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Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask

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Brand: Alpha-H / Type: Face Mask / Contents: 100ml / What it does: Smoothes / Product line: Alpha H Liquid Gold

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2010 11:35
      Very helpful



      A great mask I could give more than five stars for

      Everyone likes a facial mask; after all it is a very popular skin care product. Whether you're experiencing problems with your skin, want to pamper your skin or have a girly night in. Every facial mask I have used in the past has been for my problem skin to draw out impurities, make my skin less oily and banish blemishes, for a while anyway. Unfortunately for me nothing has worked, and I am still left with my problem skin and I feel like I have wasted 10 minutes of my time applying it and of course money.
      With my other good buys from Alpha H, which is helping to control my problem skin I thought with this mask I was in for a treat.

      Alpha H Liquid Gold Soothing and Perfecting Mask is different from other masks I have tried, especially as one of the active ingredients is lavender, this is something I haven't seen in a facial mask before for problem skin as I have gone for masks with ingredients such as tea tree, clay etc, so trying something new is welcoming. Lavender is a great ingredient that helps to heal soothe and assist in healing acne scaring by renewing cells, and you thought this ingredient just relaxed you?
      As the mask is fast acting by working on the deeper layers of your skin straight away it also exfoliates your skin deep down and not just the surface layer clarifies and brightens your skin, while making your face look youthful, firm, plump and smooth.
      This mask is brilliant for all skin types except for very sensitive skins and with skins with rosacea.

      As well as exfoliating facial masks are a good way to remove and draw out your dead skin cells and impurities that makes up of your outer layer of skin that is actually dead. Not only this, but a good facial mask will also improve the health of your skin long term by making it brighter, clear out pores by removing toxins, dirt and daily grime. Makes your skin smoother and assists in other products being applied on top to absorb better, thus getting your moneys worth out of your skin care products.
      Facial masks are also are great way to boost facial blood circulation, which gives you a lovely skin tone, glowing and feeling refreshed.
      Masks are also designed to help blackheads from reforming, draws pollutants from the air that has been lodged in your pores, remove excess oil and help in closing pores. All this is good from just one product but please be aware if you have problematic skin, your skin will get worse before it gets better as it is drawing out all the impurities to the surface before it can clear.

      I received 50ml of product from my Clear Skin Kit; this full size product at 100ml costs £43.95 from beautyexpert.co.uk. Of course this mask is a lot more expensive than your usual masks on the market but it is packed with ingredients such as 15% Glycolic Acid Extract, Alpha H's Micro Cleanse has 12% Glycolic Acid Extract so you're getting an extra 3% for your money. Wheatgerm Oil, which is high in vitamin E that helps, too strengthens skin tissue. Improves blood circulation and help maintain skin elasticity. It is also know as a strong anti-oxidant. Rose Oil is very moisturising and firming on the skin, which works on broken capillaries and wrinkles and last but not least Honey. Honey is simply an anti- inflammatory and works by healing the skin.

      Alpha H Liquid Gold Soothing and Perfecting Mask is cream in colour with a very light scent, although you can smell lavender, which makes it much more of a joy to use. Squeezing a blob to the back of my hand, the product looks very creamy and this is more so when I apply it to my cleansed, dry face. Applying this mask once a week, it feels like no other mask I have tried, it feels very creamy, very soft, cool to the touch, soothing and glides on with ease. You only need a thin layer so 100ml tube will last a long time, you can apply this mask with your fingers or with a mask brush.
      When I applied it all over my face making sure I avoided my eye contour and mouth area I left it to work for 10 minutes before wiping away. With Glycolic Extract you can feel it slightly tingling your skin as the product gets to work but this no way uncomfortable. As it is a mask straight away I thought its going to dry hard and I am going to be unable to move my face. This is not the case at all, yes it does dry hard but only very slightly but not like other masks, your face still feels comfortable and able to express.
      When it comes to the 10 minutes applying time the cream mask dries slightly clear on the skin. Wiping the mask away is very easy, simply damp a facial sponge in warm water and gently wipe away, it really is that easy, no more pulling and tugging to get masks off, which in turn can make skin red and sore.

      With my skin being generally sensitive I was worried at how red my face may look afterwards and what effect the product would have on my skin, looking into the mirror I can see nice results all ready with no bad reaction, my skin is a little red but this is because of Glycolic Acid sinking deeper into my skin layers and this soothes within five minutes or so.
      My skin looks brighter than before and feels very soft to the touch while looking and feels very clean.
      Using this product for over a month with my 50ml of product I still have loads left so you can see a little goes a long way while delivering the results it is meant to. My skin looks clearer, brighter; my pores are less open and more refined and blackheads are well, less black. This product is said to help heal scar tissue from acne, and I have to say it is working. Scar tissue before we're like a red circle, the size of the scar has reduced and is less red; I think long term use of the product will heal my scar tissue completely.
      Oil production has reduced, my skin looks healthier, blemishes that I have had previously I feel this mask has helped to heal them and I feel more at ease with the skin I am in, which is something I couldn't say before.
      Because it is a mask my skin got worse before it got better but this is due to the mask drawing out impurities quicker than it would on its own, but because of this my skin also healed quicker.

      It really is a great mask that I will be repurchasing.


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      A powerful salon resurfacing mask which exfoliates dead skin cells whilst simultaneously hydrating and plumping the fresh new cells underneath, leaving the complexion visibly more supple, dewy and radiant / 15% Glycolic Acid: Smoothes, plumps and brightens / Rose Oil: Moisturises and firms / Manuka Honey: Improves moisture retention and reduces redness / á