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Anatomicals Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell Face Mud Mask

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2010 21:04
      Very helpful



      Great product, does what it says it will, really reasonably priced.

      Well firstly I have been living in scarlet pimplehell for nearly two years now, so when this arrived in the post I was very excited to try it. "Farewell to the scarlet pimplehell" is a deep cleansing mud mask. The mask comes in single sachets priced at 99p each, pretty standard price for single sachet face masks. The sachets are pink, with bold white and black writing....simple yet quirky.
      So when the evening arrived, off I went for a hot bath with my mud mask. Excitedly (lol) following the instructions carefully "Soak face with a warm, moist cloth, blot dry. Apply the contents of the sachet over the entire face avoiding eyes. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry, soften with a wet cloth and gently wipe off". So off I went!! The mud mask is a sort of army green colour, with quite a pleasant smell, quite a strong smell, yet not overpowering. I left the mask on for 15 minutes whilst examining the package (lol) "100% pure clays containing special minerals to absorb excess oils, deeply embedded dirt and make up. Helps control blackheads as it tones and tightens the skin." Whilst the mask worked its magic it did feel quite tingly on my skin, especially around my nose, which was great as it was a sure sign it was doing something.... Did it work????
      The mask was easy to remove, it does say soften with the cloth first, the mask doesn't completely set on your face so I didn't really need to do much of this.
      So immediately afterwards needless to say I was inspecting my skin. My face was quite red so I was pleased about that....not because I want a red face but that is a sign that your circulation has been stimulated. The redness went away don't worry ha ha! Normally when applying my toner and moisturiser I find myself frowning, even having cleansed my face and exfoliated every other day my skin still seems to look dull.... and doesn't necessarily feel refreshed.... however I must say after using the mask, my skin felt so refreshed, and looked a lot less dull....a lot less. Once the redness had gone away I was still pleased with the way my face looked and felt. I also suffer with quite dry skin in areas and wondered if this would be aggravated, it wasn't, in fact I can also see an improvement there, whether that is a coincidence or not I don't know. There was no immediate improvement of my "pimplehell" however I am realistic and having studied the skin and face at college I knew not to expect overnight miracles. After a couple of days I have noticed a HUGE improvement. My main areas of concern tend to be my nose and inner cheeks, well 'wow', although not completely clear I have noticed such a change, such an improvement. "Farewell to the scarlet pimplehell" will be added to my shopping list, my foods shopping list...yes this stuff is available in supermarkets...Morrison's, I believe it is coming to Sainsbury's and I have seen it in the larger Asda stores! With regular usage I believe this product could actually keep even the most acne prone skin clear.
      I recommend this product to all!


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