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Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Eye Care

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    3 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 23:35
      Very helpful



      Nice pocket sized tube to help freshen up the tired skin under your eyes

      For the first 2 years of my daughters life, she was a bit of an erratic sleeper, add me going to university full time into the mix and living in a household of three other children, trying to run a full house, study and look at least normal during the daytime was quite a task. I found getting photographed became difficult, as I didn't like the way the photos highlighted the huge bags under my eyes. I am always on the look out for beauty products, as being in my late thirties I have to pay to look decent. I am always pretty conscious about the bags under my eyes (yes I still have them, my daughters sleeping pattern is great now and my home life and university life has changed, but my body is so used to getting minimal sleep) and I decided to have a look for something to help cover up the bags when I came across "No Old Bags Allowed".

      ==What is it?==

      No Old Bags Allowed is an eye gel, which helps tighten the skin under your eyes to make your eyes feel and look a lot fresher. You only need a little tiny drop on your finger and you work it into the skin under your eye(be careful not to use too much as it will leave a visible white residue behind, even though the gel its self is transparent). After you have worked it in, the skin under your eye will feel slightly tight (not uncomfortably), results are not instant, it does sometimes take a few applications depending on how bad your eye bags actually are.


      The gel comes in a small blue tube and the name is displayed on the front in white writing, followed by some stuff about looking in the mirror and screaming until you apply this gel and realize that your looks were hiding all along.

      This is the part where you think "Sounds too good to be true"

      For a 15ml tube it will cost you the magical sum of £2.99 plus £1.99 postage and packaging from fragrancedirectco.uk


      When I first purchased this I thought it was going to be too good to be true (Especially for the price of it). I had seen a review where someone had heard that Fearne Cotton uses this and I thought "She's quite pretty, if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for me", I have since found nothing to substantiate this though. This stuff does actually work though, after applying it in the morning my eyes do feel and look a little fresher. It is not something I use every day, I use it about once or twice a week, on the days that my eyes are at their worst. This stuff is something I take everywhere with me, for those just in case moments, and because the tube is so small it will fit in a pocket without taking up too much room. Now I don't feel so self conscious about having my photo taken.


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        27.05.2009 20:36
        Very helpful
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        good low budget eye gel which soothes and freshens the eye area

        wake up late, scream, look in the mirror. Scream look again, scream. Wonder where your youthful looks went. Apply this soothing gel under the eye area. Realise those looks were just hiding all along"

        This eye gel from anatomicals comes in a very young and trendy packaging. It is very bright , fun and unique in its own design, definitely aimed at the younger market.

        What does the product aim to do?

        On its own packaging the claims are that the eye gel tightens the skin around the eyes reducing puffiness and eliminating signs of eye bags, or suitcases whichever you may have!


        I have tried this product over the last couple of days, used first in the morning after cleansing. I was pleased to say that this was not a greasy product so it didn't interfere with my makeup routine and sat under my foundation nicely. It was slightly tingly when applying but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable. My eyes felt much fresher after applying and seemed to look less baggy.
        After applying at night time I didn't see much improvement at morning time but then im allays a bit puffy in the morning.

        Definitely worth a go though to use in the morning as it did make me feel as it had given me a bit of a perk up!

        The whole anatomicals range can be found on their wacky website, its whole new young fresh range with no fancy jargon or writing, just straight to the point fun packaging.

        Retails at : 15ml £3
        Stockists: Boots, small chemists and online


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          29.02.2008 17:27
          Very helpful



          "There's only one place for bags in this world. Under the arms of a yummy Beverly Hills porter"

          As some of you may well be aware I am quite a big fan of Benefit products. I love their quirky packaging and names and mostly I love that they (mostly) work. A particular favourite of mine is Ooh La Lift. Given that my biggest flaw, in my humble opinion, is having quite possibly the largest eye bags in the world. If I had a spare £4k then I would trundle off down to the nearest cosmetic surgeon but until that day the best I can do is find products to reduce them and make me look half normal again.

          Ooh La Lift is fantastic for this but comes at price. I was looking around on the asos.com site a while back and noticed this particular product; "No Old Bags Allowed". I was instantly drawn to it by the funny name and the fact that it was a bargain £3! You could get 5 tubes of this for the price of one Ooh La Lift and although the Ooh La Lift sizes are in grams, so I can't really compare, the 15ml you get in the No Old Bags Allowed appears to be a lot more! With this in mind and the fact that it was funky, modern and I loved the packaging, I had to give this a go.

          It comes in a squeezy plastic tube. The tube is blue with text written on the front. It's simple but modern and fit's in well with the rest of the range. The text on the front states; "wake up late. Scream. Look in the mirror. Scream. Look again. Scream. Wonder where your youthful good looks went. Apply this soothing gel under the eye area. Realise those looks were just hiding all along".

          Squeezing the product out it comes out looking like a clear gel, which is reassuring since that's what it is! There are no instructions as such, so I applied it how I applied other eye gels I've tried in the past, patting a dot on the outside of each eye, and then lightly and very gently, massaging it in towards the nose. Speaking of other gels I have tried a Boots one, a Tesco Skin Wisdom one, and Virgin Vie one, all of which haven't produced satisfactory enough visual results.

          Upon applying the gel you can feel it working as it cools and tightens the skin around the eye area. The real test though comes when looking in the mirror. This is the part where you may find hard to believe. It works! Okay, there was still SOME bags there but they had been greatly reduced. I really think this is almost as good as Ooh La Lift. It maybe even IS as good, although there's that little bit of me that has been so in love with Ooh La Lift I really can't decide. However, it is definitely right up there with it. Bags are reduced to a really very acceptable level. If your eye bags aren't as big as mine, heck, it could even get rid of them all together.

          I really do love this product in every way. It comes in quirky packaging, it is cheap as chips, and most of all it works! I also love the brand Anatomical's with its fun sense of humour and catchphrases such as "we only want you for your body". About this product they say; "Eyes are the Windows to the Soul so don't allow yours to look like they belong in a derelict building that's just been vandalised again!" and they claim that this product will leave your under eyes "tighter than your boss come raise time".

          It contains arnica which reduces inflammation and disperses trapped fluids and congested blood cells which is obviously great news for the eye bags. The orange flower is soothing and can apparently help reduce dark circles, although I'm not a big believer in anything reducing dark circles. Orange Flower also has draining properties, boosts microcirculation and helps flush out toxins. The combination of these ingredients help to leave you "with an appearance that belies the date on your birth certificate".

          This product really is great, it's so cheap and works nearly if not AS effectively as Benefit's Ooh La Lift. It makes my eyes look normal so I'm more than happy. For the amount I'd have to spend on eyebag surgery I can buy a whole load of No Old Bags Allowed!!

          If you want to leave your bags behind then you can purchase this little bottle of wonder on asos.com or from the Anatomicals website although both charge around £3-£4 postage. I do believe it can be purchased from Superdrug and House Of Fraiser also, so keep an eye out for it (no pun intended!).

          I doubt I will even buy Benefit's Ooh La Lift again, because I'm so happy with the results from this much cheaper product. This however will be one of my must have items at all times, because like Anatomical's say "After all, there's only one place for bags in this word. Under the arms of a yummy Beverly Hills porter".


          If you are interested in seeing before/after photos when using this product then check out the anatomicals facebook fan page at:



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        • Product Details

          Key ingredients arnica and orange flower water, that will help diminish the puffy-eye look /