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Ablutions Lemon Tamarind Microdermabrasion Face Polish

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Brand: Ablutions / Type: Face Polish / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2009 15:59
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      Surprisingly brilliant, one to try if it sounds appealing!

      Ablutions Spa is an American range of organic skin care products, which can be seen and purchased at ablutions-spa.com. They are an independent company and I had never heard of them until a couple of years ago, when I ordered a Sampler, from homeofthesampler.com. The Sampler is a marketing tool for independent web-based businesses that has been around for several years now. Every month, they send samples of their products and promo materials in to The Sampler, who then divide them up and send them out in their boxes, all over the world, to other contributors, the media and subscribers. Receiving one of these boxes is great fun but it is expensive with UK shipping - unless you contribute samples, then you will get one for free - though you will receive some great products to try, unique jewellery, CDs by bands you have never heard of and cool magazines. The items that you don't like or don't fit your style make great gifts. It's also really inspiring if you are a creative person yourself, or are looking into starting your own business and want to see how other independent companies package their products.

      In one of the Samplers that I ordered, I received two samples from Ablutions Spa, one of which was a sachet of the Lemon Tamarind Microdermabrasion Face Polish. It is a very generous sachet and I expect that I will be able to get several uses out of this product before it runs out. The instructions on the sachet read: "Avoiding the eye area gently massage a dime-sized amount of cream into face and throat in a circular motion for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on sensitivity; rinse well." They do not mention whether this product should be used on wet skin, so annoyingly I had to check the website, where it says to apply the product to "damp face and throat".

      I use this product in the shower, squeezing a small amount from the sachet and rubbing it over my face, paying particular attention to around my nose where I have some build up of dry skin cells. The product itself is a white colour and smells citrusy, from the lemon and tamarind fruit used to make it, but not overwhelmingly so. It feels slightly grainy, so I can feel where I am scrubbing, but when I first tried it I was not convinced that it was exfoliating enough until I rinsed it off. One word: wow. My skin has never felt so soft and clean as it does after using this product.

      The website and label on the sachet says that this product "visibly improves the appearance and texture of the skin by smoothing fine lines, brightening skin tone and improving hydration". I am only 22 so I don't really have fine lines, but I did notice a definite improvement in the texture of my skin afterwards that lasted for some time. Ablutions recommend using this product 2-3 times per week but I don't think I need to use it that often as I have quite young skin and I use other products that are almost but not quite as good as this one. This product is a "fairly aggressive exfoliant" as Ablutions say so it is best to be cautious and use it sparingly, and if you are thinking of trying this product you should definitely read the page about it on the website because if you have certain skin conditions or are taking certain medications this product is not recommended, and you should not use it in conjunction with other exfoliants. I think they should have put a note to this effect in the packaging as well though they do mention on the sachet that this product should not be used before exposure to the sun (it makes the skin temporarily more sensitive).

      I have never tried any other microdermabrasion products - they're usually marketed as anti-aging and as I'm young and don't hate the thought of getting old I have never paid much attention to them. I only really tried this one because I had a sample and I thought it would be good to review for Dooyoo, but I am really impressed - it has helped with some tough bits of skin that I thought would never soften.

      I have quite a lot of this product left in the sachet so I will continue to use it once a month or so for the time being, or when my skin could especially benefit from it. An 81ml bottle costs $20 plus shipping - which they calculate by hand to make sure you get the cheapest and quickest deal - from the website, which I think is a really good price, so I when I have used up the sachet I will seriously consider buying a bottle if I have not found a similarly effective product that I can buy from within the UK. This product is completely vegan and has not been tested on animals, which is another point in its favour.

      I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good microdermabrasion product or exfoliator and wants to be adventurous and try a new brand of skincare, or who prefers to use vegan products/those not tested on animals. The Ablutions line includes cleansers, moisturisers and bath soaks, and you can buy a pack with samples of eight of their products - including the Lemon Tamarind Microdermabrasion Face Polish - and a full size lip butter for $40, which I am enormously tempted by now!


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    • Product Details

      Exfoliating helps improve the appearance and texture of the skin by smoothing fine lines, brightening skin tone and increasing hydration /

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