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Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with Shea Butter

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8 Reviews
  • Stops itchy feelings fast
  • Long lasting
  • Not as easy to find as the other version
  • None at all
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    8 Reviews
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      17.06.2015 09:53
      Very helpful


      • Gentle
      • "Smells great"
      • "Very effective"


      • None

      Very effective, a life saver for me!!

      I have previously written a review on the Aveeno bath and shower oil. And this is the lotion I use in addition to the shower oil.

      Aveeno has literally improved my self confidence, I don't know what I would do without it.

      It is a little more expensive than your average moisturiser but can often be found in shops such as Home Bargains for a little less than the retail price, so it's always good to stock up on bargains of this must-have lotion!

      With shea butter and oatmeal this lotion is very thick and kind to sensitive skin (unlike watery lotions such as E45.) and smells great! Has a very gentle creamy smell which I love after a shower.

      I put this lotion on in the evening and after a bath or shower. And it is an essential for me and one of the basic products that I always must have.

      This cream is the only thing that cured my Eczema. My Eczema was so bad I was taking daily oil baths and using Zinc bandages. And now, If I'm unlucky, I may break out in a small 2 inch patch every now and again.

      For anybody who suffers with any kind of skin complaint I would urge you to try this lotion. It is kind to the skin, smells great, and you can feel immediate improvements to itchy sore skin, and see improvements within a couple of days.


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      17.04.2015 22:59
      Very helpful



      Didn't sadly work for me...

      Oh dear I'm on my own here with reviews about AVEENO.

      This first attracted me to try because of their natural ingredients stance. I think the more I know what works or what doesn't and the older I get the more conscious I become about what I put into my skin as a diet I'm currently on and will never leave because ts awesome [5.2 diet] has really given me more insight about foods and what we put in which for me has led to more natural ingrediants and the effects on skin long term on the outside as well.
      My friends rave about his and for them this works especially one who suffers from Eczema that has really helped.

      I suffered breifly form dry skin a year ago on my arms mainly and instead of the usual things I try, E45 for example. I tried this in the hope it may be something else to try and start regularly using.

      This is a skin relief with shea butter, which is something you really can't go wrong with, it has so many healing properties in, using an oat extract.
      This I found personally to sticky on my skin. I only used an average sized amount, no going over the top. It took a while to work into my skin and allow to dry or sink in to be able to put clothing on.
      The scent is also something I didn't really like, it was malty in scent and not something I found would grow on me so to speak.
      In the morning the cream I must say helped me skin feel softer but not for long in the day.
      After a week of trying, and I really did, I found this was not something suited to me.
      Sorry but this is something I would advise someone to try as a sample first before buying. x


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      18.01.2015 10:03
      Very helpful


      • "Works well"


      • "Not as easy to find as the other version"

      Recommended for those with dry skin.

      This is by far my favourite moisturiser. I have a family of people with sensitive skin problems including myself and finding a product that helps without causing more issues is a challenge. The only alternative we get on with better is home made whipped Shea butter but it has its own problems.

      Aveeno skin relief is a shea butter & oat based lotion. It has a good consistency, sinks in easily and lasts a fair while on the skin.

      This product comes in two sizes a squeezy 200ml tube or a larger 300ml bottle with a pump top. I tend to buy the 300ml bottle as we all use it.

      We've found this is great for skin that is on the brink of becoming eczema (possibly not so much when it's properly beginning to break up) or just so dry it feel tight and inflamed. It seems to help easily and doesn't leave greasy film for more than a few moments as it sinks in.

      The range is fragrance free so no annoying smells lingering, it's also just a simple plain beige colour.

      The Aveeno range is often on offer such as 3 for 2 so it's worth stocking up when you see it. The basic 200ml tube is £5.69 and a 300ml pump bottle is £7.65 in Boots as I write this but so often on offer I rarely pay full price.

      I've definitely noticed that that the skin relief product (with cream and blue packaging) can be slightly harder to find in shops than their other basic cream (with cream and green packaging).


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      19.11.2014 16:51
      Very helpful


      • "Works to help me out with my eczema issue"
      • "Stops itchy feelings fast"
      • "Excellent moisturising abilities"


      • "None at all"

      The Power Of Aveeno

      I have a patch of eczema on my leg which, frankly, drives me insane. It's itchy, dry and horrible - it feels worse than it looks and I'll never cease to be thankful for the fact that it doesn't look worse than it does. I can deal with the dryness issue by using one of the many lotions and potions I have in the bathroom, but the itchy feeling is absolutely awful and has brought me to the point of tears many times.

      But that was before I discovered Aveeno and their very excellent Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion - it's been a godsend and now I've been using it for a few months I really don't know what I did without it!

      The lotion is fairly thick, it's made with shea butter but doesn't smell of it at all - it's just a very lightly fragranced creamy lotion with nothing to irritate skin that is already highly irritated. It absorbs reasonably quickly, not instantly upon application and it does need to be rubbed in for a while but on the whole (considering it's so moisturising) I'd say the absorption rate is pretty impressive.

      The relief begins immediately, I've applied this when my skin isn't particularly dry simply due to the fact that it will tackle itching and saves me raking my skin with my nails - which may relieve the immediate itch but causes more problems in the long run if I break my already delicate skin. I can feel the lotion (I keep wanting to call it a cream as it's so thick and lovely!) penetrating deeply into my skin and moisturising it from the very moment it touches the affected area - this is brilliant news as it's meant I could get rid of some of the more medicinal creams my doctor had given me which not only cluttered up the bathroom cabinet but actually seemed to make the area feel worse due to product overload.

      I can't recommend this Aveeno lotion highly enough and would go so far as to say it's changed my life (albeit in a minor way) - pretty impressive I'd say for something that costs a paltry £3.50 for a 200ml tube. Using it only on my eczema patch a tube lasts for absolutely ages so it's not something I have to keep remembering to buy, it's a little heavy for me to use all over but if you have particularly dry body skin it's well worth a try.


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      26.08.2014 15:13
      Very helpful


      • "Helps improve skin tone and feel "
      • "Long lasting"
      • Hydration


      • "There are none for me "

      If you ant soft and smooth - use this

      I use Aveeno Creams and lotions a lot as anyone who has read my previous reviews will be able to voucher for. I was first introduced tot he Aveeno range by my daughter's GP who prescribed the bath and body oils for her severe eczema. There was nothing that would work for her but Aveeno to us is a "miracle" product that saved Sarah a lot of misery.

      Since receiving and using the prescriptions for Sarah, I have actually gone on to use most of the products in this range for myself and I canto say that I not been unimpressed with any of them. The newest one I have been using is their dry skin lotion with Shea Butter. This lovely to use and I feel it is slightly different in texture and consistency from the other products in this range in that it feels ever so slightly thinner. I may be thinner but it is no less effective than their original body lotion and it has really improved bot the tone and the texture of my skin, especially on my shins, where I suffer fro really dry skin which can look even worse during the winter months when I have my central heating on.

      the cream itself I buy from Boots though it is also for sale is most supermarkets. It comes in a large tube (made of plastic) and it simply states what it is and what it does on the front. I not only use this on my body after a bath or shower, but I use it during the day too. I have even been known to take it to work when my legs have been bare during the summer we had this year and topped it up during my break or munch time.

      It softens and hydrates the skin and makes it feel really smooth and supple. This feeling lasts for hours after application and it never makes my skin feel tacky or sticky.

      I would really thoroughly recommend it.


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      31.07.2013 12:12
      Very helpful



      Fab product

      Moisture is part of my families general bodycare routing. It important because 2 out of 3 of us have skin complaints, and as for the lucky one who doesn't ( my son ), he has lovely skin but because hes young I still want to make sure his skin is supple and soft as possible. Our bathroom has many bottles and jars of lotions and potions where some have been bought and some prescribed. This particular lotion wasn't bought but a gift, but doing a general search can be purchased on Amazon from £5.90 for a 200ml tube or £5.00 from Asda, but can be purchased from a variety of different places from chemist to supermarkets.

      Why was this given?

      This was given by a neighbour after we were having a conversation about my daughter having eczema. Her daughter ( although an adult ), had suffered from eczema and was currently using the Aveena range not to combat this as shes grown out of it, but because she suffers from dry skin and finds this helps. I had already looked into the range online because it has had rave reviews from eczema sufferers and dry skin sufferers in general but was waiting for my daughters skin to even out a touch before buying. But my lovely neighbour beat me to it, and bought me this product to try on her.

      How is it packaged?

      It's a 200ml plastic tube that releases its product from the bottom. It has a flipped top lid, so when pushed up, product can be squeezed and dispensed. The colouring of the tube is a cream colour. The ' Aveeno 'logo is right at the top with the words Active Naturals underneath. It mentions what the product does in brief, what type of product IT is and mentions it contains Shea Butter.

      On the back it goes into more detail about what the lotion does and has its ingredients list stated.

      Product has a 12 month shelf life when opened.


      Aqua, Glycerin, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Petrolatum, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Stearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Steareth-20, Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol

      What is this product supposed to do?

      This product is designed for skin that is very dry and sensitive. Its supposed to provide long lasting hydration, relief and help skin look and feel smooth, supple and soft. The moisture element is supposed to last up to 24 hours. This lotion contains no parabens or fragrance, so tries to be gentle in the contents element. Fast absorbing and light weight.

      How to use

      No real instructions on the packaging on this item, but personally I would use twice daily ( morning and night ), and if and when needed in between, depending on how dry the skin was.

      So how did we find it?

      Firstly, the Aveeno range has many products from shower products, bars of soap, lotions, creams etc. The thing I love is these products are sub divided into their own range depending on skin type. So this one belongs to the extra dry and irritable family, theres another range designed for everyday dry skin but the one Im more interested in is the range for dry and eczema prone skin. This is the range I would need to use on my daughter, and probably myself, so the one we've been currently using I don't feel is completely right for her. So Ive been using this mostly on myself and my son.

      Packaging is pleasant enough to look at but doesn't grab me. Its not a glamorous looking item but looks quite typical for lotions that have a more natural content and specific use, rather than just cosmetic or pampering product. Its practical and functional.

      This is a fragrance free lotion. The best way I can describe the scent is if you can imagine the smell of almond but take away the sweetness, food element and warmth this is what you get. Theres no fragrance but a delicate and subtle smell. Its not offensive but doesn't really do anything or grab.

      The texture of the lotion is a mix between a typical lotion and a bit like a gel. Its fluid so easy to use and apply, but has a structure to it so not thin and watery. This is perfect for those whose skin is so sensitive and sore, because you don't have to rub it in and simply smooth it over the skin. I find it sinks in very easily, despite the fact I use ( on myself ) quite abit of product. It doesn't leave the skin sticky or tacky, but leaves a soft thin layer of moisture on the skin. The look of the skin after using product is healthy and natural, but not shiny. It looks hydrated and soft. On my son it makes his skin look glowing and healthy, on mine the same but most importantly isn't drying at all. I don't feel I have to keep reapplying. I cant comment on the 24hour moisturising action as I apply it twice within that time period, but my skin isn't at all dry when using and after. Another important point is it doesn't irritate my skin at all. I still have a few small patches of irritated skin on my neck and on my leg, and although it doesn't make it disappear, it doesn't dry it out and hydrates these areas.

      Colouring of the lotion is a very pale cream near white.

      Would I buy this?

      No. Not because this product doesn't work but because my daughter requires a different product from the range. This lotion was intended for my daughter, and although after using it it hasn't irritated her skin anymore it hasn't provided enough hydration but that's not the fault of the product, just not the right one. This is why Ive been using this on myself and my little boy. On us, its hydrating, easy to use, sinks in well and you can put clothes on straight away as it doesn't make skin sticky or leaves marks on clothes because it dries and sinks in so quickly. So if you have dry skin and need some help, this is perfect. But I would advise if you have a specific need, check the different ranges and products and make sure you match up your needs to the correct product.

      On the downside ( only slightly ), you really do need to shop around for the best price as its not a cheap product, but the size is good and can be quite long lasting depending on how often you need to use. The consistency means you don't need to use too much ( although I like to treat my body a lot! ).

      Great product and cant wait to try more!


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        21.06.2013 13:36
        Very helpful



        Highly recommended

        I have got really dry skin so I need to moisturise regularly but just recently I have become sick of the really thick body butters because most of them leave my skin feeling quite wet and greasy. Because of this I have been using more body lotions and one that I've been using most days is the aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion with Shea butter.

        I bought this last month from amazon because it was only £4 for a 300ml bottle, which seemed like a bargain seeing as the retail price is usually around the £6 mark. The body lotion like all aveeno products contains a natural oat complex. It contains finely milled colloidal oatmeal, oat oil and oat essence. The lotion is for extra dry, irritable and sensitive skin which is exactly the skin type that I have so this seemed perfect for me.

        Aveeno claim that the lotion keeps skin moisturised for 24 hours after application and they also say that it soothes and relieves skin, leaving it soft, smooth and healthy. It is paraben free and has been dermatologically tested. The lotion comes in a plastic bottle which has a rounded shape to it and a pump on the top. The packaging is unisex and quite simple but it still looks nice.

        Using the pump is easy and you can move it to the right side to close it and move it to the left to open it. I love this design and I personally find it more practical than the body butters/lotions that come in tubs. The lotion comes out of the pump very easily and the lotion itself is smooth with a perfect consistency - nice and light but not too thin or runny and it still has a slightly luxurious feel to it.

        The lotion is a milky white colour and it spreads over my skin easily, absorbing quickly and leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy in the slightest. It does leave my skin looking a bit shiny but this doesn't bother me really as it makes it look healthy and glowy - it is not a greasy looking shine.

        The lotion smells sweet and chocolatey at first but after it has been on my skin for a few minutes it starts to smell a bit weird, it's hard to describe the smell (it is slightly how porridge smells really but sweeter) but the smell doesn't linger for that long and if I get dressed after applying it the smell doesn't transfer onto my clothes. Although the lotion does make my skin feel hydrated and it does provide relief for dry patches, it is not quite as moisturising as I would like however seeing as it is a lotion rather than a butter this is to be expected.

        It does not provide 24hrs of moisture for me, and I tend to need to apply it several times during the day or twice at the minimum to keep my skin from becoming dry and I find that although it does smoothen out some of the slightly dry bits of on skin, it doesn't completely smoothen out the dryness of my eczema patches and I am left feeling like I need to re-apply it again even after using a large blob of it.

        It is still a good lotion though but it is not moisturising enough for me personally. It is ideal to apply during the day though when I don't want a thick body butter and then I will apply a body butter before bed so this is my current favourite daytime moisturiser. I wouldn't be able to use it as my only moisturiser though. Four out of five stars.


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        27.03.2013 23:05
        Very helpful



        Relieves itchiness and long lasting hydration

        I have psoriasis and I use lotions and ointments to treat the condition together with creams to keep my skin well moisturised. Keeping the skin well moisturised is essential and while out shopping to buy my usual Exorex moisturising cream I spotted the Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion.
        What particularly caught my eye was that this claimed to relieve the itchiness associated with skin complaints and as I recalled reading some positive reviews about Aveeno products here on Dooyoo I decided to give it a try.

        The Product
        This is packaged in a plastic tube with a flip back lid. They do other moisturising lotions in the range but this one promises to soothe on contact and relieve the itchiness of dry irritable skin. They have conducted clinical trials to prove their claims.
        It contains shea butter and triple oat complex of oatmeal, oat oil and oat essence all of which are known for their mositurising properties plus oatmeal is recommended for use on sensitive skin.
        This is quite a thick lotion , a cream colour that has a sheen on it. It looks a little greasy but it is really easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is fragrance free. The texture is smooth which was a relief as I have used oatmeal products before and I was a bit worried this would have bits in it.

        I use this like I would a normal body lotion either before I apply my treatment or after, depending on which I am using and simply apply a dollop in my palm and then smooth over the skin that is affected by psoriasis.
        It feels very rich but it absorbs and dries very quickly.

        The Results
        I love this lotion as it immediately soothes my skin and stops the itchiness. That lasts for a couple of hours , which for me is a bonus as no other cream I use stops me itching for that long.
        I scratch myself in my sleep and during the day at work I find myself doing it unconsciously. I have some of this at work and reapply during the day to relieve the itchiness mainly on my arms and legs and it has made such a difference as my skin feels much more comfortable.
        It is an amazing moisturiser and lives up to the claims they make that it lasts 24 hours. My skin is incredibly dry and flaky , but it feels so much softer and that feeling lasts all day. I do apply more than once a day, but some days that isn't possible and although the relief from the itchiness does not last my skin feels soft and protected and if I I scratch I don't make it as sore .

        Would I Recommend
        I would recommend this to anyone who has dry itchy skin as not only is it a superb moisturiser, it makes my skin feel less irritated and it stops the itchy feeling on contact so I don't scratch my skin as much.
        I use this in combination with Exorex moisturiser which I find helps reduce the build of skin cells. But more is more when you have psoriasis and this is easy to layer on top or beneath the other products I use. I primarily use this on my patches of psoriasis as I am trying to reduce my mountain of body products and only spend on things I can't live without.
        My skin often feels sore especially in Winter when a combination of the cold weather and central heating makes my skin much worse, but I don't experience any stinging when I apply this even on broken skin. It is a pain having to moisturise and apply creams several times a day and what I like about this especially is that I can apply this before bed and not have to wait ages for it to absorb , especially when I am tired. I always prefer to add more cream rather than putting lots on and then have to spend ages working it into my skin. I would guess that this might be a little rich if you have normal skin, but if that is the case just use a small amount.

        I have been using this for about 6 weeks now and it is making a difference to the condition of my skin , primarily because it eases the itchiness but also because this is a long lasting moisturiser , so my skin feels much more hydrated for longer.
        It does have a fragrance which is very light and you can barely smell it, which I like as it doesn't clash with other products I use.
        I am very impressed with this product, my first Aveeno purchase and will explore the rest of the range, when my stockpile of products has diminished.

        I bought a 200ml tube which cost me about £6 , Boots have this at £5.49 currently ( at the time of writing on offer with a third off) . I use this at least twice a day so I would guess this lasts me around 2 weeks which is actually longer than most other creams of this size , given the quantity I use.
        Worth every penny as I get some relief from the constant itchiness


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      • Product Details

        Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion; is formulated with Shea Butter and a unique Triple Oat Complex containing finely milled naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal, Oat Oil and Oat Essence / It is clinically proven to moisturise for 24 hours and soothe on contact, providing immediate, long-lasting relief for extra dry, irritable skin / Skin is left looking and feeling soft, smooth and healthy / Fast absorbing / Paraben free / Dermatologist tested.

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