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Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Creme

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Brand: Aveda / Type: Body Cream / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2013 15:59
      Very helpful



      Lovely if expensive

      When I received a travel sized tube of Aveda's Caribbean Therapy Body Crème, I was genuinely excited. Although I think Aveda are most well known for their hair products rather than their body products I had heard of this range and wanted to try it for a while.

      The Carribean Body Crème is one of four products in Aveda's Caribbean Therapy collection, the others being a body scrub, a soap and a body cleanser. I think the thing that made this collection appeal to me was simply the name. Caribbean Therapy to me conjures up images of sun, relaxation and amazing exotic aromas.

      Although I was hoping that this product would be coconut scented, the tube actually states that the body crème contains Caribbean mango, lime and amyris. I thought that still sounded like a lovely combination as lime and mango are probably two of my favourite scents.

      The body crème comes in a sort of greeny-beige coloured tube. It's not very exciting packaging wise and I think it would have been nice if Aveda could perhaps have come up with something that reflected the luxury price tag of the product.

      The body crème itself is a sort of beige/grey colour, not all that dissimilar from the colour of the tube. The product is enriched with cocoa butter and quite thick - I'd go as far as saying it's quite close to being a body butter - and it takes quite some rubbing in. I do find that once massaged into the skin it begins to sink in quite quickly and it doesn't leave my skin sticky or greasy feeling.

      The smell of the crème was completely not what I was expecting and frankly it was quite a disappointment. I could not smell mango in this at all, but there was a very sharp lime scent, which was a sort of unnatural lime cordial type fragrance, rather than that of freshly squeezed limes. I have to admit I had to look up Amyris and found that it an ingredient that is often used as a cheaper alternative to sandalwood. I had not expected that at all, as I personally don't think the crème has any woody tone to the scent at all. Although not keen on the scent initially I do find that once it has sunk in a bit the fragrance seems to settle down and develops into a pleasant, light, summery fragrance.

      I find that this crème leaves my skin feeling absolutely lovely. In terms of results it really does feel like I have applied a luxury product. My skin not only looks more hydrated but it feels silky smooth to the touch. I do find that it moisturises any dry bits well too and the effects last pretty much all day.

      I suppose the biggest negative point about this crème is the price. A 200ml tube retails at £27 from www.aveda.co.uk which I do feel is quite excessive despite how lovely this is. A little searching has found that it can be picked up slightly cheaper at www.wantthelook.com where it is currently £22.75 - still expensive.

      Overall, I think this is a lovely product, but it is rather on the pricey side for what it is. It leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing which is the main plus point, however I am going to knock a star off for the high price tag and the fact I don't think it smells very tropical! If you're willing to shell out for it, then yes, I would recommend this product.


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      30.05.2011 11:10
      Very helpful



      An exotically fragranced and natural moisturiser to hydrate even the driest of skins.

      Aveda is a company that believes in producing beauty products that contains natural and beneficial ingredients and has been doing so since 1978. It strives to makes its customers look beautiful on the outside while feeling beautiful on the inside. As well as looking after us, it does everything possible to protect the environment and provides better working conditions and an enhanced life style for traditional communities which were struggling.

      I was completely captivated by the name of this particular product created by Aveda. Caribbean Therapy makes you think of being sent off on a relaxing holiday where there's sunshine coating white beaches and where they're nothing more strenuous to be done than to lift your cocktail to your lips. Of course, I knew this body crème wouldn't produce quite the same results as that but a girl can dream!

      The product is in fact a rich crème created using deliciously exotic ingredients that promises to moisturise your entire body, leaving your skin feeling softer and nourished. The product also includes tropical aromas to awaken the senses and invigorate the mind. It promises to replenish even the driest of skins.

      How does it work?
      The product contains Cocoa Butter which is a substance found in all good body moisturisers. The butter is produced from the Cocoa Beans which have been grown in the Caribbean. Cocoa Butter is one of nature's greatest hydrators and it is quickly absorbed because it melts at body temperature and it will nourish your skin as it contains vitamins that are essential for healthy skin. It leaves the body feeling soft and supple and forms a protective barrier across the skin.

      Also included is ripe and juicy Caribbean Mango to give the skin a fantastically fruity moisturisation. As it is an anti oxidant then it will fight against the evil free radicals that are lurking in your skin and prevent them from causing any premature aging. It helps to generate healthy new skin cells and as it contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals, then it will keep your skin nourished and replenished.

      The delicious topical aroma is created using Caribbean Lime which has a refreshing fragrance that will invigorate the mind and stimulate the body. The Vetiver which is swirled into the mixture is a plant extract which is native to the Seychelles and India. It has a sweet and relaxing scent that is fantastic at calming the spirit. It also has a moisturising quality and can help to heal dry and damaged skin.

      Amyris is included which envelops you in a sweet but woody aroma and it comes from a tree native to West India. It is commonly used to treat stress and anxiety and will leave you feeling completely relaxed. Bay Leaf gives the product a similar aroma but with a hint of mint and spice. The substance lifts the spirits and gives you an overall sense of well being.

      How do you use it?
      The product is be used as you would usually use a body moisturiser. It is to be used on clean, dry skin and applied using a circular massaging action to improve your blood circulation. This product is not suitable for use on the face.

      Packaging and price
      The product comes in a creamy coloured tube bottle which has a flip top lid on which it can stand so it can be neatly displayed in your bathroom. The packaging remains simple to reflect the purity of what is inside and nothing but gentle zig zag line and words are used to decorate the bottle.

      The product is fairly expensive and more of a luxury buy than an essential one. I bought mine for £22 and for my money I received 200ml of the product which makes this product much more expensive than the ones I would normally purchase. It is available from many online websites and if you shop around then you may find it for a cheaper price.

      My thoughts
      Despite this crème being very expensive, especially when you consider its size, it really does feel like a luxurious product and you can tell that it is a high quality product. As the product is so thick, you'll find that a little goes a long way meaning that the crème will last a fairly long time.

      The natural ingredients gives this crème a gorgeously thick consistency that makes you feel like you're giving your skin a really nice treat. And that is how I use this product, as a treat.

      As it's too expensive for me to use it daily, I only use it when my skin feels particularly dry or I want to feel special for an evening out. This crème makes your skin touchably soft and smooth instantly. It looks noticeably healthier and I assume that is because the natural ingredients and nourishing my skin. Because it is so moisturising, I do use it daily on particularly dry areas like my knees and elbows.

      Although this crème is incredibly thick, it is still easily absorbed by my skin and it doesn't leave any oily or greasy residue. Within a few minutes, I am able to dress without worrying that it will mark my clothes and it never makes me feel sticky or uncomfortable.

      The aroma that is leaves on your skin is intensely refreshing, tropical and it has an obvious warmth to it. It's lovely to know that it has been produced naturally and that you are walking around in a cloud of exotic ingredients harvested from warmer climates. The aroma is long lasting but without being overpowering and it wouldn't be confused with a perfume.

      If you find that you love this Body Crème then also available in the Caribbean Therapy collection is a Body Cleanser, a Body Scrub, a candle, Bath Soak, a Bath Bar and Flower Water to refresh the body.

      All in all, this crème is an enjoyable treat that is packed full of natural ingredient, vitamins and minerals. It will moisturise and rejuvenate dry skin, while nourishing and softening the whole body. The fragrance is invigorating and although this product is not quite a holiday in the Caribbean, it is still a relaxing and delicious treat.


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