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Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion

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4 Reviews
  • It feels soft and creamy to use
  • It rubs in fast for most of the time
  • It has got a greasy feeling sometimes
  • The smell is very sickly
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    4 Reviews
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      31.12.2014 17:07
      Very helpful



      Great brand not so great scent

      Being a fan of Vaseline's care range, I was keen to try this newish product at the time to see the difference.

      This is part of Vaseline's Intensive range, there are three in all in the range.

      Aloe fresh- Green bottle
      Essential moisture- Yellow moisture
      Cocoa radiant the brown bottle

      The Cocoa Radiant is a light lotion with a rich intense cocoa butter to lock in moisture.
      Vaseline, personally, has never let me down and this still is a great lotion for dry skin however I think this particular product out of the three is the worst in terms of scent. It's so strong I couldn't wear it again.
      The scent, for me, completely drowned out any other fragrance I wanted to wear. I believe in the properties of Cocoa only the scent has always been the negative for me, however this seemed more intense than most.
      I would definitely recommend this if you can overlook that aspect because the results within a week of using were really good as usual.


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      28.11.2014 22:51



      Great Moisturiser, Not So Great Fragrance

      I bought the Vaseline cocoa radiant moisturiser to take with me when I went on holiday to Egypt. I wanted a good moisturiser as I knew that being in the sun for two weeks would seriously dry out my skin.

      The moisturiser comes in a 200ml brown, plastic bottle, with a flip lid at the top which allows the moisturiser to be squirted out of the bottle. The label is simple in design, with the Vaseline logo at the top, a brief description of the product in the middle and a smallish image of three cocoa beans at the bottom. The text on the back of the bottle is too small in my opinion, I actually can’t read it. The bottle can be recycled after use. It’s reasonable priced, I think I paid £2 and is available in most supermarkets.

      The moisturiser is an off white colour and is quite runnier than other moisturisers, I like this as it’s much easier to rub into the skin. It did a fantastic job of keeping my skin moisturise, after spending two weeks in the sun and catching a tan I expected my skin to start peeling but it didn’t once do this. It does take a while to soak into the skin, but it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy.

      I love the smell of chocolate, in fact it’s one of my favourite things to eat, I’m just not sure it’s a smell I want for my skin. It is quite overpowering, almost sickly smelling.

      I’ve never been a big moisturiser using but I am now using it every day, I think I will switch to one of the other moisturisers in the essential moisture range as the only thing I dislike is the smell.


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      08.11.2014 15:28
      Very helpful


      • "It rubs in fast for most of the time"
      • "It feels soft and creamy to use"


      • "It has got a greasy feeling sometimes"
      • "The smell is very sickly"

      Vaseline Cocoa Radiant body lotion

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is body lotion that is made by Vaseline. It is made with cocoa butter for deep down moisturising and is designed to be used on the body only and not on the face.


      Alot of people will like this fragrance I think but I am not in love with it because I think it is very sickly and it is too strong on my skin also so that when I wear perfume it does not always smell correct if I have used this body lotion before.


      I liked to use this body lotion for the first few times I applied it but I think it was a novelty and that wore off very quick because I do not think this lotion is very effective and even though it moisturised my skin I did not like it enough to buy another bottle when this one ran out recently.

      The smell is the worst thing for me because I like cocoa butter but this has got a fragrance that is a little bit like chocolate also and I think it is very sickly, it is very sweet and goes up my nose for quite a long time after I have used the body lotion.

      The lotion is very soft and creamy so it feels very nice when I apply it to my skin, it rubs in very easy but sometimes my skin feels a little bit greasy after I have used it and that doesn't please me because I like to use body lotion in the morning and it was a long time before I could get dressed so I had to start using this at night when I would really like to use something that is more intensive for my skin.


      This costs £2.99 for a bottle that is 200ml and I think that is the right price because it is not very bad but I do not think it is effective enough for me to buy it again.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      02.07.2013 18:15
      Very helpful



      nice but not perfect

      ~Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Lotion~

      Vaseline offer a range of products enriched with cocoa butter. Today I will be discussing my experience of the 'Cocoa Butter Body Lotion' which is also known as 'Rich Feeling Lotion'.

      This body lotion contains pure cocoa butter extracts and has a special formula known as 'stratys 3' which offers 'multi-layer' moisture for your skin. Vaseline promise that your skin will be left glowing. Your skin should be left soft and smooth.


      The packaging for this body lotion isn't the most attractive but it is different to other lotions or the market. The body lotion is presented in a slim, brown coloured plastic bottle with a flip top lid. The essential product information is present. The bottle can be recycled and the lotion can be used for up to 12months from first opening.

      ~Where To Buy~

      At the moment, this body lotion can be bought in 200ml and 400ml sized bottles. Prices as follows :

      *Boots and www.boots.com - £1.49 (200ml normally £2.99) and £2.34 (400ml normally £4.69)
      *Tesco and www.tesco.com - £3.00 (200ml)
      *Asda and www.asda.com - £2.00 (200ml normally £3.00) and £3.00 (400ml)

      ~My Thoughts~

      I love to try products which contain either shea or cocoa butter. I had passed by this body lotion in my local Tesco store for a few weeks and finally decided to buy it when it was reduced to half price. It is a reasonably priced product even at full price but I love a bargain! I certainly wouldn't have bought based on the packaging as it looks quite dull in my opinion.

      I favour using this lotion in the evening for various reasons which I will discuss in my review. The lotion feels lightweight and has quite a runny consistency but it isn't too drippy or messy to apply. The white lotion spreads well across my skin at first and offers a cooling sensation as I apply it. It feels creamy and quite smooth but doesn't feel particularly rich to me. I wouldn't say that it is an indulgent product in terms of texture.

      I notice that this body lotion starts to absorb into my skin very quickly but not like any other lotion I have used before. Whilst massaging it across my skin, it transforms from a creamy lotion to a weird, greasy layer which is rather difficult to spread. I don't really like the way this feels on my skin at this stage as it feels slightly sticky for a good 20 minutes after applying. It won't massage into my skin any further which is rather annoying and this is the main reason I opt to use this in the evening as it simply isn't practical for me to sit about and wait for a lotion to absorb for this length of time in the morning.

      The smell of this body lotion is gorgeous but it is unlikely to appeal to all. Once on my skin, it is very sweet and quite rich smelling. I asked my fiance what he thought it smelled of and he said 'vanilla'. I would say that the scent is very authentic smelling - chocolate-y with a creamy, vanilla undertone. I really love the scent as it appeals to my sweet nature and don't find it sickly at all but you really need to like sweet aromas to appreciate it in my opinion. The scent is evident on my skin for several hours. Another benefit of using it in the evening is that I find the scent to be relaxing and comforting. I smell good enough to eat and go to bed happy as I smell so lovely!

      I would say that despite the issues with the absorbing times, this body lotion does leave my skin feeling lovely. I am happy to use this all over my body but find that it works best on my less dry areas of skin. It leaves these areas feeling soft and moisturised deep down. If applied in the evening, I wake up with smooth and comfortably moisturised skin. It does provide a good amount of hydration to my bumpy, dry skin on my arms but perhaps not as long lasting as a body butter would. I feel my skin would benefit from using this lotion in conjunction with the matching body butter for all-over, deep down hydration.


      This body lotion smells divine and this is the main appeal for me personally. I think I would like to try out the body butter as it may be less greasy during application. I am happy with the way most of my skin feels after slathering this on and the results do last. I would recommend it to those who have normal or slightly dry skin as it doesn't give quite enough hydration for extra dry skin. It does represent good value for money and is pleasant to use despite the greasy aspect. Recommended!

      Thanks for reading :)


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