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Avon Essentials Cold Weather Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisture Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2012 20:14



      Worth a try I suppose

      I purchased this cream from a car boot for £1.

      I am not sure what the usual price of the cream is.

      The cream is quite rich and creamy in consistency. It is quite thick, like double cream. The colour of the cream is white and it has a clean smelling pleasant scent to it. The cream is easy to apply to the skin. I scoop up a small amount with my fingers and rub it into my skin. I have used the cream on my face before but it's far too greasy and it leaves me with shiny skin so I don't use it on my face anymore. I use the cream on my body but I have to make sure that it's 100% soaked into my skin completely before getting dressed. Otherwise the greasy residue transfers onto my clothing and it's a nightmare to get out.

      The cream soothes dry skin and it adds moisture to the skin. It also goes a long way so the 200ml tub should last you a while. However it can sometimes feel a little greasy on my skin, especially if I use too much of it. My advice would be to use it sparingly. The smell of the cream lingers on your skin after use. The smell is pleasant enough but once the cream has soaked in it does smell a little chemical, which makes the cream seem a little off putting. The cream is suitable for the whole family but I don't think everyone would appreciate the scent, especially when it has dried. Plus it's greasy residue would put a lot of people off buying it again.

      Not bad, worth a try.

      Best used on dry skin as it's really rich.


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      04.02.2006 14:15
      Very helpful



      Good all round mosituriser

      I have said before I used to be an Avon rep and this is another of those items I got on the cheap when I was privileged with the sales catalogues.

      Avon Cold Weather Cream can be used for any part of the body (external use only!) for example, hands, legs, face etc. I use it mainly for my hands and legs, as they do become the driest in the cold, due to central heating and so on.

      The tub is a lovely two tone blue and reminds me of the Nivea tubs to an extent. Maybe that was what drew me to it - effective marketing on the packaging! The lid is a large screw top, which is very easy to open and close. It is a 200ml tub.

      When you have opened the lid there is only a very faint smell of something. I couldn't put my finger on it. The smell is not unpleasant though. As there is no perfume added to give it any specific fragrance it will compliment any other skin care product you like to use.

      It is pure white and when you scoop some out it is very thick and smooth. Application to the skin is easy and the cream sinks in with no excessive rubbing or anything. It does not leave a greasy feel to your skin either which is nice for hands. My legs feel like a different pair when I have used this.

      There is not a lot of information about the cream itself on the tub except the ingredients and the fact that it is suitable for all skin types, although I would test a small patch first if you have sensitive skin.

      This costs £2.25 per tub but in the catalogue this month they are offer for buy 3 for £6.00. Massive saving of 75p, although to be fair the offer does include more expensive items to on a mix and match basis.

      Overall I would recommend this cream as an effective moisturiser for your body. If I were to use it regularly I think it would run out quite quickly and I would definitely be searching out special offers but on the whole I use it about once a week and it has lasted well.

      Only gripe I have though is that it is in a tub. While this always looks nice on the shelf it is a pain getting it out if you have long nails, as it all goes underneath them.

      Thanks for reading.


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      For intenstive protection / 200ml /

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