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Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Astringent

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Brand: Avon / Type: Acne Treatment / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Anti-Blemish / What it does: blemish control / Product line: Avon Clearskin

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2013 18:43
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      An effective astringent, but can cause a burning sensation

      I am extremely disciplined when it comes to skin care, particularly as I suffered with problems during my teens. As a result, I have followed a strict beauty regime for the past thirty years where I will cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night. Despite having a number of favourite products I am always open to trying something new especially as skin care brands are continuously developing new ideas. Consequently, whilst browsing through an Avon brochure a couple of months ago my attention was drawn to their Clearskin Blemish Clearing range and this review discusses my experience with using their Daily Astringent.

      I was eager to try out this product, particularly as there are very few astringents on the market with my favourite from my teenage years being Clearasil, which I believe was discontinued many years ago. We are provided with 125ml of product, which is presented in a tall and sleek looking transparent plastic bottle, which gives an overall impression of clean and fresh. It was only when I received my purchase from my Avon representative that I realised that the astringent contains salicylic acid; an ingredient which has caused me problems in the past.

      Whilst I would describe my skin type as T-zone where I suffer with oily areas on my forehead and nose with dry patches on my cheeks, previous experiences of products containing this acid have caused a burning sensation as well as discomfort to my skin. However, as my experiences are from several years ago, I presumed that skin care technology had moved on and that the product would not be as harsh as those that I've previously tried. Furthermore, the claim that daily use of the astringent would reduce any excess oils was very tempting and I decided to go ahead and try it out.

      As with the majority of Avon products that I've used, the reverse of the bottle is cluttered with the tiniest of text, which is rather difficult to read. The English directions for use consist of just three lines where we are advised to use on a daily basis and in doing so the skin will be clean, refreshed and refined. Although I was apprehensive about applying salicylic acid to my skin, I felt somewhat assured that the astringent would not cause me any issues, particularly as Avon claim that it will not cause "over-drying".

      The bottle offers a flip top lid, which is firmly attached by a sturdy hinge, so there are no concerns that it could detach itself over a period of time. The lid is easily flipped open and securely closed with the product being dispensed via the small aperture. I squirted out a small amount of the watery pale lilac astringent onto a cotton wool ball and began applying to my skin using an upwards motion whilst ensuring that I did not make contact with my eyes or lips. Despite the aroma being clean and fresh it is rather chemical, which is something that I find a little unfavourable. Application is quick and easy with the liquid being very cooling when making contact with my skin and the only areas that offered a slight burning sensation were my cheeks due to the dryness that I suffer. Surprisingly, I have suffered with no tightness, which is generally the case with astringent cleansers.

      On checking the used white cotton wool balls I was able to witness traces of dirt and grime, which surprised me, particularly as I was of the opinion that I had thoroughly washed my face beforehand. Consequently, I continued to apply the astringent until the cotton wool balls showed no traces of grease and grime. I felt assured that the product was highly effective at removing any excess dirt and oil from my skin, but due to the slight burning sensation, which was followed by mild redness, I decided to use the product at night time. As I use a toning product directly afterwards, the slight burn is instantly relieved after which I complete by skin care routine with an application of moisturising cream. However, I cannot admit to suffering with the slight burning sensation during each use, particularly as I have been using more moisturising cream than normal due to the cold weather.

      Despite the fact that I no longer suffer with major breakouts of spots other than the odd one that appears now and again, my skin is prone to blackheads, particularly beneath my nose where I have a few enlarged pores. I feel assured that the astringent is ridding my skin of any dirt in addition to preventing blockage of the pores. My previous experiences with astringents containing salicylic acid is that they were stripping my skin of too much oil, which would subsequently result in the skin naturally producing more. I cannot admit to suffering with any additional dryness than normal although I would not recommend using this product without applying a moisturiser afterwards. In addition, I would not recommend the astringent be used by those consumers who suffer with dry skin.

      I have approximately a quarter of the 200ml bottle remaining, which will no doubt last me a further three weeks. Whilst I am finding the astringent to be extremely effective at keeping my skin squeaky clean and free of any unwanted grease and grime, I am undecided whether I will make a further purchase, as my normal choice of cleansers is those from Liz Earle, which are very effective as well as being very gentle on the skin. If you are interested in purchasing Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Astringent it is currently available for £2 with its normal price being £4.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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