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Asda Protect Dry Skin Intensive Moisturizer

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Brand: Asda / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes, Protects / Product line: Asda Protect

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 20:13
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      Why pay more when this does the same job?

      I struggle with dry skin, especially on my feet and it was getting so bad I was sure it was just going to crack and bleed, so I went on the search for something to soothe and moisten the dry skin when I came across this Asda protect cream for dry skin. I wasn't expecting much from it because it was so cheap but I had nothing to lose by giving it a go, so I did and here's what I thought:

      ~ Product and availability ~
      Asda's protect cream for dry skin is available to buy in a 50ml tube for 67p or £4.22 for a 400ml pump. I think 67p is great value! It's one of the cheapest I've seen and works just as well as anything else I've tried!

      ~ Packaging ~
      Asda's protect cream for dry skin comes in a little white tube with a flip cap. On the front is a blue and baby pink label telling you it's a protection cream for dry skin and is an intensive moisturiser. The back of the tube tells you how to use the product, what it is, ingredients and contact information.

      ~ How to use ~
      I find you only need a tiny bit of this cream and you simply just apply it to the dry area 2-3 times a day making sure you rub it in thoroughly.

      ~ Does it work? ~
      I noticed results from the very first day I used this cream. My skin was left feeling soft, smooth and started to heel very quickly. It was very gentle on my skin and didn't leave a greasy feeling like some skin creams do. A little goes a long way with this, it spreads very easily and soaks in nice and quickly into your skin. It works on any body part which is good because a lot of creams are for certain parts of the body but I use it on my hands, feet, face and legs and it gives great, smooth, moist results each time.

      ~ Other information ~
      Asda's protect cream for dry skin is dermatologically tested, helps relieve and replenish dry skin and is fragrance free. It is suitable for all skin types.

      ~ Over all opinion ~
      I am going to continue to use this cream over any other brand, it's a lot cheaper and does exactly the same job, plus you can use it all over rather than just on your hands or feet. It's so easy to use and is just the right size to pop into your bag too! I would highly recommend this product to anybody who suffers with dry, flaky skin as this is sure to sort out your problem, I'm sure it would be a good for babies too! I have quite a large family and I use this a lot and the tube lasts me a long, long time as you don't need gallons of it for it to work.

      I'm going to give Asda's protect cream for dry skin a well deserved 5/5 stars! I can't fault this product at all, for the price it's brilliant!


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        28.08.2012 15:09
        Very helpful



        Dry Skin Cream


        Over the weekend we went to Blackpool & thinking it would all be sunshine, but was I in for surprise! It rained later in the evening when we went out & me being me I only took thin round neck shirts. It being Blackpool too you also get the wind off the Irish Coast along with the rain. This combination made my skin dry & all cracked & chapped along with the fact that I was also wearing shoes that were a teensy bit too small ending up with my little toes both having blisters on them (they were big blisters too!) Well on the second day off we were off to Fleetwood where the weather was much nicer actually, & passing an ASDA there we decided to pop in to see if we could find the Limited Edition Yorkshire Gold Tea with the FREE Metal Caddy! Well spotting that I then decided to take a peek at what the skin creams/body lotions had to offer as I had to get some plasters for my poor toes anyway. ASDA had an array of lotions & potions ranging from very expensive Dove & Vaseline right down to the Smart Price stuff. Pushed for time now I looked on the bottom shelf & saw this: ASDA protect Cream for Dry Skin, in a compact & small 50ml tube, for a mere 67p. I grabbed this & payed along with the rest of my purchases.


        ASDA protect is an own brand thing (if you havent noticed) & has a complete
        toiletries range from Shampoo, Shaving Gel, Body Care & Face Wash which are reasonably priced. Products from the ASDA protect range aswell as being reasonably priced are also great value. ASDA used to just have a toiletries range but it is now under the 'protect' banner.


        This cream comes in a small & thin tube that sits on the flip top lid that feels very durable. The tube is similar to that of a small toothpaste tube. The protect & ASDA logos are on the tube aswell as the product name & claims. The back of the tube is writing mainly which talks about the product (what it contains...) & what you can use the product for (chapped hands, flaking skin...) How to Use, Ingredients & Contact Details for ASDA. This product is also part of ASDA's Try Me, Love Me, in which if you don't like the product ASDA will refund OR replace the product, no quibbles. No other stores (apart from Wilkinsons & Sainsburys) do this & this is what ASDA are famous for!


        ASDA protect Dry Skin Cream claims to:

        *helps relieve & replenish dry skin

        *to be fragrance free


        After having a shower later that night I then applied some of this cream to my shoulders which were quite dry as they always are. The flip top lid is easy to handle & close. When you simply squeeze a bit onto your hand you the cream is like a normal consistency, not runny nor thick. Rubbing on to my skin was very easy & it absorbed in next to no time basically. It couldnt smell any thing as ASDA claim that this product is fragrance free which is good for the kind of people who don't like smells. ASDA also claim that this product has been dermatologically tested by an independent institute, & I will say this product is brilliant for my sensitive skin.

        When the product had fully dried in, (about 10 minutes later) the cream left my skin smooth & soft, almost the same result as what you get with Vaseline Body Lotion, which is good for this product at 67p. At about 4pm in the day, my skin felt a bit dry, but softer than what it was before I used this cream. I also used this on my blisters, to which is put some on my toes then put a plaster over it. When I changed my plaster later in the day, the Blisters had gone down, but not completely gone. That was good for a cream like this, that works even better than Savlon or Sudocrem!


        Overall I was pretty impressed with this cream, even working on things its not supposed to do! (Making Blisters go down!) I was really glad I bought this cream instead of forking out £3-£4 for a pot of Sudecrem or spending £1.48 for a tube of ASDA Antiseptic Cream instead of buying this! The only trouble is that it dosent give 'Intensive Moisturising' like it says, unless its my skin! But I wouldn't expect this product to as it's well under a pound! If you are looking for a budget cream, or if your skin justs wants a BIT of hydration, then this products is worth a try! Copyright BF99 2012.

        Thanks for Reading!


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