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Asda Vitamin E Day & Night Cream

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Brand: Asda / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2010 16:05
      Very helpful




      Asda is a nationwide supermarket that not only offers brand named products, but also store branded products. Whilst the bulk of their range is food and household items, they also have quite an extensive range of beauty products.


      The Vitamin E collection is part of the Essential Care range in Asda. It offers a choice of 6 everyday beauty products for your face and at very cheap prices! The range currently includes :

      *Cleansing Lotion for removing makeup and impurities - 150ml
      *Facial wash for cleansing and refreshing the face - 100ml
      *Toner for removing oil and giving a clear complexion - 150ml
      *Moisturising Lotion for softening and smoothing the skin - 150ml
      *Facial Cleansing Wipes for wiping away the dirt - 25pk

      and a combined Day and Night Cream.


      This is a basic cream which is designed to be used as both a day cream and a night cream. It aims to give soft and smooth skin and has been dermatologically tested. It is also fragrance free!


      It doesn't really get more basic. The cream is housed in a semi-transparent tub with a screw off lid. Small writing on the tub includes the product name, blurb, directions for use, ingredients and contact details for Asda.

      That is it - no floral images or pretty pink bows - told you it was basic! It should also be used up within 6months of first opening.


      The cream should be scooped out and applied to the face and neck area in upwards sweeping movements until absorbed.


      Aqua , Paraffinum Liquidum , Glycerin , Glyceryl Stearate SE , Palmitic Acid , Triethanolamine , Stearic Acid , Phenoxyethanol , Carbomer , Dimethicone , Methylparaben , Disodium EDTA , Tocopheryl Acetate , Ethylparaben , Propylparaben , Butylparaben , Isobutylparaben .

      ~~~Price and Availability~~~

      This is the good bit! This cream comes in a 90ml tub which is more than expensive brands offer you. It can only be located down the skincare aisle in Asda stores or online at www.asda.com. It is the most expensive in the range priced at a whopping...98p! So day and night skincare for less than a loaf of bread..impressive! The other products costs 72p with the exception of the wipes which are 48p.

      ~~~My Thoughts~~~

      Taking care of my skin is important to me as I have had this drummed in to me by my wee Granny. My Granny is 91 this year and has the softest and most radiant skin that I have seen and its all down to taking care of her skin. Whilst I tend to neglect my face in favour of my body, I am trying to be good now and find the ultimate face cream to suit my needs.

      So let me tell you a bit about my skin. I have sensitive skin and certain fragrance products don't really agree with it resulting in sore and red breakouts. I don't suffer with facial spots which is a bonus but I do get dry skin quite badly on my forehead. I don't cleanse and tone often but I do wipe away any dirt and makeup using facial wipes. My face often looks tired and I crave soft and smooth skin!

      My ultimate face cream is by Elizabeth Arden and I took a shine to it when I was 17. At that time I was working and could afford the £32 price tag but now I have a family, I cannot justify spending so much on one cream. I have tried numerous creams from Clinique, Lancome etc and settled on No7 Essential Moisture. At £8.50 for the day cream and £9.50 for the night its still not cheap!

      So how did I end up with this Asda one from the Vitamin E range? Previously I had used the facial wipes and liked them as they worked efficiently and cost less than 50p! I was suprised to see that the range included a few other products and decided to buy a few. At such cheap prices, I felt that if they didn't suit then I hadn't lost much in terms of money.

      The day and night cream was my first choice and I have had my tub for around 4months now. I have only ever used seperate creams before so was unsure how Asda could pull the combination off. I like a day cream to be light and quickly absorbed allowing me to apply my makeup on top and be moisturised all day. For me, a night cream should be a bit heavier and work throughout the night softening my skin and refreshing it for the next morning.

      The uninspiring tub didn't jump out at me and I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't actually been looking for it. It is functional though and keeps the cream safe from the air. The cream itself is luminous white and a slight, creamy fresh smell can be detected. Not unpleasant but not lovely either. The cream has a thick consistency like a soft body butter and is bouncy and super cool to the touch.

      I began using this cream after my morning and evening shower. The cream is cool once applied to my face and takes the heat off especially if I have been out in the sun too long. Its thickness is apparent as it is rather difficult to spread and clings to my skin. The cream doesn't absorb particularly well at I find it sits as an added layer on my skin as opposed to fully sinking in. There isn't much of a scent coming from the cream so it does fulfill its fragrance free claims.

      When I first tried this as a day cream, I found it to be too heavy and the length of time it takes to absorb is longer than the time I have to get ready. I applied my makeup shortly after and found that the face powder clung to the creamy layer despite me believing it was absorbed. This resulted in my face looking patchy and actually becoming drier and flakier than before which isn't a good sign. I removed the cream with a good few wipes and vowed not to use it as a day cream again.

      I find the cream works better as a night cream. I like a good, thick cream to apply before bed and this one is a good option. The thickness of the cream still takes longer to massage in and at night I have a longer period of time to concentrate on combating the dryness. I apply an extra blob to my forehead and although this makes my skin feel slightly greasy and sticky, it works well. It takes me a while to get to sleep so after I get my PJs on, I apply a layer of this cream and jump into bed. Within 30mins, there is no stickiness detectable on my skin.

      By the next morning, the results are apparent and though they don't match the quality of more expensive creams, they are good. My skin is soft and clearer and feels moisturised. The dryness on my forehead is reduced though not diminished completely and I cannot really expect more for such a cheap product. By applying this at night, I find myself using less of my normal No7 day cream the next morning as my face is already quite soft so I am saving money on this account!

      As the cream doesn't spread well I feel I need a bit more than with other creams but I don't mind this due to the price. The range is cheap and ok for the purpose but I would recommend it for those wishing to cut back or on a tight budget as you get a full range for under a fiver. This cream is good value but the quality and effects aren't amazing. It works ok as a night cream but is far too thick and heavy for a day cream.

      Thanks for reading :)


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