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Akamuti Organic Orange Blossom Facial Toner

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Brand: Akamuti / Type: Face Toner / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2010 04:26
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      Simply divine

      First of all I absolutely love Akamuti website, is one of those place where things truly are 100% natural and the most important ethical, I like to know that whoever produces my products is not being exploited to the max. Price wise only a few things are on the expensive side but they worth every penny as they are made of a superior quality. In general thing are very affordable and not to mention, most importantly good for you.

      As you know there is a lot of controversy nowadays with all this fake high street commercial brands putting natural on their products when is not so. Is a relief embracing a brand like Akamuti!

      One of my favourite toners from Akamuti is the Orange Blossom Floral Water for my face. I mainly use as a toner but on occasions I also use it as a mild cleanser for my face or as a refreshing floral mist in the summer.
      If I use it on my face I either wipe it off with a cotton towel, or a muslin cloths. When is really hot in the summer I take it with me in my purse and spray in onto my chest or legs to cool off and it smells absolutely divine and it perfumes the skin in a natural chemical free way.

      I used to decant the product into a glass spray bottle so I can spray it easily onto my face. Luckily you don't have to worry about that anymore as now Akamuti has just introduced a new packaging with a mist spray atomiser bottle.

      It costs £6.95 per 110ml, is definitely not the cheapest Orange Blossom Floral water but I find is slightly more fragrant then others.

      For those who do not know Pure Orange Blossom aka as Neroli perfume is a very expensive perfume to buy ( about £15 per 2ml), it's sweet citric smell has charmed many generations before us. The Floral Water is the by product of producing this heavenly scent which carries some of it's properties. I personably use it for it's anti-ageing properties and I sewer it works by making my skin smoother and better toned on the long run. The scent can not be compared to anything!


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        29.01.2009 15:23
        Very helpful



        A beautiful feminine toner which cleanses and smells gorgeous.

        One of the things which really concerns me today is the possible consequences to our health caused by chemicals. More especially, I am concerned by those we use in our skin care and body care regimes. Almost every week new evidence is emerging as to the possible harmful affects of things such as Parabens, which may be implicated in certain reproductive cancers, and these are used as preservatives in so many beauty care products. I try to take a calm approach to this, and if a product is washed off straight away, I tend not to worry as much as with shampoos, but for face creams, and for skincare products, which by their very nature have to be absorbed by the skin, I actually prefer to seek out those which are more natural.
        This feeling I have represents a growing trend, as only yesterday I noticed Marks and Spencer have launched a new range of chemical free creams, made in the heart of the Devon countryside.
        With this in mind I came across a company called Akamuti recently when I was placing an order with a company called Simply Fair. www.simplyfair.co.uk. I use this website a lot as it sells products which are fairly traded and is an excellent site. I have reviewed this before on Dooyoo. The company also has an excellent website which you can find at www.akamuti.co.uk

        History of Akamuti

        It all began in 2003 when the company was formed and started to make and sell just 6 products. A family business in the heart of Wales they have a passion for ethical business, fair- trade products, and the fact that they are devoted to a holistic way of life attracted me to them.
        The name of their company Akamuti is an African word which when translated means "a little tree" or "a little bit of medicine" reflecting the African belief that trees contain many ingredients which are involved in the healing process.

        What Do They Make And How?

        Every product they make is done by hand using all natural ingredients. There are no nasty chemicals involved at all. The ingredients they use are things like beeswax, slabs of tree butters, herbs, barks resins and flowers and together with essential oils these create the products. As a result of everything being made especially in small batches without preservatives most things have a shelf life of 18 months, so if you order from them directly you will be given a freshly made item with the maximum shelf life it can have.
        From skin creams to cleansers from foot care to lip balm it is all on the website.

        Orange Blossom Toner

        I purchased a jar of Orange Blossom Toner which is pure flower water. The website claims that it has been a beauty treatment since antiquity, that it is a skin tonic, and that it nourishes and cleanses the skin working on the micro circulation thus improving the complexion.
        It says you can use it after or instead of cleansing and before moisturising, and that if you plan to use moisturiser afterwards it is best to put it on whilst the orange blossom toner is still damp. It also says it is suitable for all skin types but more especially for mature and or sensitive skin types.

        I already have some Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser which I always use but am considering buying some of their Sweet Orange Cleanser as I think that would be a perfect compliment to this product.

        How did it feel-my opinion?

        Just seeing this lovely bottle on my dressing table put me in a good mood. A simple glass bottle with a pretty picture of orange tulips in full bloom looks lovely. I opened the bottle and the smell was delightful-a gorgeous fresh orange fragrance which I used to soak a fair- trade cotton pad. My face was tingling with the astringent lotion and it felt cleaner than with any other product I have tried in recent years. It was so fresh and summery you could almost see a wildflower meadow. It has innocence to it being just pure with nothing but the flower water, and when I applied my normal rose moisturiser it was the perfect ending to a cleansing routine which for me had just taken a turn for the better.

        The Price

        It is £5.50 for110mls and the bottle being glass is fully recyclable. Delivery charges are so reasonable at £2.50 for whatever size order you place with the company

        No animal testing either.

        Available from themselves or from many outlets in Wales or from the following mail order internet sites.
        Simply Fair, Blaydon on Tyne, Tyne & Wear www.simplyfair.co.uk
        Ethical Superstore www.ethicalsuperstore.com
        Pure Skincare www.pureskincare.com
        Absolutely Pure www.absolutelypure.com

        The website has many testimonials regarding the products and all are complimentary.

        So for me once again it has proved that getting back to nature is the most enjoyable skincare experience, and I think it is time to question the chemical onslaught we are all subjecting ourselves to. I have for years used conventional products, but now feel it is time to look again to plants and give them a chance.


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