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Avon Planet Spa Firming Chest & Neck Serum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Facial Serum / Suitable for: Neck / What it does: Firms / Product line: Avon Planet Spa

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    4 Reviews
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      27.09.2010 19:47
      Very helpful



      Tried but can't see me buying again

      I use a lot of Avon products as apart from the fact I like them, I was a Rep for a while and used to buy lots of products at half price or less.
      Though I don't run Avon anymore I do still buy lots of products from them as a close friend now runs it so I get lots of (cheap!) items from her without the hassle of customer stress.

      The product I'm reviewing today is this Firming Neck and Chest Serum which is part of the Planet Spa range..

      I actually bought this when I was a Rep myself and have had this sitting in my cupboard for well over a year. It was only a few weeks ago I saw it and decided to start using it.

      This is marketed as a firming serum for designated use on the chest and neck.

      The serum comes housed in a small (though is actually a 50ml size) plastic bottle. The colouring is quite a calming light sage green, whilst the design itself is pretty simplistic - being approximately an inch in diameter and two inches tall with a pump action nozzle placed on top. The appearance is nothing too exciting, and though quite basic it does still have an aesthetically pleasing look about it.

      I bought this when it was on one of Avon's many offers and paid around the £2 mark at the time. It can now be found for £5 in more recent brochures..but is it worth it?

      Directions for using~
      The directions are placed on one of those very annoying stickers that Avon has a habit of placing on the majority of their products. It's the type where you struggle to remove the label only to find about 50 different languages and more often than not the one worded in english is bleary - as is the case here.
      When I finally managed to decipher the directions it said the following:

      Apply to the chest and neck area to firm, tone and uplift. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

      My experience of using this~
      On removing the plastic lid protecting the nozzle I wasn't sure whether to shake the bottle or not. As it didn't say to I left alone and proceeded to press the nozzle down. This emitted a surprisingly thin liquid.
      The serum was far more watery than I expected and was clear in colour whilst the texture didn't seem to resemble any kind of serum to me; I think I was expecting a thicker liquid with a greasy consistency similar to hair serum.

      Not to be deterred I applied to the said areas of neck and chest..

      I have almost used this bottle up now as I have been using every other day to see if it does 'firm tone and uplift'. The first few occasions I applied this it felt uncomfortable on my skin as it may not look greasy but left a film on my skin. If it had of been my legs for instance I probably wouldn't have been as aware of the 'icky' feeling. As it was predominantly on my neck I noticed it it left my skin feeling 'tacky' and if my hair was worn down it caused it to go greasy. So far so bad!

      It's saving grace is after almost using up the contents I have noticed that my neck and chest does feel different. The skin feels slightly more taught but in a moisturised way. As for the toning and uplifting I haven't noticed any difference!

      The scent is pleasant enough and it has a fresh and almost nutty essence to it. It does state it's a 'Mediterranean Olive Oil' product and though it has a faint aroma of olive oil it's not very noticeable - the scent of this reminds me more of the Avon hair care range (Mirror Shine Spray in particular) so there are far worse things to smell of I suppose..

      I bought it and I tried it (eventually) but that's about as far as it goes. Yes my skin felt slightly tighter, but it didn't have the effects on me it claims it will give.
      The serum comes out of the pump with minimal effort and once applied to the skin didn't cause any skin reactions so it scores points there at least.

      I didn't mind paying the cheap price of £2 but I wouldn't pay the current price of £5..no way.

      It gets 2 out of 5 and that's being generous


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        20.03.2009 14:55
        Very helpful




        Perhaps not the best person to review this. Still in my 20's and don't have any wrinkles - yet, let alone on my chest and neck. Still best to start before they appear surely?

        I bought this a couple of months ago when it was new in Avon. I got it for the half price offer of £1.75, whereas it normally costs £3.50.

        This is a pump action bottle and is quite small. Then again it is only 50ml, so you wouldn't expect a huge bottle for that amount anyway. The bottle is a very light green colour and the pump spray is a clear plastic with a little round lid. The label is wrapped around the bottle and is a see through label. The writing is quite small and annoyingly enough my writing was in polish. I went onto the Avon website to say about how I wasn't sure exactly how to use this and they e-mailed back to say how to use this.

        What you do is you pump as much as you want onto your hand. I find that 1 pump is enough for your neck and if you want to rub into the chest then 2 pumps are plenty. I was expecting the liquid to be thick, but it was pretty runny. it is a clear liquid and didn't have a strong scent. This has Olive Oil extract in it, so has a slight hint of oiliness, not too much though. You apply this twice a day and it is meant to see off wrinkles and help improve them. the liquid was absorved quickly and dried fast as well.

        As to weather it works, not sure as had nothing to compare it to, but at the price I paid for it, I can afford to keep using it in the hope it does what it says!


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        04.01.2009 22:02
        Very helpful



        Suits me really well, women of my age 50+ will probably like this.

        Well I have got to that age when the skin on my neck and chest are getting just a bit crepey, I'm not one for sunbathing so I haven't suffered too badly but I think sometimes I forget that my face has moisturiser with SPF15 and my chest hasn't so I have been making more of an effort to use something with SPF on this area but the damage has been done. Anyway saw this product and thought it might just improve the skin appearance so decided to give it a go. At only £2 it seemed worth the gamble.

        Little green bottle, holds 50ml and has a pump action. I could read the bit that said Planet Spa, Mediterranean Olive Oil Firming Chest And Neck Serum but the size of the small print made it difficult for me (yes I really am on a rapid decline.) to read the rest.

        The Serum
        It is oily and smells quite fresh, if a little chemical, it isn't as greasy as you first think and soaks in really quickly. I use a small amount morning and evening. You only need a tiny amount and I think it will last quite a while.

        I've only been using this product for two weeks but I think it has made a different. My skin is very dry and it has soaked up this product and my skin texture is looking a little better. I am going to continue using it and hope my optimism is rewarded.


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        25.06.2008 15:25
        Very helpful



        Save your £2.00 toward a boob job....

        How do I put this delicately? I have.... erm not great breasts! I did have until I lost alot of weight but sadly they have shrunk loads and now defy gravity! At 33 I'm paranoid about them and would love nothing more than a boob job if I had the money! Sadly I don't have the money and I doubt I ever will! Very sad, poor me. Anyway help was at hand (alledgely) when I opened up my Avon catalogue and help was offered at the price of £2.00! Well it had to be bought eh?! It promised to firm up my chest and make the appearance of my neck and chest skin appear smoother!

        The Packaging....

        50ml pale green opaque recyclable pump action bottle. On the front I'm told it is Planet Spa, Mediterranean Olive Oil Firming Chest And Neck Serum and some stuff in a foreign language that I don't understand and the size (as I've listed already) is stated.

        On the back, again I'm told loads of stuff in a foreign language and I'm told it's made in Poland. Ok packaging but no instructions as to how it's best to apply it, how much, when or anything like that. This is the main reason I'm not keen on Avon products I'm afraid and it came in no box with any information on either. So my guess is yo can apply it when you like, how you like and how much you like.

        Using It....

        Well I use mine last thing at night to my chest and neck area. The liquid smells a little bit fruity really but none distinctive it's just very clean, crisp and light and kind of 'green' if that makes sense lol

        A small amount of liquid is dispensed from the small hole easily and that is the amount you need for the whole area you need to apply it to.

        When wet it feels greasy and feels in the hand like a serum. Which it's meant to! However when applied on the skin this is absorbed mega quickly, you can dress straight away with no transfer or mess. The oil makes it spread easily but don't be deceived this dries within seconds. It's not sticky at all and once rubbed in it's gone and all you can smell is a hint of the fragrance I described earlier and if you wish you can still choose to wear perfume etc.

        The Results....

        Well I've been using it the past two weeks now and I must say I've hardly used any product at all! Economical it really is.... However it hasn't done anything for me.

        Well tell a lie it has! I have spots on my chest I never had before I started using this product. Now sure it could be coincidence and any number of reasons but like I say I've never had them before and when I went to the Dr's (not about the rash) I did ask what this spot rash could be and my Dr was baffled but did give me a cream for the spots. I stopped using this, used the cream the Dr gave me and no spots, they cleared up. I'm thinking because it's an oily product it blocked my pores and I do have sensitive skin afterall. I just don't think this product was at all right for me. So not only did I end up still seeing my saggy old dumplings they were all pimply as well! (See things can get worse lol)

        Skin texture hasn't improved in any way, shape or form and nothing feels firmer believe me! Lets be blunt it does nothing at all. I didn't expect it to in the firming stakes to be perfectly honest but I did think that maybe it would help the appearance of skin on the chest and neck and when I saw it was a gel I did think oh dear and I was right to! Skin is no firmer or smoother!

        I shall continue to keep using a normal body moisturiser but not this at any price. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this and also say that sure it's on offer for £2.00 at the moment but really by buying this you may as well go and throw your money down the drain. Treat yourself to a big bar of chocolate and don't bother with it, it's a sheer waste!

        As I have stated this is £2.00, on offer at the time of writing this review but normally £4.00, only available from Avon but Avon can seriously stick this pointless product where the sun don't shine!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      • Product Details

        This quickly absorbed serum reduces cr?piness and the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and retexturises skin, making the neck and chest appear younger / Contains antioxidant olive leaf extract and olive oil /

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