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Asda Protect deep cleansing face wipes

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3 Reviews
  • Helps remove make up
  • too moist
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    3 Reviews
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      25.11.2014 15:14
      Very helpful


      • "Helps remove make up"


      • "too moist"


      I purchased these face wipes because I needed to buy some more and these looked like they would be fine. I thought that all face wipes worked pretty much the same way. I was disappointed with these though, they are so moist that they tend to leave my face feeling chapped and irritated rather than cleansed like they should do!

      They come in a packet which has an opening at the top that you peel back and then stick back down once you have finished. This does need to be stuck back down too otherwise the wipes go dry, quite quickly too!

      The wipes pull out supposedly one at a time but quite often they kept coming out in clumps which was very annoying.

      When using these on my face I mainly use them to remove make up but I liked that it said they cleanse too as often I would use my cleanser after removing make up so I hoped this would kill two birds with one stone. Unfortunately this was't the case. Although it did remove my make up, I found that these wipes are just too wet. They left my face feeling really wet and I had to keep drying it with a towel which I don't normally have to do after using other wipes.

      My face became a bit chapped after using these too. I ended up just using these for general cleaning of the house in general rathr than on my body as they just irritated. Just 2 stars from me.


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      03.01.2013 11:51
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      You might like them, but I don't!

      I don't have much of a skincare routine...in fact I'm pretty lucky in that department. I get the occasional spot (although they tend to last ages as I just won't leave them alone!), but that's about it, and I certainly look a lot younger than my 31 years.

      One of the few things I do bother with is removing the crap (for want of a better word) from my face before bedtime. This is done simply and quickly with a cleansing wipe. It says on the packet to use them morning and night, but I don't bother in the morning as I wash my face when showering.

      I believe that I must have bought about 4 packets of these Asda Protect Deep Cleansing Wipes when stocking up, as I seem to have been using them for absolutely ages. And quite frankly I can't wait to see the back of them as there are other cleansing wipes that I prefer.

      ---Asda Protect Deep Cleansing Wipes---
      This pack of (dermatologically tested) 30 wipes comes in fairly simple white packaging made of plastic (not recyclable), similar to that for other cleansing wipes. It says that the product is safe for use up to 3 months after opening. I can't imagine anything bad happening after that time, although they probably go dry.

      A pack currently costs £1, so that's 3.3p per wipe, which is quite reasonable (although my best cleansing wipes have been ones I've bought for half this in bargain shops), and you might even be able to get them for less.

      ---Using the Wipes, and what's in them etc---
      One wipe comes out of the packet fairly easily (with some brands it's easy to take out two by mistake) and seals back afterwards. You will be struck by the smell (disinfectant-like) which is pretty strong for facial wipes...and personally I find it a bit overpowering (and it reminds me of awful experiences as a child of my mother chasing me with wet wipes), one of the main reasons why I don't like these wipes.

      These Asda wipes are certainly moist, which is useful (even towards the end of the packet), and when wiping over my face and neck, my day's make up does come off easily. I'm left with a very orange-coloured wipe (I love my foundation!) which I'm pleased to throw away (these are not meant to be flushed).

      These wipes do work, even when I've been wearing mascara (although sometimes it does take a bit more effort to get it off), and my face does feel clean, if ever so slightly greasy. Unfortunately my face is left smelling of disinfectant, and while I have come to live with it (and don't feel the need to wash my face afterwards), it's not great and I wouldn't say I feel refreshed as the pack says I am meant to.

      I have been using these wipes for months now, and I would say that my skin is just the same as it is usually (but then it wasn't bad before). These wipes particularly have "targeted action to remove dirt, oil and impurities without clogging pores", and I do feel that they clean my face. Perhaps if I was prone to lots of spots before then I would have noticed something amazing as these wipes are designed to prevent spots (I still have the odd occasional spot as usual). There is a great long list of ingredients (which you might want to check) in them, but they are suitable for vegetarians. The pack does advise to avoid direct contact with eyes, but that they are not "for intimate hygiene use" (I'm not sure why anyone would!)

      The packaging does say that Asda will refund and replace if you're not 100% happy. Perhaps I should have done that rather than working my way through all of my packs. However, I think that me not liking this product is simply down to personal preference. They do work as cleansing wipes, but feel a bit greasy, and the smell is strong.

      Other people might like them more, but for me I'm down to my last few wipes and looking forward to opening a pack of something new. 2 out of 5 stars from me.


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        14.12.2012 14:16
        Very helpful



        An OK face wipe

        This is a review of Asda's Protect Deep Cleansing face wipes which come in a pack of 30. I mainly use them for removing make up but sometimes just use them at night time for an extra clean even when I haven't been wearing any make up.

        What are they?
        Suitable for all skin types, the wipes are targeted to remove dirt, oil and impurities without clogging pores. Contains fruit extracts and antibacterial ingredients to help prevent spots and breakouts. Specially formulated to help reduce irritancy and redness, leaving skin feeling cleansed, toned and refreshed.

        In use
        These wipes are easy to use. I just rub them all over my face and neck to remove make up and particularly around the eye area when I have worn mascara or eye liner. They are quite wet but not dripping and stayed moist right to the last wipe in the pack.

        I found these left my skin feeling a bit stingy and I wasn't particularly keen on the smell of them which was a bit medicated in my mind. They did remove make up but I still found myself using a cream cleanser on the eye area the next morning to remove the bits that that wipe had missed.

        My thoughts
        This pack has lasted me ages, mainly because I prefer using a cleanser with cotton wool to remove make up. Having said that, they were good as a quick fix and were good at removing the majority of make up from my face. I would say you need two wipes if you use a lot of make up as one wipe worked for a modestly made up face.

        A pack of 30 wipes retails at £1 at Asda but they are currently in a 5 for £4 deal. I would advise trying a pack before you stock up though in case you don't like them or your skin doesn't agree with them.

        Final word
        They definitely have not become my go-to product and I don't think I would bother buying these again in the future.

        Further info (taken from Asda's website)
        Dermatologically tested by an independent institute
        Cleans without clogging pores
        Antibacterial ingredients to help prevent spots & breakouts
        Leaves skin feeling clean, toned & refreshed
        Suitable for vegetarians
        Deep cleansing wipes.
        Asda is against animal testing & funds research into alternatives.


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