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Avon Clearskin Colour Changing Mask

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Brand: Avon / Type: Face Mask / Product line: Avon Clearskin

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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2010 18:08
      Very helpful



      Cheap and cheerful little treat!

      Feeling depressed at work when the Avon book came through, well I went a little mad and they always do have such great offers!

      So even though normally I never use face mask, never like to try anything new on my face because I have sensitive skin and I am prone to psorias (sp?) I bought this tube of clear skin colour changing mask - though it has now changed its name to "Blackhead removal mask" or something similar (nice hey??)

      It was on offer so I only paid £2 for this product and I wasn't expecting wonders!

      It sat at home for a good week until I remembered about this, got all excited and tried it out last night.......

      Like most Avon products it comes in a toothpaste style tube, but it does have a flip lid which makes the product easily accessible and less messy when you try to close it with gunk all over your hands!

      It is very strangely BRIGHT blue! I was a little perturbed to put this on my face to be honest, but after a good smell of the product I decided I had nothing to lose! Now just to divert to the smell, it actually doesn't smell of ANYTHING at all, it is very non-descript which is why I braved putting it on my face!
      Application was easy, you just smear it over your face and don't rub it in at all! It feels like applying normal moisturiser and I didn't find it uncomfortable to sit there with it on my face!
      It starts to turn white and you can feel it tightening on your face, but I was still able to talk and drink whilst I had the mask on without fear of it cracking. I preferred the visual effect of seeing the mask change colour rather than timing how long I had worn it for because I could actually see it working and believed in it!!

      Again removing the mask was simple, you just wash your face with water and then its gone - no peeling or faffing around. I really liked this aspect of the product.

      Ummm now honestly I'd have to say no visual effect, however when the mask was on my face and turning white I did have a close look in the mirror - you could definitely see all my pores and dirt through the mask, I looked like someone had taken a pin to the mask! And after washing off my skin did feel tighter, but not dry as sometimes is the case. I didn't even use any moisturiser before bed and woke up this morning with my skin feeling lovely and smooth!

      Instructions on this product recommend use 2-3 times a week, which I think I will be doing, it is an unobtrusive, quick to use mask, you could put it on as you start to get ready for bed, brush your teeth etc, wash it off and go to bed and your skin is better off for it!

      I would recommend you buy this product, it is a budget product and if you like luxury treats then maybe this isn't for you!


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        13.10.2008 14:18
        Very helpful



        Good for part of a regular skin care routine, but no fancy treat

        When my skin plays up I have two options. The first is to cover up - though this would require me to buy make up brushes, make up remover and, of course, actual make up. The other option is to slap on a mask and let if clear up my skin for me. Face masks are not quite as readily available here in Mexico as they are in the UK and other countries, but this Latin land does have one thing going for it - they have actual Avon shops here on the highstreet, and it's in one of these that I found this mask for a mere 38 pesos (£2).

        I picked this one out of a few they had in the store because its "Colour Change" claim intrigued me - I'm a sucker for a gimmick, and this certainly seemed to be one. This mask is part of the Avon Clear Skin range so I also thought it would sort out my skin which is currently showing a physical representation of the internal stress I'm feeling as a result of my loony landlord.

        The mask comes in a white tube with a flip shut lid and stands lid down so gravity is always helping get all the mask out of the tube. I find tubes helpful because facemask sachets always seem to have too much in, and it goes to waste. With a tube you can apply just the amount you need.

        The mask has a fresh scent that doesn't really smell of anything in particular. The mask comes out of the tube blue and you are supposed to keep it on your face for 5 minutes or until it turns white. It is easy to apply since it is like a thick liquid (similar to most face masks) and not too runny or gloopy. It also isn't overly sticky and it washes off your hands quite easily after application.

        I have been using this mask for a couple of months and still have quite a bit left in the 100g tube. Though meant for weekly or twice-weekly use, I tend to use it less often, only when I remember, and it's a hair washing day (so I don't have to be too neat about how I apply it near my hairline). I like it because it is something of a cross between one of those one minute wash-on/wash-off masks and the full out 15 minute ones. The instructions on the tube tell me to keep it on for 5 minutes or until it turns white. Since we have a silly water set up here and I have to turn on the heating 5-10 minutes before I want a shower, this works out well. I've found it does not dry evenly (probably a result of not being applied evenly) but it does start to turn white in the time specified, and it is totally white and ready to be washed off before it feels uncomfortably tight.

        Though it would be a wonderful thing if it did, I do not expect this mask to wash off taking any spots with it. It does seem to make my skin clearer immediately though, by being the cosmetic equivalent of an anti-inflammatory, soothing and smoothing things back towards the surface. I haven't had proper skin problems since I've been here, thanks no doubt to the sunshine and lots of that lovely tap water (which everyone tells you not to drink, silly people). However I still like to use this mask and psychologically I feel that doing a deep-clean once a week is the maintenance needed to keep things nice and clear.

        I like this mask, but it is pretty ordinary. It leaves me skin smooth, but not radiant. It smells fresh, but not beautifully scented. The gimmick of the colour change is fun at first but soon becomes something you don't notice. It is a nice basic mask for use as part of a skin care routine, but I'm docking a star because it's not a luxurious treat, just a decent every day product.

        You can buy the Clearskin range in the UK from your Avon rep, or from their online shop. I don't believe this exact product is available in the UK at the moment, but it may be in the future. After all, the back of the bottle does make it sound like a quite an international product when it says "Avon: New York, London, Paris, Rome, Mexico"...


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      • Product Details

        It goes on blue / when color changes to white, you're done! A cool, refreshing tingle lets you feel the deep-cleaning action / Lifts away dirt and oil, and leaves skin with a healthy and refreshed glow /

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