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Asda Essential Care Soothing Toner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Toner / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Soothes / Product line: Asda Essential Care

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    2 Reviews
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      03.10.2009 09:27
      Very helpful



      A value for money toner, with reasonably good results

      After going through my usual skincare products and realising that I would spend circa £4-5 on a bottle of toner, I decided to make price cuts on my toning products. Therefore rather than opting for the more well known beauty brands I decided to swap to the supermarket own brands and the more value for money products. Asda Essential Care soothing toner seemed an obvious choice as it was priced very reasonably, advertised itself to be suitable for sensitive skin and as I shop at Asda anyway, convenient to pick up on my main supermarket trips.


      The toner comes in a 150ml clear plastic bottle. This has a clear flip top lid and a hole in the top of the bottle where the liquid is dispensed from. If you do not put the lid back down fully the toner will leak out so you need to make sure you hear the lid click when you close if you do not intend to store the bottle standing up.

      The bottle has Asda Essential Care Soothing Toner on the front of the packaging. In large grey font Sensitive is written on the bottle, clearly stating this toner is suitable for sensitive skin.

      The toner is clear so the liquid just looks like water inside of the bottle.

      What I did find is that a lot of product is dispensed at once due to the hole on the top of bottle where the liquid is dispensed. You do need to use a lot of this product for it to be effective but as this hole is very big a lot of product gets wasted if you are not careful when pouring onto a cotton wool pad.


      For a 150ml bottle the price is 79p. This is reasonably good value however because you have to use quite a lot of this product in one go it does not last as long as some of the other toning products I have bought so this is a slight false economy. Asda recently had an offer on this product where you could purchase two bottles for £1 which made this product even more value for money.

      ***Application and results***

      The back of the bottle states that the toner should be applied with cotton wool to cleansed skin. The bottle also states that the product leaves skin feeling refreshed is suitable for all skin types and is formulated to remove excess oils. Therefore I was keen to see if the product actually lived up to these claims.

      The product is fragrance free so when applied to your face it has no real scent to it.

      When applied to the cotton wool the toner is very much like water in its consistency. I was very surprised as the cotton wool pad felt very wet and just like water had been poured on it. As I put the pad on my face it felt instantly refreshed but had to use another cotton wool pad socked in toner as one cotton wool pad was not enough to fully tone my face (which would be with my usual toner). My face after fully tone looked smooth and toned, and although it felt very wet it felt clean and that all oils had been removed without it being overly dry which occurs with some toners.

      My face did feel slightly tight but not overly tight which I have found happens with some toners. I avoid the main part of the eye area but I did apply to the skin on my cheekbones and under my eye and the product was not overly harsh and this area felt comfortable and smooth after use and not irritated.

      I used this product after cleansing at night when my make up was removed and after cleansing on a morning and within a few days my skin was noticeably less oily and shiny. I often find my t zone in particular my chin looks shiny, however this area had less excess oil but the other more drier area of my skin were not dried out. Without make up my face looks very soft and my skin looked refreshed and glowing and not at all dull, especially over my cheek bones.


      This is a good value for money toner especially for those with sensitive skin as toners aimed at sensitive skin are usually more expensive. The toner left my skin feeling refreshed, clean and removed the awful oily greasy feel that you sometimes get after cleansing. My skin was left feeling tight but not overly tight and uncomfortable and had a lovely soft feel. My only criticism of the product is that although it is good value for money at 79p, you have to use more product for the toner to be effective than some other products. So you will need to restock/ find a new toner quite quickly.


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      30.06.2009 16:36
      Very helpful



      Not for me...sadly!

      I am seriously addicted to toner. I mean I really am and I get through bottles of the stuff a week! Not only do I find I really need it straight after cleansing (cos I find alot of cleansers tighten my skin far too much) but I like it just for freshening up my face particularly in this warm weather and I always find that even after removing my make-up with a decent cleanser I can always lift yet more grease, grime and make-up off my face with a toner meaning I really do feel deep down clean after using one!

      So I picked this up with the matching cleanser for 79p a bottle on a recent shopping trip in Asda as I liked the thought of a Vitamin E product on my haggered old face! lol/

      The Packaging....

      150ml see through bottle with matching screw on/off lid/cap to the top of it. On the front of the bottle I'm told it is Asda 'Essential Care' Vitamin E Toner which removes excess oils for a clearer complection and is fragrance free and dermatologically tested. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product and how to use it, ingredients and warnings are given, contact details and a love it or get a refund promise are given from Asda, size and the vegetarian symbol are displayed and finally there is a bar-code on there. Simple bottle though I do think one flaw with this is that dispensing hole at the top of this is to big and if your not watching what your doing properly you'll drench yourself with the liquid...as I do regular not thinking lol.

      A Bit About The product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      Formulated to remove excess oils
      Leaves skin feeling refreshed
      Fragrance free & dermatologically tested
      Use as part of your daily skincare regime
      Suitable for all skin types
      This range also includes facial wash, cleanser, moisturiser and day & night cream

      Directions For Use....

      Apply with cotton wool to cleansed skin.

      Me Using It....

      Well I always apply this thin watery looking liquid to cotton wool and as directed smear over a fairly clean/cleansed face. It is a little on the oily side so it glides over the skin with ease and yep it lifts up grease, grime and impurities as well as any left traces of make-up grained into the skin superbly. It isn't fragranced as promised and all round it's easy and effective to use.

      However when used it dries into the skin and leaves skin feeling a little clammy/sticky to the touch and you can feel a slight residue left on the skin and skin is not left feeling soft, smooth or supple. I feel it's a little too heavy for my face and it is left overly moisturised with leads to my skin feel grubby and tight.


      I can't complain it doesn't work but can complain about how my skin feels clammy after using it. Also I find this makes my eyes sting slightly for a while after using it (though the feeling does wear off after a while).

      Basically this is a cost effective toner and probably best used on very dry/parched skin but mine isn't that type. I find this has given me a small outbreak of spots (whether that's a coincidence or not I'm not entirely sure to be perfectly honest with you) however my dry flaky bits of skin have vanished. This is not for me I'm afraid which is a shame at only 79p a bottle!

      Only available in Asda stores.


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