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Avon Clearskin Liquid Extraction Strip

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5 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Skin Care / Product line: Avon Clearskin

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    5 Reviews
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      16.01.2014 20:37
      Very helpful



      Clear those pores

      I have read the other reviews and I thought I would add my opinion.

      I bought this product last May time when Avon had it for £3 at this time it was a new product. I have used the traditional strips in the past but as I don't see them very often I thought this would be a good alternative.

      The product comes in a silver tube which contains 30ml.

      The product is designed to 'extract' blackheads, impurities and pore clogging dirt. The product contains salicylic acid which is known for it's spot fighting qualities.

      To use the product you need to cleanse your face first then dry. Using your fingers you need to spread a thick layer across the nose you also need to extend the strip outwards on the nose by about 1 1/2 cm each side to create a 'tab' allowing you to remove the strip easily once it has dried. You can also apply this to your forehead and chin using a similar method of application.

      The strip then needs to be left to dry which takes about 20 minutes or so, then using your finger or thumb you need to rub the edge of the strip to get it to start to peel before removing the whole thing in one go. If there is any excess left on your skin Avon recommend washing with warm water until it is removed.

      The first thing I noticed when squeezed this out of the bottle was the smell. It is really chemically smelling, it reminds me of an astringent it has a strong antiseptic smell. The product is a transparent blue in colour and despite it looking like a peel of mask it is significantly thicker and a lot stickier. It is tricky the first time you use this to get the application even, the first couple of times I had a go I ended up with an end which seemed to stay wet for ages as it was so thick.

      This does become really tight on the skin when it is drying and it makes movement of your face a bit difficult. The smell is not great either but it is only for 20 minutes.

      After I had waited the allotted time I couldn't wait to peel this off to see the results. I wasn't prepared for how much this would hurt. It was like pulling a plaster off your skin that has been on there for a few days and is stuck fast. I thought this was good though as obviously it was doing something.

      After removing the strip which I managed to get off in one go I was amazed to see lots of little dots of grease and gunk from inside my pores. It didn't leave any residue. I was amazed at how smooth my nose felt. Sometimes my nose and chin can feel a little greasy and clogged which normally only a good exfoliating session or a face mask helps with. This left my nose feeling clean and up close there was a noticeable difference in blackheads a lot of them has been removed.

      I personally found this better than the strips, it was really satisfying to peel the strip off and look at what had been removed. It has similar results when I used it on my chin.

      I would recommend this product, I found it did an excellent job and I have had my tube for a while and I use it weekly and there is still half left. It is recommended that you only use this every few days and no more than three times a week so even though at full price £6 it is quite expensive it is long lasting.

      I would give this 4 stars I have deducted one for the pain factor!


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      06.07.2013 15:43
      Very helpful



      worth the effort if you persevere

      I can understand why Dooyooers have only awarded 1 star reviews for this product but thought I would put in my pennyworth and award it 3 stars because it did help remove some of my stubborn blackheads for which I am very grateful!

      I purchased this gel from my Avon lady whilst it was on offer at £3 for the 30ml tube. It is boxed and comes with a leaflet on how to use it for best results. I was a bit frustrated with trying to read the tiny print but basically it was telling me to apply the gel in a thick layer around the nose and T zone area and leaving alone for 20 minutes. All that was required then, I was told, was to peel the hardened strip away carefully to reveal a clearer looking skin.

      The first time I used it I honestly got a bit frustrated because the blue gel is very sticky to the touch and it wouldn't seem to go where I wanted it too but I persevered and found it to be well worth the effort.

      It is advised that you apply twice a week and, after a month of using it I have noticed that most of the pesky old and engrained blackheads at the bridge of my nose have all but gone. This was an area where those pore strips were of no use and exfoliators never seemed to work so I have to say it was well worth getting sticky fingers and spending ages getting rid of all of the residue left by the 'mask'!

      As stated I have been using this for a month now and there is still plenty left in the tube so I reckon it is pretty good value for £3 - I would have spent more than this on those plastic/fabric-type nose strips which failed to extract the deep blackheads I seem prone to getting.

      Overall I found the areas of my face where I applied the Extraction Strip did appear clearer and felt softer to the touch but I would not say this product works miracles.

      All the ingredients and relevant information is provided in the leaflet (if you can read it!) plus full directions on how to apply etc. Just be prepared to get sticky fingers and allow plenty of time to remove it all from your face afterwards.

      3 stars from me for this Avon patent-pending product!


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        27.06.2013 20:07
        Very helpful



        Nose feels soft and clean but no effect on blackheads

        I suffer with blackheads on and around my nose, and often use the fabric nose strips you can buy. I love these as you can really notice a difference after use, and they really seem to improve my skin. However when I saw that Avon had launched the Liquid Extraction I was keen to give it a go and see if it worked as well.

        It is basically a mask version of the fabric strips and works similar to a peel off face mask. Or at least it is supposed to!

        The product comes in a grey 30ml tube which you squeeze to dispense the product. It is easy to dispense just the amount required. The product itself is blue in colour and slightly runny. Once applied it feels cool on the skin.

        To use you apply to the nose and 1cm over the surrounding skin to allow a tab to remove it with. It then dries and you peel it off. It takes 5-10 minutes to dry depending on the amount applied, but whether I have applied thickly or thinly I have found it very difficult to remove as it peels off in small pieces rather than in one piece.

        Whilst my nose felt lovely and clean and soft it had made no difference whatsoever to the blackheads which was really disappointing, especially as when using the fabric nose strips you can buy you can see a noticeable difference and the gunk which has been removed.

        The Avon Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip can be brought either from the Avon website of from Avon Representatives. Its full price is £6.00 but it is currently on offer for £3.60.

        I would not buy this again, whilst my nose feels soft and clean after use it does not seem to do anything with regards to the blackheads and I much prefer the fabric strips you can buy where there are noticeable results.

        This review also appears on CIAO under the same username.


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        12.06.2013 16:16
        Very helpful



        Hopeless supposedly peel-off nose strips

        ===The Product===

        Avon Clearskin Professional Liquid Extraction Strip.
        Comes in silver box.
        Tube contains 30 mls and is to be used within 12 months. Made in Italy.
        'Transforms from liquid to a flexible peel-off strip, removing dirt and the look of blackheads from pores'.
        Among the ingredients are - polyvinyl, alcohol, salicylic acid, ammonium hydroxide.Comes in a small silver tube with a grey flip-top lid.
        Also has a sheet of instructions in many languages.
        Formulated with patent-pending technology.
        TO USE - up to two times a week on nose, forehead or chin. Spread a thick layer and expend about 1 cm either side form nose to form a 'tab' to remove. When completely dry, after about 20 minutes, slowly peel entire strip away and if needed rinse or rub off the excess with warm water.


        Full price £6, currently half price.

        ===My Opinion===

        Avon state - 'After cleansing apply a thin layer across the nose. Leave to dry and gently peel away strip and rinse. Peels away blackheads, impurities and pore clogging dirt for clearer looking skin'.

        This is a new product out by Avon in their Clearskin range which is aimed at the younger generation or those with problem skin - according to the images in the catalogues it is aimed at both males and females.
        The images to go with this product looked very encouraging as it is a liquid mask that you apply and then peel off in a strip. I imagined it would be like those nose strips you can buy and peel off but in the end it was no good at all.
        I do not have many blackheads but thought I would try it as the nose area could always do with a 'clean up' and some of my friends get Avon with me so its nice to have an opinion on a new product.
        The description and images makes it look and sound as if you can pull away blackheads and debris from clogged pores and that they are left looking smaller and tighter - well this does not happen - not for me anyway.
        The product is bright blue and a thick gel like consistency.
        You need to apply a thick layer and as an experiment I just used it one side of my nose. The tube is quite small and not really worth the full price as it would soon be used up.
        For me the strip which was supposed to form as the liquid set never really materialised even though I left it for longer than the 20 minutes stated.
        It would not come off in one piece as parts of it was still wet so I ended up rinsing it off.
        Looking at my skin in a magnifying mirror showed no difference to the skin at all - the pores did not look any cleaner at all or as if they were any tighter.
        I found it messy, with a chemically smell and for me it did not solidify as promised.
        A total waste of time for me and I would not recommend this for anyone.
        Much better to buy a good face wash and a scrub.

        ===Star Rating===

        1 star.

        ===Would I Recommend?===





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          12.06.2013 10:52
          Very helpful



          A useless face mask

          The mask

          I have a real problem with blackheads, especially around my nose and T zone area, so I love trying new products to try and get rid of them. When I came across this in the Avon catalogue I knew I wanted to give it a try as I have had good experiences with their face masks previously. I paid £3 for a 30ml tube but I think this may be an introductory offer. The Avon website says this product is 'available soon', so I think it may only be available from a representative for the short term.

          The idea is this is a liquid face mask that you apply only to your problem areas, where it will dry into the pores and help bring up any impurities. Avon say to add a thin layer of this mask over problem areas after cleansing and prepping your skin. Then let it dry and then peel away the mask, which should in theory remove impurities and pore clogging dirt. It is suggested to use this product two times a week for best results.

          The gel is blue in colour and really sticky to touch. It was easy to apply to my skin and it does feel a little heavy when you first apply it. Of course, as it dries it begins to lighten a little, but until then it can feel a little sticky on your skin. Application was simple enough and it only takes a few minutes to apply which is great. Then leave for twenty minutes to allow it to dry and work its magic before pulling it away and washing skin clear of any excess.

          Applying and results

          I hate the smell of this mask. The scent is hard to explain but it has a real masculine smell to it. It smells almost like the hair gel my husband uses and it really is off putting especially when applying it to an area like the nose. I hate face products that have a scent as there is no escaping it. This really smells quite bad and I find it off putting. It also lasts quite a while on the skin and takes it time to fully fade away which is rather disappointing. Even with just two small areas with the mask on them I found it a little strong and overbearing.

          The first time I used this I added a thin layer as advised across my nose and the T zone area. I do suffer more in these areas and had hoped this gel would help improve them .You are advised to add a little extra gel at each side to use as a tab to pull the mask away once dried. I sat and waited the twenty minutes advised by Avon and to be fair it did actually fully dry in this time. Then lifting the tab away my skin felt immensely soft and I was excited to see the results. The mask was very easy to remove from my skin and I found that it mainly came away in one piece. There was no sensation while the mask is on other than it getting a little tight towards the end, and other than the scent I was able to forget it was there.

          Upon inspecting the area there was actually no difference visibly. My skin felt moisturised and really soft, but there was no reduction in the blackheads. My pores were still as clogged up as previously and honestly I could tell no difference at all. I decided to wait a few days and try again but still experienced the same results. The second time I tried to add a little more of the mask in case I had been a little mean the first time by not applying enough to get good results. The only difference I found is that it took a little longer to dry, and that part of the mask needed to be washed away as it had not completely dried.

          I was very disappointed with this and it has to be one of the worst blackhead rescuers I have used. Even with other similar products there has at least been some reduction in the area. This mask leaves my skin feeling fantastically soft and hydrated, but for the purpose I used it there were no results at all. I had hoped that it may work better on my T zone area as that is not such a problem area as my nose, but again there was no difference. It does not leave my skin dry or cause any irritation which is good but that is the only advantage I could see.


          I purchased this while it was on offer at half price and I would not purchase it again. It is great at moisturising skin but completely ineffective at unclogging pores. Usual retail is actual £6 for a 30ml tube which I think is too much. Especially as you are advised to use it twice a week you would run out of this very quickly and the results were very poor. I was really disappointed with this and would not recommend it at all. As always with Avon I suspect this will be on offer so you should be able to pick it up on offer, but in all honesty I wouldn't bother.


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