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Yves Rocher Hamamelis Moisturising Body Lotion

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes, Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      18.04.2013 19:41
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      Not worth the money at all

      At one time I used to buy a lot of products from Yves Rocher - I never seemed to be able to resist their many special offers and often used to peruse my catalogue and order some goodies. For the most part they were good products and there are some that I have continued using ever since.

      One of the products I decided to try was the Hamamelis Body Lotion or Body Milk as they now call it.

      It currently costs £8 for 300ml at full price but is on offer at half price. If you do decide to try this I would suggest that, if the special offer has finished, you wait for another one to start. The special offers at Yves Rocher are more prevalent than full prices!

      The container has changed slightly from the one shown at the top of this review. It is still the same size and shape but now has a picture of a branch of Witch Hazel on the front as Hamamelis is the name for Witch Hazel.

      At the top of the white plastic bottle there is a bright orange flip top lid. To use the lotion you just have to flip open the lid, invert the bottle and squeeze it - obviously whilst holding your free hand underneath to catch the lotion!

      After I had opened the lid I was first impressed by the fragrance. It is a lovely light smell - not unsurprisingly of Witch Hazel.

      The next thing that I noticed was that this is a very runny product! If you are not careful as you dispense it - it ends up all over the place. I notice that it is now called body milk which would suggest a liquid as opposed to a cream. I do wonder if this is why the name was changed from moisturising lotion to body milk.

      The information on the web site offers 'soft, hydrated skin'. The secret of the body milk is allegedly 'Shea butter and copra oil to nourish the skin and strengthen its natural suppleness, biological witch hazel extract to soft the skin'.

      I found that this lotion is very difficult to use. If I didn't use enough the effect was almost nonexistent but if I used a decent amount it took me ages to massage it into my skin. It is so runny that it just isn't absorbed effectively at all. It also left my hands feeling sticky, especially if I got them in water anything up to an hour after using the lotion.

      On the positive side the lotion has been 'Tested under ophthalmological and dermatological supervision on sensitive skins, contains no allergens and has a physiological pH' whatever that is!

      The fragrance used in this lotion is allergen free which is good news for those with sensitive skins.

      I did use all my bottle of this body milk but I certainly won't be buying any more. It is far too thin and runny to be effective and just doesn't do the job it was purchased to do - it's as simple as that!

      At least, since the bottle is plastic, it could be recycled so that is something in its favour.

      All in all not recommended by me I'm afraid.


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        30.06.2007 02:09
        Very helpful



        There are plenty of good lotions out on the market, so why chose one that isn't good, like this one?

        Product: Hamamelis Moisturising Body Lotion from Yves Rocher
        Producer: Yves Rocher
        Price: Full price £ 5.20 for 300ml - note that Yves Rocher have innumerable campaigns and offers, so you are almost sure to be able to get 50% reduction or a 2-for-1-offer either on mail order on in the internet shop.

        I first bought this body lotion because I needed a good everyday mosturiser for my legs. I've used other Yves Rocher products before, and they have been satisfactory, so I gave this one a try. Unfortunatelly, it did not live up to any expectations, except for being cheap to buy. I only used this lotion a few times before I gave it away to my sister.

        The lotion is very thin and runny, and, contrary to the description ["Its fluid, non-greasy texture penetrates quickly"] it took ages to sink into my skin. Because of the watery consistence it was difficult to distribute evenly or in the right amount on the skin. If I went any where near water, like washing my hands, within half an hour of applying the lotion, my hands got sticky and slippery from the excess lotion on my hands.

        The product is according to the producers ment to penetrate quickly into the skin and nourish it. A neutral pH-balence is ment to make the product kind to sensitive skin, and it is recomended "for the little ones as well as the big ones in the family". But as far as I'm concerned, if the lotion never sinks into the skin all these promises come to nothing.

        The scent of the lotion, with citrus and jasmine tones, was soft and fresh, without being dominating, which I appreciated. But that was just about the only thing.

        I would not recomend that you buy this body lotion. There are other products by Yver Rocher that I think are great. Make sure you chose one of them instead of trying this one next time you shop at Yver Rocher.


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    • Product Details

      For the little ones as well as the big ones in the family, this fluid-textured body lotion nourishes and delicately scents the skin / A happy harmony of softness and freshness with inviting citrus fruit notes that will have everyone wanting to rush to the shower! Hypoallergenic / Formulated with a neutral pH, enriched in soothing Witch Hazel and nourishing Carthame Oil / Its fluid, non-greasy texture penetrates quickly / Delicious fragrance combines the freshness of citrus fruits, the gentle sweetness of jasmine and woody notes /

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