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Avon Planet Spa Thailand Lotus Flower Face Mask

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Face Mask / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Avon Planet Spa

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    2 Reviews
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      14.10.2012 21:18



      overall not a good product

      i was given a gift set with a few planet spa products in it and couldnt wait to try out this face mask, i was somewhat disappointed with this.
      It did smell nice which made it nice to apply, u get alot of the product in the tube but thats only good if you like the product! however, it was sticky, took a while to dry and when i did try to peel it off after leaving it to dry thoroughly it came off in tiny little bits which meant it took ages to remove and it was difficult to remove it all from the awkward bits such as the chin.
      it left my skin feeling soft straight after but that feeling quickly disappeared.
      it has now joined the pile of products in a drawer somewhere gathering dust that all women have in their homes!
      wouldnt recommend this very highly.


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      08.10.2012 10:33
      Very helpful



      A pampering face mask from Avon

      Ever since I was a teenager I have adhered to a strict beauty regime where I will cleanse, tone and moisturise my facial skin. In addition, I will set aside one hour of "me time", on a Sunday afternoon where, amongst other things, I will enjoy a relaxing face mask. I am generally loyal to Montagne Jeunesse and have being using their products for many years although I have also used products from The Body Shop and the Boots range. When browsing one of Avon's brochures a couple of months ago, my attention was captured by a face mask in the Planet Spa range and this review discusses my experience with using Thailand Lotus Flower Face Mask.

      We are provided with 75 ml of mask, which is contained within a sturdy plastic tube offering a calming and appealing pale lilac colour. I was surprised when I received my order to find that the tube was protected inside a cardboard box, which I found a little unnecessary and rather wasteful. The claim is that the mask will carry out deep pore cleansing, so I felt it more than suitable for my T-zone skin, which is prone to dryness on my cheeks and oily on my forehead and nose. My frustration with many of Avon's products is that their toiletries are cluttered with the tiniest of text and similar to that of their other products, the reverse of the tube contains considerable information in a multitude of languages with the first two lines being the English directions for use. Unfortunately, due to the miniature size of the text I found it very difficult to read, so I was thankful for the cardboard packaging, as it was much more legible.

      The tube offers a flip top lid, which is easily opened and securely closed due to the fairly robust hinged section and as directed, I applied a thin layer of the good consistency lilac coloured mask to my just cleansed face. It was easily spread over my skin and offered a soothing and wonderfully cooling sensation, which is something I love when using face masks. I found the scent rather difficult to describe, particularly as I am not familiar with the lotus flower. However, I found it very favourable and fairly delicate as opposed to being overly floral. Within approximately a minute or so I was able to witness a slight tightening sensation, which was due to the mask drying in small patches where it was turning into a shade of white and offering a powdery appearance.

      I left the mask for the required time of five minutes after which I rinsed it away with warm water. This proved to be a rather time consuming task, particularly as the mask had adhered in areas such as the corners of my nose and my neck. After finally removing every last trace and making a lovely mess of the sink and bathroom floor tiles, I patted my skin dry and was able to feel the smooth, clean and soft texture of my skin. I often find these style of face masks a little drying, which was the case with this product where I suffered slight dryness on my cheeks together with dryness and tightness around my chin and neck. However, this was not really an issue for me, particularly as I always follow up with an application of my favourite moisturiser.

      I'm quite fortunate where as I don't tend to suffer with too many problems with my pores other than the problem blackheads, which embed themselves around the lower edges of my nose. These normally require tough measures to shift such as leaning my head over a bowl of steaming water. Whilst the deep pore cleansing effects of the product shifted smaller blackheads, it was not tough enough to remove those stubborn blighters. I cannot knock the face mask for this, as I would not expect any product to remove deep blackheads. However, each time I used the mask, I felt assured that my skin was thoroughly cleansed, as it appeared bright and radiance with a healthy glow. Despite suffering a little dryness I had no issues with red patches, which can often be the case with some brands of face mask nor was there any signs of sticky residue following use.

      Whilst I enjoyed using this mask, the fact that it is intended to be on the skin for five minutes was a negative point for me, particularly as I prefer masks that work over a longer period of time, such as Montagne Jeunesse would should generally remain on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. However, this is perfect for those occasions when you don't have enough "me time" to allocate. The 75 ml tube lasted just over two months, as my husband also decided to use it on a weekly basis, so at a rough guess there were probably around twenty applications in the tube.

      Unfortunately, this product is not currently listed on the Avon website, which is another frustration of mine, as they tend to introduce new products and remove them for long periods of time. However, the mask is available on Amazon where it is listed at £5.50 although I'm sure I paid around £2 a few months ago from Avon. I will probably repurchase when Avon decide to relist this in their brochure and due to the reasons discussed above, it receives my recommendation. However, I have removed a star due to the fact that it was somewhat of a nightmare to remove.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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