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Avon Solutions Complete Balance Oil Free Day Mattifier

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4 Reviews
  • Easily absorbed
  • matt finish and SPF15 .
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    4 Reviews
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      23.05.2014 22:37
      Very helpful


      • " matt finish and SPF15 . "
      • "Easily absorbed"


      • None

      Inexpensive cream that also protects from the sun.

      ===The Product===

      Avon Solution Balanced and Matte Cream SPF 15.
      Mattifying Day Cream.
      Comes in blue and green box.
      The cream is in the Solutions standard sort of glass jar with a green and blue label and with the standard mirrored silver colour screw top lid.
      ''Light-weight and oil-free. Helps regulate oily zones while maintaining moisture in drier patches to help reduce the appearance of shine and pores and help keep skin looking perfectly balanced. ''
      50ml. Use within 12 months and made in Poland.
      Contains oxybenzone.
      Claims to keep skin shine free for 12 hours.
      Oil free cream.
      Warning - avoid storing in direct sunlight or excessive heat.
      Also contains grape stem cell complex plus mattifying powders.
      For sensitive skin and dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.
      Also non comedogenic (should not clog skin).


      Full price is 7.50, currently selling for 6.

      ===My Opinion===

      This cream, along with all other Avon Solutions creams, comes in a standard glass jar with the same mirrored silvery lid.
      This is a thickish white cream and has no discernable smell.
      Although thick and solid this cream goes on easily and blends in quickly.
      It does form a very nice matt finish to your face and is great to use on its own or under foundation.
      I do find that it keeps my skin quite matt for many hours but have not tried it for the 12 hour test yet.
      I like this cream as it is moisturising without being heavy or greasy.
      It leaves your skin with a nice surface even if you do not use foundation, and if your skin is in a reasonably good condition then in the summer it is good to not have to always wear a full face of make up.
      During the summer months I like that this cream contains SPF15 so I do not have to use another cream to protect my skin from the sun.
      This cream has a good texture and I agree that it does not block my pores at all,
      Quite a reasonably priced cream and a little does go a very long way.
      Has a leaflet in many languages inside the box.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      06.03.2012 08:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      I bought this only the other month as I really wanted to start using Creams on my face to help it, but my skin is just so weird that I felt that Creams would clog my skin so I just avoided them.

      There is a few different Solutions products and there should be 1 for every skin type. The Complete Balance range is for skin that has touches of Dry on it, but mainly Oily or Greasy skin.

      This comes in a 50ml tub and this can sell for £11 but this being Avon it is on offer every now and again. When I bought it it was on a great offer of £3.50 so I bought this and the matching Night Cream.

      The tub for this is alright. It is a glass jar which doesn't stand all that high, but it is quite wide and therefore easy to scoop some of this out and apply onto your face.

      As it states this is oil Free so you shouldn't worry about your Oily face getting any Oilier. Just apply a small amount of this to a clean, dry face. This rubs in easily and seems to soak into my skin quickly and after about 5 minutes this seemed to be all soaked in and although my face initially had a bit of a sheen to it this went away quick enough. I was surprised at how thick this Cream seemed to be as I thought this would be a light Whipped Cream.

      The scent of this is alright. It seems to be slightly Perfumed but more just a clean Moisturising Cream scent.

      So how do I find that this works on my skin? Well overall my skin is Greasy and the only dry patches are on my cheeks and I wouldn't say they are overly dry as they sometimes are Greasy too. This works well on my skin as I find that my Cheeks don't feel as dry and also where my forehead meets my Hair then that is where my skin is the Oiliest and I find that this does mop away the Oil and keeps the oil away through the day.

      I've been using this every day and think this will now be part of my ongoing daily skincare as this seems to be working well on my skin.


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        06.12.2011 15:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Makes my skin feel youthful again

        A few months ago I decided my skin had hit the age that it needed a lot more tlc than I was giving it. I had started to notice my nose was beginning to look more greasy, and they small dry spots by my cheeks were looking more prominent, and that all in all my skin didnt have that quite so youthful look to it anymore!

        After having a quick look round some of the shops in our town, I became stubborn and refused to pay out so much money on some of the creams available. I had often flicked through the trusty Avon book but got frustrated with the fact that their creams were split into ones targetted at age groups, starting with 30+ and working up, and 30 may be fast approaching me, but for now, I am still in my late 20's, and I was defiant I was not going to use face creams aimed at the 30+ age group until I hit it!!

        Then one day I noticed Avon's new range of skin creams, and had a quick look at them. They had a few different ones, all aimed at specific problem areas, and I was starting to give up again that they would have none for me again, when I came across the last one, the Complete Balance oil free day mattifier. Well, it sounded perfect for me so I thought I would give it a go.

        The cream comes in a 50ml, rounded pot. Each of the Solutions creams has a colour for its range, and the Complete Balance has a light teal coloured design on the pot, with the word Solutions written, with a leaf through it, and the details of the cream underneath it in silver, to match the lid. For a small pot, its quite weighty as the pot is made from sturdy glass (which I know is sturdy as I have dropped it a few times and panicked I would have a sloppy mess of cream and glass to clean up, but haven't!)

        Upon opening the lid, rather than checking the cream, the first thing I did was smell it, because I am terrible for smells, and if it had smelt bad I probably wouldn't have used it. It claims to have camellia tea in it, to be honest I have no idea what that it is or what it smells like, but the cream has a very light fragrance to it that is not at all overwhelming, and when I apply the cream, the smell doesn't linger very long at all, which is a bonus for me.

        The cream itself is fairly thick, but not too thick that it takes a lot of work absorbing it into your skin. I find this has helped my pot go far so far as I don't use much at all, I put small amounts on my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead and then work it all in. I can feel the cream working almost straight away, it feels more hydrated. It only takes a minute for my skin to absorb the cream, I hate when you apply a cream to your skin and you have a greasy look for ages after that gives it away, but this one, after a minute you cannot see that you have applied it.

        As I said earlier, my main problem spots were my nose, whih was becoming more and more greasy every day, and a spot either side of my face just by my cheeks which were getting drier. I apply this cream to my face every morning after cleaning it, and within a week I noticed my dry spots had gone, and my nose was not greasy at all. I was really impressed with how quick it took effect.

        Avon retail this cream at £9 a pot at full price, I paid £6 for it on offer, and I have noticed it is on offer at £6 again now. Saying that, I have been using it every day for about 4 months now and such small amounts are required I still have half a pot left, but I think when I run out I will be more than happy to pay the full £9 for this

        They also sell a night gel to go with the cream, I havent tried it yet, although I must say that if I have been wearing make up all day, when I remove it on a night I will put some cream on before bed, just to stop my whole face feeling tight and dry from the make up, and I am considering buying the night gel to go with it.


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          14.09.2011 14:06
          Very helpful



          A fantastic product from Avon.

          I was recently leafing through an Avon brochure looking for a moisturiser product to buy when my eye happened across a double-paged spread about a new range of moisturising products. To be more precise, the range of Avon Solutions products was having a bit of a 're-launch' rather than being a new range altogether.

          It had been some time since I had ordered any products from this range, but I was impressed by the new rather sophisticated look that the range had overall. I was further impressed by the reduced, special introductory prices that the range carried at the time. I finally decided to try out the 'Solutions Complete Balance Oil Free Day Mattifier'.

          There were two main reasons that I decided to purchase this moisturiser. Firstly, the product contains SPF15 and I have to confess that I do prefer to use a moisturising product with added sun protection on my face. I also realise that when I am on holiday abroad, using a moisturising product with sun protection gives me peace of mind that I am protecting my delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays as much as possible.

          Secondly, I liked the sound of the product, purely from it's name. Therein contained the magic words 'oil free' which is always my preference when it comes to my skincare routine as I have troublesome, spot-prone 'combination' skin which can be difficult to control at times. Furthermore, I was intrigued by the 'Mattifier' claims of the product and as I don't like the feeling of greasy or oily products on my face, the product really appealed to me overall.

          When it arrived from Avon, I was extremely impressed by the packaging; gone was the ever-familiar, slightly garish 'boldness' of the Avon Solutions brand and in it's place seemed to be something much more modern and chic. When I removed the glass jar of 'Solutions Complete Balance' from the outer cardboard box, I was extremely surprised to see a rather upmarket-looking product. Certainly, the combination of the fresh, crisp turquoise colours used on the product's packaging together with the metallic silver lid gave the product the impression of being something quite sleek and sophisticated. It is fair to say that first impressions were very, very good.

          The cream itself is a crisp white colour and it's appearance doesn't look at all greasy or oily, which is what I was hoping for. In actual fact the cream looked to me as if it had a bit of a 'whipped' consistency to it and it looked lovely and thick. I am not a fan of using products that run all over the place as soon as you try and dispense them so I was pleased with the appearance of this product.

          There is a slight scent from the Solutions Complete Balance, and I can only describe it as being a sort of 'soapy' smell that is quite light. There is nothing over-powering or at all harsh from the fragrance, and I find that it disappears altogether a short time after it has been absorbed. I knew that the product contained 'Camelia Tea' as this was mentioned in the brochure, but as I have no idea what this is or what it smells like, I can't make any comparison.

          When it came to using the product on my face, I found it slotted in quite nicely to my usual skincare routine. There was nothing ostentatious or complicated about the product which may have caused a clash with others, and it actually seemed to compliment the other products that I use on a regular basis, even though they are from different brands altogether.

          Using the Solutions Complete Balance on my face was effortless and without fuss. The consistency of the cream is actually quite luxurious in my opinion, and my initial assumption that the cream was quite 'whipped' or 'fluffy' was absolutely spot on. I find that this cream is one of the smoothest, thickest and most pleasant that I have ever come across and smoothing it over my face takes only a second or two thanks to its thick consistency.

          I feel that the product is 'enveloping' my skin and pores with a whisper of the creamy product, rather than experiencing something akin to smearing lard onto my face and rubbing it continuously for an age to get it to finally disappear into my sorry pores, which is a feeling I have come across with other products that I have tried out and it is not one that I wish to experience again. The Solutions Complete Balance is very light feeling, whilst being thick and luxurious in its consistency, and this combination is certainly a winning one, in my opinion.

          My skin would appear to be a thirsty sponge, eager to drink in the moisturising qualities of the Solutions Complete Balance, or I can only assume that this is the case as the product seems to disappear almost immediately after it has been applied to my face. There is no need to continually rub the cream in, nor is there any sort of oily residue left on my skin. It absorbs very quickly and without fuss.

          I have been using the product daily, and for a number of weeks now. I have found that the overall appearance of my skin is slightly improved in that it is not as dry around 'problem' areas such as my forehead, and particularly around my eyebrows. I have not noticed that it has made any improvement to my skin being prone to spots, nor have I noticed any improvement to the one or two fine lines that I have on my forehead. The product is not aimed at being an anti-ageing product and nor is it formulated to help combat spot outbreaks to be fair. but it is worth mentioning these points for the benefit of other consumers.

          I must say also that I have used the product directly before applying a full face of make-up. It would seem that the 'mattifier' claims of the product are justified because I have certainly had no experiences of my make-up 'sliding' after the Solutions Complete Balance had been used. Neither have I had any issues with blending or applying the make-up.

          Overall, I am quite delighted with this product and have already ordered a second jar. There is a whole range of Solutions products aimed at a variety of skin problems. The 'Complete Balance' that I ordered is aimed at sufferers of dry or oily skin. There are other products available for other skin issues such as sensitive skin, lined or wrinkled skin and uneven skin, amongst others.

          I paid £6 for the 50ml jar of Solutions Complete Balance, but this was an introductory offer price, and the usual brochure price is £9 which I would pay without a moments hesitation as I think it is truly worth every penny. You can order the product online at www.avonshop.co.uk, or directly from your local Avon Representative.


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