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Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz

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2 Reviews

Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Facial Spray

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    2 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 18:22
      Very helpful



      An effective product for cooling the face during the hot weather

      As a regular subscriber to Glossy Box I was delighted to receive my selection of July goodies; a number of which were ideal for using during the hot summer months. One of the items was a full sized 100 ml bottle of Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me, which is a facial spritz that it suitable for all skin types. It couldn't have arrived at a better time especially as when the courier knocked my door I was rather hot and bothered as I was attempting the task of housework in the extreme temperatures that we experienced during July.

      The sturdy plastic bottle is very appealing to the eye due to its lilac packaging adorned with a bright yellow upper section and lid. As someone who adores the aroma of lavender I was delighted to discover its inclusion in the spray together with refreshing peppermint extracts, which gave me the distinct impression that the spritz would be both wonderfully cooling and refreshing for my hot skin.

      The dispensing unit is protected with a firmly attached clip on lid, which is easily removed and replaced, but it does not loosen whilst the bottle is stored in my handbag. As I was feeling considerably agitated due to the extreme temperatures in addition to the fact that I was getting hotter in my attempt to clean the house, I decided to use the product straight away. As directed, I closed my eyes and pressed on the pump dispenser to release the spritz, which is released in a fine mist. I found that two sprays were sufficient to coat my face with the liquid offering the most wonderful cooling sensation as soon as it made contact with my hot skin.

      Whilst the delicate aroma was favourable, I was bitterly disappointed that I was unable to detect lavender despite the inclusion of lavender extract, which clearly is of a very low proportion. However, I find that very few brands manage to capture the true scent of the gorgeous flower. There was a slight peppermint scent although I wouldn't describe it as being particularly refreshing although I cannot admit to this being an issue for me, as my main interest was the spritz delivering the much needed cooling and calming sensation to my hot skin.

      When the spritz is initially dispensed onto the skin it feels as if it will begin dripping especially as my skin is so wet. However, it dries within less than a minute although it causes a slight tightening sensation on my cheeks and chin, but this disperses after a few minutes. The aroma is extremely short-lived with me being unable to detect any scent within seconds of application, but as previously stated, this is not an issue for me. Whilst I suffer with T-zone skin where I suffer with oily patches on my forehead and nose and dry patches on my cheeks, I experienced no adverse effects other than the initial slight tightening sensation.

      The bottle ended up living on my desk at work for the following three weeks where I applied the spritz over my make up although I was a little apprehensive on the first occasion especially as I do not wear waterproof mascara. I cannot agree with Anatomicals' claim that the spritz will set make-up although it did not cause my make up to run despite the fact that I regularly applied it during the day. The only negative point when using the spray is that the skin initially appears shiny although this disappears as soon as the liquid is dry.

      Whilst I do not believe in copying lengthy lists of ingredients into my reviews, I feel it appropriate to mention that the spritz contains a number of moisturising and calming ingredients, such as glycerine, castor oil, aloe and witch hazel; all of which are gentle and kind to the skin.

      I must admit to not having previously heard of the Anatomicals brand despite my love of beauty products and an online search informed me that Amazon sell a huge range of their products. I love the quirky names they have given to their products, such as No Bags Allowed for their eye gel, Silly Twits Ignore their Mitts for their liquid hand soap and What a Complete and Utter Glosser for a lip product. You can make a purchase of Spray Misty for Me for £6, which I feel represents excellent value for money especially when making a comparison with some of the leading brands.

      Unfortunately, the spritz lost a star due to the lack of lavender aroma, but I am still able to make a recommendation and will definitely purchase again once my bottle is nearing empty.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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        12.08.2013 15:06
        Very helpful



        A must have product for hot, muggy weather.

        As a Glossybox subscriber I receive samples of beauty products every month with this Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz by Anatomicals being one of those samples. I received this in my July Glossybox, smack bang in the middle of all that glorious weather we were having so this got lots of use straight away!

        ----- Anatomicals -----
        Anatomicals are a brand I had heard of but had no experience with prior to receiving this spritz. I'd often giggled quietly to their witty, usually humorous product names (I admit this one isn't the best example of that) but never actually tried any of the products leaving me quite excited to give this a go.

        Anatomicals sell a variety of bathing and beauty products. They produce shower gels in many different scents from fresh and floral, rich and creamy to light and fruity. Body scrubs and lotions, shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, hand wash and creams, foot creams, face masks, washes and scrubs, moisturisers, spot sticks, lip balms, eye gels and creams, breath spray even nail fails, eye masks and tote bags, this brand seem to do it all! They're an affordable brand, in my opinion, with most products costing a couple of quid, this particular product is one of very few costing more than £5.

        ----- Price & Availability -----
        The facial spritz, along with many other products from this brand, can be purchased from Asda, Tesco and Morrisons as well as Selfridges and Superdrug. Countless amounts of websites sell this brand too, asos.com being the main one. A 100ml bottle of this sprtiz costs £6. For me, a little pricey considering how much I used and how quickly I got through the bottle in the stuffy heat of July.

        ----- The Bottle -----
        The appearance of the bottle sticks closely with the rest of the Anatomicals range. A clear background, in this case lilac, with the Anatomicals logo and product name written in clear, large font of the front. There's product information on the back too. At the top of the soft plastic, long cylinder shaped bottle is a yellow plastic spray dispenser along with matching cap. The lid stays on the bottle well, I carried this around everywhere with me when I first got it so there was plenty of opportunity for the lid to come off in my bag but never did.

        Overall I find this bottle, along with the rest of the Anatomicals packaging, to be a little cheap looking. I'm not a great fan of its appearance but it is practical and what is inside counts much more in my opinion.

        ----- The Spritz -----
        The product contains peppermint, rose, lavender, aloe and witch hazel which aims to 'leave your skin refreshed and radiant.'

        For me the product's main use is cooling you down on a hot day. When it all gets a little too muggy for me, be it outside, at work or at home. You can feel the sweat dripping off of your forehead and you just feel uncomfortably hot. Ever feel like you just want to stick your head in a bucket of cold water? Well this is the more socially acceptable (and practical) way of doing just that.

        Close your eyes, give your face a couple of sprays and bob's your uncle, cool face! You can either let this sink into the skin on its own or dab off with cotton wool. Personally I'd never dream of removing this from my face!

        A couple of sprays instantly cools you down. It's like finding a spot in your desperately overheated, overcrowded, stuffy work place where you're forced to spend all day in trousers that cling to your thighs and shirts with collars that leave heat rashes on your neck where the air conditioning actually works!
        (Not that I know much about that feeling...)

        That sigh of relief, that breath of fresh air, that 'I finally feel comfortable again' feeling. (The heat is my worst enemy at work). Basically, this stuff is a grumpy, hot and bothered, stressed related tantrum preventer in a bottle.

        Not only does it cool the skin and instantly refresh you but it smells beautiful too. The calming rose and lavender scents with that slight minty fresh hint really relaxes the mind as well as the skin.

        The spray comes out in a really fine mist which means even with five or six squirts it doesn't leave my face looking wet. It just reduces the hot, redness of my cheeks. It doesn't make any make-up run (not that I could stop it sweating off in 0.5 seconds in THAT heat anyway) and is just perfect, absolute bliss when you're hot and stuffy.

        It doesn't really feel like it 'dries' as such. More that it just sinks into the skin. I'm not left with any residue left on my face nor does it start to feel sticky or uncomfortably cloggy. It just sinks in and actually leaves my skin feeling quite soft once it has done so.

        I would give one word of warning though although it won't apply to everyone. If, like me, you're prone to the occasional spot (to but it nicely) and, like me, you have an awful habit of picking said occasional spot, probably best you wait a while before spraying this on your face. It will sting the area and then that's just another thing to be all grumpy and in a mood about.

        ----- Recommended? -----
        Yes, yes, yes and yes some more. Now we've come to the rubbish weather again you may have forgotten slightly just how that claustrophic, no air, muggy and uncomfortable hot feeling affects you. I urge you to cast your mind back and then you'll release why you need a little Spray Misty For Me in your life for such occasions.


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