printed on the front of the tube in a pretty font and on the back is a list of ingredients. To use you just unscrew the lid and then squeeze the tube gently.

        The lotion
        The lotion is white in colour and of a thin, runny consistency. It is light, and thus, easily absorbed, and doesn't sit on my skin making it feel greasy. My skin does feel moisturised after using this, but I must stress that it is a light moisturiser and if you have dry skin then you should probably get a more moisturising product for regular use. I wouldn't use this regularly in winter as my skin tends to get quite dry and this isn't moisturising enough but I will probably use this more often now that the weather is changing. The scent is a lovely, sophisticated floral scent exactly like the fragrance of the perfume. The scent is quite strong, but not overpowering or sickly sweet, and tends to linger on my skin, which is what I expected. I like using the perfume and lotion together so as to layer the scent.

        Price and Availability
        As I have already mentioned, I received this body lotion as part of a gift set. The 200 ml bottle is currently selling on Amazon for £30 but if you look around online I'm sure you will be able to find it cheaper. You could check ebay too, but make sure you're buying from a reliable seller.

        Do I recommend this?
        If you can afford it, then yes. It is a brilliant body lotion and really is a pleasure to use. However, I cannot afford to buy it on a regular basis (unless I'm willing to starve myself, which I'm not) even though I really liked it. It's a good moisturiser for normal skin and smells lovely.

        This review may appear on other sites under the same username.


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          04.04.2008 21:04
          Very helpful



          A beautiful moisturiser that is so feminine and gives a grown up silky feel to the ole bod!

          Body lotions are something I own absolutely heaps of. Like most people I have the best of intentions when I buy it but me I use it once and chuck it in a drawer somewhere and forget all about it. It's not so bad in the summer when you can apply it on skin and leave it to dry lying naked on a bed but in this weather I get out of the bath or shower and all I want is my fleecy pingu pyjamas! Even my bathroom is too cold to stand in while I slap it all over myself. Nope I cant be bothered with that malarky!

          However I do try to use it occasionally and one I do use more often than the others is this Valentino Rock 'n' Rose body lotion. I originally had some bought for me last Christmas in a gift set by my Stepdad comprising of the perfume the shower gel and body lotion. Since then I have been repurchasing the shower gel (read review) and this on a regular basis as I like them so much!

          The Packaging....

          200ml recyclable pink opaque plastic bottle with black writing on the front telling me it is indeed Rock n' Rose Valentino Perfumed Body Lotion and on the back simply tells me the size and contact details for Valentino. On the top is a shiny black screw on/off cap shaped like a jewel. Upon screwing it on/off you can see the hole in which you dispense the lotion from and within there is small plastic safety kind of thing that stops lotion pouring out made of plastic.

          About The Fragrance....

          The fragrance is inspired by a new generation of young Valentino women. She is a modern woman, who combines a Rock 'n Roll attitude with elegance and style. She is a Rose on the outside and a Rocker on the inside.

          The fragrance....

          * Top notes of bergamot, black currant, and crunch green.
          * Middle notes of orange blossom, gardenia, muguet, and rose.
          * Base notes of sandalwood, orris, musky notes, vanilla, and heliotrope.

          The Lotion....

          Wow! Gorgeousness is a bottle! It's lovely! Now I mainly use this in conjunction with the perfume but in the summer I can't wait to wear this when I've used the shower gel for a fresh clean crisp girly smell without using the perfume! It's really very highly fragrant and has a very expensive smell to it. It's floral and feminine yet not at all old fashioned and definitely for the younger woman who has a bit of sophistication to her. Smell wise first sniff tells me its Gardenia then another time I can smell vanilla or musk. It's changeable as it's a layer of smells! It can't decide what it is and neither can I! Its just lovely!

          The lotion is a white colour and it's quite a thick consistency but it isn't a cream it really is a lotion. Not a lot is dispensed from the bottle and you have total control by gently squeezing the bottle.

          Now If I'm using it in conjunction with my other Rock 'n' Rose products I can of course apply it all over my body but I prefer to use it as and where needed and I like it across my collarbones and my arms to layer the scent. However I don't always use this with the perfume I don't have to! It's so highly fragranced and so long last lasting in it's fragrance (all day) that I can wear it alone and still get comments on how lovely I smell (which is why I say I can't wait to wear it in the summer lol) so it's actually economical to wear as a perfume!

          Now it is a body moisturiser so does it moisturise? Yes of course, still wonderful in this department! A little goes a long way and skin drinks it easily. No harsh rubbing required with this required just a gentle hand. As a little is all that is required again for me it works out economical which is always beneficial! Skin feels very hydrated but beyond that really really soft and smooth all day. As I use this often I have noticed my skin condition has improved over time.

          A really, really nice body moisturiser but must be used alone or with the other rock 'n' rose products. I wouldn't advise anyone to use this with other perfumes and would even advise caution when using deodorants. This is highly fragrant and would get so confused using it with other scents!

          I've only ever purchased mine in Boot's and I pay about £20.00 per bottle but can be found online in discount stores much cheaper! Worth every penny!

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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