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Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Blemish Stick

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Brand: Avon / Subcategory: Stick / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Type: Anti-Blemish / What it does: blemish control / Product line: Avon Clearskin

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2012 12:28
      Very helpful



      I'll buy it again, and recommend it!


      Many regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work part-time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means that I have great access to many of the new products and 'promotional deals' that Avon have on offer throughout their glossy brochures. I have tried out countless Avon products over the years, from a variety of their different ranges.

      An Avon range that I have purchased several items from now is the "Clearskin" range which is aimed at helping to achieve a clearer complexion, with many of the products within the range being aimed at clearing blackheads, treating spots and covering blemishes. I have found that some of the products can be a bit 'hit and miss' whilst others have proven to work very well with my skin and I have repurchased them again.

      A favourite product of mine that falls into the second category is the Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Blemish Stick, which is aimed at having 'dual action' properties in terms of facial blemishes. To explain this a little further, the stick is tinted, and looks entirely like your average concealer product from most of the big brands. It works in the same way too, with it being encased in a plastic tube that can be turned at the bottom to 'rotate' the stick of concealer within. The idea behind this of course is to use the tinted concealer product to cover your spot or blemish.

      There is a further benefit to be gained however, as any other concealer product would perhaps do more harm than good in being applied to a spot or pimple. I have found certainly in the case of my own skin, that leaving the irritated skin to 'breathe' by itself without smothering it in concealers and foundations tends to allow it to heal quicker and move on its way a little better. In the case of the Avon Blemish Stick however, this concern can be pushed aside as the product contains ingredients aimed at helping to clear up the blemishes and spots altogether.

      * MY EXPERIENCE.. *

      Looking at the product, there is nothing visually noticeable about it that sets it apart from other concealers in my opinion. When applying the stick however, I can detect a faint scent of something that smells slightly 'antiseptic' or something that is similar to products aimed at helping spots and acne. The scent is not over-powering, nor is it so strong that it causes any stinging or irritation, and I have found too that the scent fades completely once the product has been applied to the skin properly.

      Doing so is very easy, and the product 'glides' across the skin in the same way that most other 'stick' concealer products do. A little blending with a sponge or a fingertip goes a long way with this product however, as otherwise it can look slightly 'caked' in its appearance. After application, the blemish or pimple has been disguised quite nicely, thanks to the tan-coloured coating of product upon it.

      One small niggle that I have with the product however, is that the 'tone' of the Blemish Stick is slightly too dark for my liking. My near porcelain complexion requires the use of very fair and pale tones when applying liquid make-up and the Blemish Stick is slightly more 'tan' than I would like. For this reason, I tend not to use the Stick as often as I would like, saving it for occasions when I have spot breakouts or blemishes that are visible. I will usually then apply the Blemish Stick with some darker-than-usual powder and bronzer products, in an attempt to disguise my imperfections as best I can. I'd much prefer it if Avon provided the Blemish Stick in a choice of perhaps two or three shades instead of just the one that is currently available. I feel that by doing so, there would be a better chance of finding an appropriate match to individual skin tones, and certainly from my own point of view, the product would instantly become much more suitable to everyday use instead of being relegated to the 'for spot hiding' collection..!

      The tan shade of the stick is the only flaw I can find with the product however, and to be fair it has never prevented me from repurchasing the product. In terms of concealing spots and blemishes, I find it works well at offering a little disguise when needed, without much fuss.

      As for the product actually helping to treat spots, I haven't found it to be overly effective, and blemishes are usually still visible after the product has been removed. I do think it is slightly less 'harmful' when applied to blemishes however, as the unpleasant 'tingle' that is so often present when other products are applied to broken or sore skin is nowhere to be found. Similarly, there is nothing to be found in the way of aggravation to the already aggravated skin, which is not the case with foundations and tinted powders, blushers, concealers or moisturisers, most of which cause some sort of unpleasant stinging or 'tightening' of the irritated skin. This evidence has led me to believe that the Avon Blemish Stick actually contains a fairly mild formula, and this is the main reason that I will always chose to use it over other concealer products when I have blemishes I am looking to disguise.

      Removing the product is extremely easy, and I have found that a moist facial wipe or some make-up remover dabbed on some cotton wool lifts the product from the skin with ease and speed.

      As @ the time of writing (August 2012), the product is not available to purchase on Avon's website, but you can possibly still buy it directly from your local Avon Representative as it appeared in a recent brochure for the discounted price of £2 - (The product normally retails at around £4.) Failing that, you can purchase it online at www.amazon.co.uk but for a more expensive price of around £6. The stick is also a popular product on www.ebay.co.uk, where prices start at around 99 pence plus postage costs.

      If like me, you suffer from occasional spot breakouts and blemishes, I would recommend giving the Avon Clearskin Blemish Stick a try out. My only complaint is in terms of the 'shade' of the product, otherwise I cannot fault it so I think it is deserving of a four-star rating.


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