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Anatomicals Hungover? Rub It In Why Don't You

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Salve / Body rub / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2011 17:33
      Very helpful



      Im Destined To Feel Like Cr*p The Morning After!!

      When I was younger Id never suffer with hangovers. I could go out 2 or 3 nights in a row without feeling the effects at all but sadly it seems the older I get the worse my hangovers get. These days when I go on a night out regardless of how much I drink the next day I feel like Im dying and I have to spend the next few days in bed getting over it. My mom knowing this bought me a hangover gift set as a joke for my birthday and lately Ive been putting the products to use to see if any of them actually work. So a few weeks back after a night out of drunken antics I thought the morning after, rather than dosing myself on paracetamol Id try this 'Anatomicals Hungover? Rub It In Why Dont You!' which is supposed to be a headache relief balm. I was very interested to see if it would work - and my results have been a little bit mixed!

      Useful Information:
      Price - I cant find this balm sold singularly - however this comes in a set (Oh Brother! OR I Will Survive) along with other similar products for around £10.
      Stockists: The set is sold on ASOS & Amazon.
      Other Info: This product is said to relieve that banging headache feeling the morning after a night of heavy drinking - recommended for part animals everywhere. Although it actually can be used for ANY type of headache not just one caused by drinking too much!

      This balm comes in a 15g tub that reminds of a Vaseline tub except this one is made from plastic with a screw off lid rather than a pull off one - much better in my opinion as it makes it easier to open when your feeling a bit fragile after a night out LOL. The packaging is always something that attracts me to the Anatomicals range as it reminds me of Soap & Glory with its colourful tubes and bottles and the funny names they have for their products. The packaging for this is purple in colour - instantly attractive and it has the brand name and the point of the product written on the top. The bottom of the tub is covered with all the necessary information - directions for use, a short ingredient list shelf life (12 months) along with a website address you can write to with additional questions or queries on the product. The lid is easy to remove and put back on after use and it seems secure enough to me - although Ive never actually taken my tub out of the house so I guess I cant comment on its security too much. Its attractive and effective in my opinion.

      The product inside looks like beeswax to me. By that I mean the balm is a very thick yellow substance that just looks like very hard wax to me. Using it is actually pretty simple - you apply a VERY small amount to your temples OR if your not planning on leaving the house you can apply a line of this on your forehead - like you would with a normal headache balm. Now when you first open this the balm is extremely thick so its better to open it and then leave it at room temp for a few seconds to ensure you can get a decent amount out of the tub but the more you use this the softer it starts to get. Only a very small amount of this is needed whenever you apply it - no matter how bad your headache is - because this is very thick and waxy if you apply too much it will leave a greasy mark on your skin and your skin will feel very clogged, not a good look if you need to leave the house. So less is more, use a small amount and the tub will last a very long time and [sometimes] you get better results.

      Now when it comes to the scent of this I think I had the wrong idea. I assumed this would be like Lush's Temple Balm with quite a strong scent and although this does smell faintly of tea tree and lavender the scent isnt as strong as I assumed it would be. Thats probably a good thing though because that way the scent doesnt irritate my skin and it isnt so overpowering that it would offend my nose or keep me awake - so I guess a less noticable smell in this case is a good thing. It just wasnt what I expected. Now results - as I said Ive found them to be quite mixed. When Im hungover this does absolutely nothing for my poor head - a lot of paracetamol and coffee is the only thing that will cure a headache of that kind for me personally, but maybe its because I do get VERY bad headaches after a night out. However for normal, everyday headaches this definitely works. When Ive had a stressful day and my heads pounding instead of reaching for the tablets I now go straight for this - its better than taking pills and it actually gets rid of the pain quicker Ive found. I apply this and in about an hour Im good to again - but Im knocking a star off because it is made for a hangover and it doesnt work for me in that instance. Apart from that though it DOES cure minor headaches - the morning after drinking I think Im just destined to lie with my head down the loo for the day! I do recommend but for everyday headaches - not hangovers, unless you only have minor ones!!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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