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Alpha H Purifying Clay Mask

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Brand: Alpha-H / Type: Face Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Purifies,

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2010 09:58
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product with great ingredients that does what it says

      The last product in my Clear Skin Kit is Alpha H Purifying Clay Mask with Vitamin A.
      This mask is designed to draw out embedded toxins, pollutants and impurities on your face as well as unblocking pores from daily dirt and grime without stripping or leaving the skin dehydrated. Working deep down in the deeper layers of your skin straight away tackling problems beneath instead of on the surface where this is only a part of the problem.
      Masks are designed to help minimising and combat blackheads and breakouts all while deep cleansing.
      A facial mask is a benefit facial product and something everyone should purchase, it is good for a few reasons; it helps to draw out impurities and dead skin cells. A good facial mask used over time also improves the health of your skin long term by making it brighter, clearers out pores by removing toxins, dirt and daily grime that has built up on your face over time. A mask will make your skin smoother and to assist other facial products being applied to absorb better, which in turn means you're getting money and ingredients worth out of your products as there is no barrier your products have to get through to work.
      Facial masks are also a great way to boost facial blood circulation, which gives your skin a lovely healthy rosy glow.

      If you have problematic skin like I have please be aware you skin may get worse before it gets better as masks draws congestion to the surface of your skin quicker than it would if you didn't use a mask so don't use a mask the day after an important event.

      Alpha H doesn't have the best, eye catching packaging, this is due to the fact it is a salon based professional brand, who believe in their product first and the packaging last. A beautician wants to pay for her product that delivers results, not what is on the outside.
      I received this product in a 50ml white tube with a flip top lid that the product stands on. The full size of 100ml costs £24.00 from hqhair.com and is for all skin types.

      This product has not been tested on animals like all of Alpha H's products.
      This product comes with fantastic packed ingredients such as vitamin A, which heals and rejuvenating the skin, Jojoba, which is brilliant for balancing problematic skins and helping the skin stay clear and smooth, White Lavender promotes rapid skin healing that has been caused by acne scaring and acne itself. Purifying Clay Mask with Vitamin A also incorporate Green Clay, which is traditionally facial clay that is exceptionally good for oily, problem skin. Green Clay is also detoxifying and Aloe Vera that is a natural moisturiser, skin healer and purifier. Promotes and provides vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate the skin. As well as all this there is also Seaweed Extract is used in products to highly nourish for dehydrated skins, Macadamia Nut Oil that helps to prevent skin from dehydration, very rich in vitamins and helps fight the free radicals, which cause premature aging, Contains Phyto Sterol, helps to repair damaged skin cells. Triclosan; a scientifically proven anti-bacterial which helps to minimise acne breakouts, rare earth extracts Kaolin and Bentonite to clear congestion, Vitamin A to exfoliate and brighten and last but not least Zinc Oxide to soothe and accelerate post-acne healing, and Lavender Oil to calm and purify, wow that is a lot of brilliant ingredients that you don't always see in beauty products never mind a facial mask.

      In addition to being used once a week over the whole face as a facial mask, this herbal mask can also be used as a spot treatment to clear individual blemishes overnight.

      Opening the flip top lid and squeezing some product out, Purifying Clay Mask with Vitamin A is light green in colour with no distinctive smell, but it does have a slight mask like smell and lavender is also distinctive. This product contains no parfurm.
      You only need to apply this mask once a week, after cleansing my face I applied a light thin layer all over my face with my finer tips although you can use a mask brush if you prefer. Making sure I avoid my eye contour area and mouth. As soon as you touch this product you can tell how soft and creamy it is and this is more so when you apply to your face. This product glides on your face so smoothly and with ease that feels cool to the touch.

      As every other mask you leave on for 10 minutes before removing. Once you've applied it to your face the mask get's to work immediately. When you get near to the 10 minutes removal time you will notice the mask doesn't stay green on your face but disappears into a clear mask, if it doesn't do this then you have applied too much. Unlike Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask that doesn't dry hard on your face, this one does and feels like other facial masks I have used in the past.
      Removing the mask is easy; simply invest in a facial mask sponge, which you can get from any beauty shop for a £1 or so. Run the mask under warm water and hold it on your face for a few seconds so you can see the green on the mask coming through and gently wipe away, the warmth of the mask helps to dissolve the mask from your face a lot easier.
      Once all the mask is off you're left with very soft and clean skin. Over time my skin looked healthier and a lot brighter, so much so when I apply my foundation my skin almost looks flawless. My pores seem less open and more refined.
      My oil production has reduced and I now need to apply less oil absorbing power throughout the day.
      My blemishes are reducing and the ones I do have I do use this product every now and then as a spot treatment, but I don't do this all the time as you're left with a green mark that dried hard on your face but for an emergency it works wonders.

      My 50ml tube has lasted me over a month so a 100ml tube will last you 6 months plus, not only making this product a great mask but also very economical money wise and once opened you are looking at a shelf like of 24 months which is fantastic.
      I would recommened this product to everyone and everyone and something I will be repurchasing.


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