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Avon Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Cleansing Foam / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Avon Anew

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    3 Reviews
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      30.12.2013 16:52
      Very helpful



      This cleanser chemically exfoliates and does not suit my facial skin.

      == Avon's Guidelines ==

      Avon typically say very little about their beauty products in their advertising. Instead they tend to rely on the impression potential customers get from their promotional photographs. However, with their skin care products, they do have age guidelines.

      In the Anew Anti-Aging Skin Care Range these are the age guidelines.

      25 to 40 Years Vitale
      40 to 50 Years Reversalist
      50 to 60 Years Ultimate
      60 Years upwards Platinum

      For Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser Avon say, "Moisture-rich, fast-foaming cleanser formulated with Activinol Wrinkle Reversal Technology. It removes dirt, excess oil and make-up, leaving skin looking refreshed, toned, soft and smooth based on a Consumer Study, 30 people."

      == Exfoliation ==

      I think one of the ways the Reveralist range is supposed to work is that the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) in it chemically dissolve away the top layer of dead skin.

      Other cleansers do a similar thing by having naturally occurring abrasives in their cleansers - for example Avon Clearskin Scrub (primarily aimed at teenages). A popular example from another brand is the St Ives Apricot Scrub. This is the sort that seems to suit me best, and even then I only feel a need to use them once a week on my skin.

      Although experience has shown that the AHA method of exfoliation has not worked well for my facial skin, others apparently do benefit from it. Getting rid of the dead surface skin this way can make the skin smoother and encourage new growth, if your skin is not sensitive to it.

      Any way of exfoliation is likely to make skin more susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlight, so it is extra important to use a sun protection factor product afterwards.

      == Are You the Right Age? ==

      On the Avon website, they have reviews from customers who have used their products, who score the product from 1-5 stars and also leave comments. On this Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser the age of the customer is not necessarily an indicator of how much they liked it.

      My experience of Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser was poor.

      I tried it when I was at the upper end of their 40-50 years age guidance. It certainly cleansed my skin, but also seemed to get rid of beneficial natural skin ingredients as well. Afterwards my face felt like it had been stripped of all its natural protection, was extremely dry, and cried out for immediate hydrating cream. I used my usual moisturiser and my skin absorbed about twice as much as I normally apply.

      == Comparison with Avon's Cleanser Aimed at my Daughter's Age Group ==

      I got on fine when my daughter let me sample her Avon Anew Vitale cleanser aimed at 25 to 40 year olds.

      Have my previous anti-ageing products really benefitted me so much that I now have the same sort of skin as someone decades younger?

      == Comparison with "Teenage" Type Cleansers ==

      I always have in my toiletries cupboard a cleansing product from one of the popular brands aimed at teenage spotty skin. I don't use it often, only when I have an occasional greasy skin phase. (As well as teenagers, 50 year olds also tend to start having hormonal imbalances.)

      Cleansing products including those from the brands Clear Skin and Clearasil, plus own brand cleansers that contain tea tree oil or witch hazel, have not stripped my skin to the same extent as Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser.

      == Summary ==

      Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser does not suit my face, as not only did it cleanse my skin, it also stripped it of my natural good protective ingredients.

      The anti-ageing hydrating creams in this Reversalist range have also not suited my skin.

      My star rating is based on how well it suits my skin. It may, however, suit your skin type.


      My recommendation on all skin care, including Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser is do not rely on age guidelines to tell if it is suitable for you. It is best to try a sample before buying a full size product.

      Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser does not suit my skin because it stripped it overly dry.

      On the plus side, my Avon representative will honour the money back guarantee on products that do not suit my skin, as she did in this case.


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        30.11.2013 08:27
        Very helpful



        Moisture-rich, fast subtly foaming cleanser


        Avon Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser

        Size: 125ml


        I love Avon products and always look forward to receiving a catalogue; I don't get out much to browse cosmetics at counters, so tend to do most of my buying on-line or via in this instance the Avon catalogue. This actually plays into Avon's hands, as I tend to buy a lot of their products, when there are probably better items out there, but the catalogue is a convenient way to purchase. I first tried this cleanser when a mini size was in a giveaway pack of updated Anew products, when I noticed it on offer I was pleased to buy the full sized product at a fraction of its normal price.

        Avon's Anew range is their flagship anti-aging group of products, with a selection of products aimed at different life stages. The Reversalist Cleanser is bracketed into the 40-50 age group of products, but I think it is important to remember that the age group is only a guide and the cleanser is labelled as 40+.
        My own skin tends to fall into the normal bracket, but I have very sensitive eyes and my skin can be prone to contact dermatitis; T zone or outbreaks of spots if I use the wrong products. So I do tend to seek out sensitive skin products and work out what suits me.

        The container is a bottom down plastic tube, featuring an easy thumb lift flip up /click shut lid. The product is easily removed by simply picking up, flipping the lid and gently squeezing, if stored in the correct way on its lit, the product is almost effortless to remove, when stored on its side it is not difficult, but it makes sense to store top down, especially when it is getting low.

        The tube is recognizable by its colour scheme of silver container with red lid, text and graphics. The graphics are bold yet simple, I'm sure carefully chosen to market the range as sophisticated and luxurious.

        The fragrance is subtle and pleasingly subtle and can best be described as soft and comforting.

        Once squeezed out the cleanser presents as a white cream the substance of a body lotion and smoothes onto damp skin easily.

        TO APPLY:

        I always wash my hands first and then run some warm water into the basin, after carefully removing my eye make-up, first I damp my skin and then I simply squeeze a little cleanser onto my hand about the size of a lemon sherbert sweet, roll it up to my fingertips and carefully massage onto my face with large upwards and outwards circular movements. Once I have ensured the product has included the creases of my nose and my jaw line as well as my neck. I rinse off with the warm water. This method suits me well at night. In the mornings when I shower, I use the product in the shower, which works well too.

        The first time I used the cleanser, I had to check that it was a "foaming cleanser", as foam was not evident, however, once it contacts with water it becomes light and soft to use, gliding onto the skin with ease, so I think the foaming is a gentle process rather than visual experience. This feature is particularly useful for me with my sensitive eyes as a highly foaming especially perfumed cleanser could cause havoc with my eyes.

        When I rinse the cleanser off, my skin feels clean and refreshed, with no adverse feelings such as tightness or oiliness. The cleanser rinses off easily and does not leave any scum or residue in the basin either. All in all a pleasant facial cleansing experience.

        WHO FOR:

        This range is marketed as 40+ but aimed at the 40-50 age bracket. I believe it depends sole on your skin type, your age is just a number, therefore I believe that this could suit 30-60 without any problems.


        "Moisture-rich, fast-foaming cleanser formulated with Activinol Wrinkle Reversal Technology. It removes dirt, excess oil and make-up, leaving skin looking refreshed, toned, soft and smooth based on a Consumer Study"
        "Every AM and PM, massage gently over wet face. Rinse off and pat dry."



        This has become one of favourite facial cleansing products. Everything about is lovely and when bought on offer the price is very good as well.

        I believe it does live up to the claims and the foaming? Well who wants a bubble bath on their face? The foam is a subtle change in the product when activated with water, rather than a lather or bubbling product. The cleanser is easy to use, leaves my skin fresh and clean and has never given me cause for concern.


        Usual price is £8.50, which is more than some high street brands, however it is right in the lower premium price bracket that tends to suit sensitive skin better. Furthermore, I have learnt to never pay full price for Avon products as they frequently have really good offers and with careful planning this cleanser can be bought as part of a 3 for £10.00 offer. At £3.33 it is a bargain cleanser. Available via a Representative from the Avon Catalogue, Avon on-line, Sometimes outlets such as eBay or Amazon (see the Dooyoo links).


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        03.05.2011 12:09
        Very helpful




        I am a bit of a fan of Avon products and have come to try out quite a few items from the Avon 'Anew' range, which is a range of cosmetics aimed at being 'anti-aging', with there being several different age groups within the range, so that the best range for the age of your own skin can be selected. As I work as an Avon representative when my ill health allows, I have great access to all of the products that the Avon brand has to offer and I have tried out many of them over the years.

        I was buying a product from the Avon Anew range recently and in this particular brochure, the item came with a choice of free gift which consisted of a small, clear plastic bag with several Anew items in the bag. One of these was the 'Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleanser'.

        The normal price for this facial cleanser is a rather hefty £8.50 for the 125ml tube. I wouldn't normally spend that amount on a cleanser product so I was keen to see if this product was any good, and was delighted to get it free of charge!

        The packaging consists of a plastic tube, with a plastic cap on the top which has a 'flip up' design. I have found that the cap flips open quite easily and I have had no problems with doing this. There is a small hole underneath the cap which allows you to squeeze the cleanser from the tube into your palm. The tube is made of a silver-coloured plastic, with both the print and writing on the tube and the plastic tube itself being detailed in bright red. The combination of the colours are very eye-catching and give the packaging a rather sophisticated 'edge' to it, making me feel that the product has a luxury element to it.

        The Anew cleanser itself is a white 'creamy' looking substance that is not at all opaque or see-through and this was something of a surprise to me, given that most facial wash products that I have used before have been more like a clear gel when they are first applied to the skin. Anyway, having been reasonably impressed with several of the items from the Anew range in the past, I was eager to try out the foaming cleanser to see if it was any good with my rather troublesome, spot-prone, combination skin!

        The reverse of the Anew cleanser's tube has the rather confident statement "This moisture-rich, fast foaming cleanser removes excess dirt and oil. Suitable for sensitive skin." There is also advice given on how to use the cleanser (simply apply to the face and rinse off) as well as some assurances about the product being "Allergy tested" and "Dermatologist-tested". Alright then, the product certainly seems to tick all the right boxes as far as its claims are concerned, but would it live up to them all?

        The first couple of times that I tried out the Anew cleanser, I found that the texture took a bit of getting used to. I like to use a light product when washing my face, as I think it feels gentle and refreshing on my sensitive skin, whereas the Anew cleanser in comparison felt quite heavy and rather 'gum-like' when applying it to my face.

        Furthermore, I found that the cleanser didn't lather up too well when it was applied to my skin and massaged in gently. There was little (or no) soapy 'foam' type substance evident on my skin, and this surprised me greatly given the product's full name actually has the word 'Foaming' in there. A bit cheeky if you ask me! I did experiment a little, and the more I got used to using the facial cleanser, I found that applying hot (not warm) water to the cleanser on my face allowed it to lather up a little more than normal, but in all honestly I want a pretty hassle-free skin care routine of a morning, and I didn't really have the enthusiasm to stand in front of the mirror massaging water onto my soapy face every morning to see if I could get the product to achieve a half-decent lather..... So I didn't.

        Instead of a soft, gentle-feeling product then, the Anew Reversalist cleanser felt quite harsh in comparison, and it took a little of the 'luxury' feeling away from the product. To be fair, when the product was rinsed from my skin I was left with a lovely squeaky-clean feeling on my face and neck, but not before I had to fuss over little areas on my face where the white cleanser seemed to 'cling' onto my skin, such as around my nose and in particular, around my hairline. There was nothing about this facial cleanser that made me feel it was a 'fuss-free' or easy product to use and in actual fact the opposite was true, and each time I used the cleanser I found myself wondering how long the whole face-washing process was actually taking me!

        Alas, the overall results achieved from using the Anew Reversalist cleanser do not tell a more positive story, and I feel the product is actually quite harsh on my skin, regardless of the claims on the packaging to suggest it is suitable for sensitive skin. I find that my skin is drier than usual around my nose and on my forehead, which requires me to apply more moisturiser than usual.

        Additionally, I have found that the Anew Reversalist cleanser has done nothing to help with my spot-prone skin and it actually seems to accelerate this problem slightly due to it being quite 'heavy-feeling' on my skin and drying my skin out slightly.

        The 'Anew' range overall is a range of cosmetics aimed at combating anti-aging although I am unsure as to whether this applies to this particular cleanser given that there is no statement to suggest this on the packaging. I have certainly noticed no improvement to the fine lines I have on my forehead and around my eyes.

        So, to go back to the statements made on the packaging from the manufacturer...

        Moisture rich? No.
        Fast Foaming? No.
        Removes dirt? No.

        I think you get my point.... I found most or all of the claims on the reverse of the plastic tube were false, at least in relation to my own skin which, to be fair, is slightly troublesome given it is spot-prone and rather delicate and sensitive. I would however, expect a product with such a high price tag as this one to attend to at least one of the complaints I have with my skin and this one just didn't. Quite frankly, I would have achieved better (or at least the same) results on my skin if I had used a cheap bar of soap to wash my face every morning.

        Overall, I would not recommend this product at all, and I wouldn't buy it again. In actual fact I was so disappointed with its results that I discarded the tube before it was finished as I was so fed up with having to fuss over the product each morning! Furthermore, I didn't like the way it dried out my skin and left it feeling dull and 'heavy'.

        There is no way on this earth that I would ever agree that this product is worth its rather hefty price tag and in my opinion you can get a much better cleanser from elsewhere in the Avon brochure for around half the price of this one!

        As with all Avon products, you can order from your local Avon representative, or there is a website for the company at www.avonshop.co.uk.


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