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Avon Planet Spa Fruit Acid Facial Peel

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Brand: Avon / Peel / Type: Facial Peel / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Peels / Product line: Avon Planet Spa

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    2 Reviews
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      07.01.2009 14:44
      Very helpful



      Not recommended

      I knew I would get lots of Avon products from my mam for Christmas as I always do, and now she's an Avon lady I suspected I would get loads more stuff than she's bought me in previous years! I had mentioned to her that I liked Avon's Planet Spa range and usually when I place an order with her I buy stuff from that range, and she had obviously taken note of this as I got loads of stuff from the range this year.

      One product I got was the fruit acid facial peel pads. I wasn't really sure what these were actually supposed to do for your skin, so looked it up on the Avon website before using them. Avon say that these pads contain wine and grape seed extracts which will 'help promote younger looking skin'. It also says that they should lift impurities from the pores to make skin look brighter and fresher, which sounded good to me!

      The pads come in a pale yellow tub with a white screw top lid. Initially they have a foil seal on the tub to keep them fresh before you use them. The instructions for use are on one of those peel off labels on the base of the tub. The label peels into three sections and to be honest it's a little bit of a nightmare to peel apart to find the instructions in English.

      The pads themselves are very thin circles of white fabric which are textured on one side. They have a very strong scent - I do think you can smell a fruity, grape scent, but it's also quite a chemical scent.

      To use these you simply wipe the textured side of the pad over cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area where the skin is more delicate. You should use the pads on dry skin and don't need to rinse afterwards.

      I found that after rubbing the pad across my skin, my face felt a little bit tight and slightly irritated. I do have quite sensitive, eczema prone skin, but I can usually use most products without suffering any sort of reaction.

      One thing I was slightly confused about, was how often I should use these pads, as it doesn't tell me anywhere on the instructions or on the Avon website. Obviously I cleanse my skin twice daily, but I didn't know if I should be using them every time I cleansed or simply as a treatment once or twice a week, so I have been instead using them once every other day after cleansing in the morning. I don't know if this is the correct usage or not, and it's possible this has had some bearing on the results I've got.

      So, what were the results? Well in a way, there weren't any. Apart from a couple of minutes directly after using the pad where my skin felt very irritated as I have already mentioned - a sort of hot and itchy feeling - I didn't notice any change to my skin. It didn't look or feel any different at all, which was really disappointing, although like I say the instructions weren't clear, so perhaps I wasn't using them in the correct way, but if they're not going to tell you how often to use them on the packaging, how are we supposed to know?

      These usually cost £5 but are currently just £2 on the Avon website - www.avonshop.co.uk. Personally, I don't think they're worth even that.

      So needless to say, in conclusion I would not recommend this. Maybe they are doing something, but if they are it's too subtle to notice. I certainly wouldn't recommend them - especially if you have sensitive skin.


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      07.02.2008 21:39
      Very helpful



      Keep ya fiver they dont give any result lol

      As usual when my Avon Rep, Anita pitched up with the catalogue as usual I relented and took it off her hands. Snuggled up with book and the obligatory cup of tea that goes so well with it I flicked through and came across this product, Avon, Planet Spa fruit Acid Peel.

      The Packaging....

      Cream coloured tub with white twist on/twist off lid on the top is a cream sticker simply telling me its Planet Spa, fruit acid facial peel then tells me things in foreign language and that there's 20 pads in side. Inside are as promised 20 white, round, textured cloths.

      Using Them....

      As with most Avon products there are no instructions, no promises of results I'm not even sure what they are meant to achieve really. I've been using them every day for a week so I'm not sure if that's right and I've checked the book! lol

      I assume with the textured side of the cloth I'm meant to wipe it all over my face so that's what I do. They are very strong and as yet I haven't had any rips or anything. They are incredibly moist and smell of fruit oils, really pleasant and if you get them on your lips by accident you can actually taste fruit oil thought it's not a particulary nice taste or anything lol.

      They are fairly greasy due to the oils and what happens is although I think my face is clean it never is! The pad always looks dirty and that's simply wiping over my face and not scrubbing! Its quite horrifying!

      After using the pad (and one is all it takes) face feels ever so slightly sticky but not gunky. It does feel smooth and refreshed and for about 5 minutes after you've used them I do feel a slight tingling sensation which wears off.


      Well as I have stated I have used them for about a week. I use them late evening and then later I moisturise. I'd love to say I've had miracle results and they've done something amazing to my skin but in honesty they haven't. I mean I've had no adverse reaction such as spots or anything but at the same time nothing has happened and I'm not sure what should of happened anyway! Pores on my face look the same, wrinkles are all still there the only thing I can say is if they are meant to cleanse the skin yes they do, do that but there are better products around. I mean I assumed this was meant to be different from cleansing and toning or I wouldn't have purchased them! I have my usual trusted stuff for that!

      Avon have let themselves down with this with not telling me what to expect. I mean maybe if I knew what was meant to happen on my skin I would notice cos I'd be looking for the changes at least lol

      I'd say keep ya money!

      £5.00 Per Tub, unless on offer.


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    • Product Details

      Rejuvenate your skin with this grape and wine based spa treatment and treat your skin to the richness of antioxidants /

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