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Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub

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2 Reviews
  • Very gentle
  • beads a little small to remove all black heads
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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2014 03:35
      Very helpful


      • "Very gentle "


      • "beads a little small to remove all black heads "
      • "cost "

      Great scrub perfect for sensitive skin!

      I had not heard of this brand until earlier this year, I actually won several products in a competition, this being one of them. I have fallen for a couple of them but they all are really good so I am shocked they have passed me by until now.

      The Product ....

      The product is a gel facial scrub that is designed for sensitive skin, it is meant to gently exfoliate sensitive skin removing dead skin and back heads, it also contains keratoregulating agent which is meant to stimulate skin cell renewal.

      The packing ....

      This came in a white box but I do not remember what it looked like other than that, inside the product comes in a small clear plastic tube that stands on its head. There is a white twist cap at the base.

      To Use ....

      Twist the cap off and gently squeeze to remove the gel, massage the gel onto you face in small circular movements, wash off and pat the skin dry.

      Cost ....

      The product is £9.50 for 50ml. The tube is very small and does not last very long.

      Summary ....

      I really like this scrub but I do find it a little to gentle for my blackheads. It is certainly very gentle on my skin though and leaves my skin feeling very fresh and soft and has never dried it out in the slightest. The gel is not to thick and the beads are small and very gentle, there is no foaming to it which is a shame because I think it would help it last a little longer if it did have. I think this really is a brilliant scrub and suitable for even very sensitive skin.


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      18.05.2011 10:59
      Very helpful



      A great scrub if you're skin is really delicate

      *Why I want the product?*
      Since my last disaster with a facial exfoliator that ripped my face apart I was on the look out for a scrub for sensitive skin. I needed something that wouldn't cause me more irritation that I all ready have, something that was gentle yet still effective at giving my skin a good scrub. That was when I decided to have a look at the Avene range, I have all ready been using some of Avene's products so I knew they we're nice for me and good for sensitive skin.

      *Why do we need a facial scrub?*
      Like all living things cells on our skin grow, age and die, this is how you get dead skin cells and a build up if not removed. Exfoliation or regular scrubbing is beneficial to the skin but over-exfoliating in any skin type can have a negative effect on the skin due to irritation.

      Some skin types such as oily can get away with exfoliating twice a week as the dead cells tend to build up quicker. Other skin types can benefit from at least once a week to every two weeks.
      Removing the dead skin cells means you are letting the healthy skin underneath breath and show its vitality, you are also helping to remove congestion and you are helping to refine skin texture.

      *About the product*
      Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub has been formulated to scrub skins that are sensitive by eliminating purities. Small micro beads have been selected for their tolerance provides you with a gentle yet effective facial scrub.
      Ketatoregulating agent helps to stimulate dead skin cells for renewal.
      The product is mild and gel like texture helps to prevent skin dryness that can be associated with facial scrubs, it is very rich in Avene Thermal Spring Water by releasing water's soothing and anti-irritant properties.

      Paraben free, which is the perfect choose for sensitive skin.

      *Appearance of the packaging and product*
      Like other Avene products this facial scrub comes in a white matte cardboard box. The design is simple with a swirl at the bottom in peach, the same colour as Eau Thermale Avene at the top of the box. The middle states the product and that it is for sensitive skin.
      The side and back of the box give out a lot of information in French and English including about the scrub including how to apply for maximum results. There is an ingredient list at the side and a little write up about Avene.

      The 50ml plastic white matte tube has the same design as the box. The tube stands on its screw off lid for easy access and that all the product falls to the bottom so you can get most of the product out. The back states the product will last 12 months once opened and a little how to apply the scrub.

      (Please note other packaging may be different to the one I have as boots.com stock the same product but with pink packaging).

      *Applying the product*
      Applying the product is easy and just like applying other facial scrubs. Simply squeeze a small amount of product onto your hand and gently apply to dry or damp skin in gentle circular movements with your fingertips. When finished remove thoroughly with lukewarm water.

      *How it felt on my skin*
      Unscrewing the lid and squeezing some product out I noticed a slight sweet refreshing scent, which I was surprised about as it's made for sensitive skin so I didn't expected there to be any fragrance.

      The scrub itself is a clear gel with a good amount of small red circular beads. Because of the disaster with the last scrub I applied it to dry skin softly, straight away I found the product hard to move around the skin, which felt a little rough, but mixing in a tiny bit of water makes all the difference with this scrub. I found the product easily glides over the skin that feels cooling, light and soothing. The tiny beads are not abrasive and don't scratch my delicate cheeks, which is where I am most sensitive but I do feel it is still giving my skin a good scrub and rubbing away the dead skin cells.

      If you like a scrub that is a little more 'aggressive' then this scrub is not for you.
      I like to take scrubs off with a muslin cloth, which I found was easy to do without scrubbing to get all the little beads off and no residue left behind. My skin was left smooth and calm with no irritation, also the fragrance didn't seem to make a difference to me but I feel it is an ingredient that could be left out.

      *Price and availability*
      You can purchase this scrub from boots.com for £9.50 for 50mls or £8.29 from expressbeauty.co.uk

      *Would I purchase again?*
      I think Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub is great for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and I can see me purchasing this product again.

      I think value for money is good for this product as such a tiny amount is needed for you to get a good scrub, the 50ml tube should last you at least three months plus with regular use.


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    • Product Details

      The Gentle Purifying Scrub has been specially formulated to cleanse sensitive skin in depth by gently eliminating all impurities.  Its exfoliating micro-beads, selected for their extreme tolerance, provide an effective yet gentle scrub.  Their action is completed by a keratoregulating agent which stimulates skin cell's renewal.  This synergy promotes gentle elimination of dead cells and minor skin imperfections.  The mild and gel-like texture prevents from skin dryness and leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort.  When used before facial mask or moisturising cream application, the scrub improves the penetration of active ingredients and refines the skin texture, leaving it once again healthy and radiant-looking.  Paraben free.

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