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Avon Solutions Completely Clean Anti Aging Thermal Cleanser

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Brand: Avon / Ageing / Type: Anti-Ageing / Subcategory: Cleanser / What it does: Cleanses, Rejuvenates / Product line: Avon Solutions

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    2 Reviews
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      21.12.2010 14:34
      Very helpful



      A somewhat drying thermal cleanser with rubbish packaging


      I was given a couple of Avon products form one of my friends while visiting in London early this October and one of them was this cleanser.


      * Designed to open pores for a deeper clean as it helps polish away signs of aging
      * Instantly smoothes surface skin to make pores look smaller
      * In 2 weeks, fine lines are less visible
      * Leaves skin deeply cleansed, conditioned and more youthful


      The packaging is a simple but attractive and handy-looking 100ml upright tube standing on its flip-top lid. After the first application, as you do, I closed the tube, left it on a bathroom shelf near the shower cabin (not inside!) for next time.

      From that point on, the packaging was blooming trouble as due to the humidity every time I wanted to use it, the opening of the tube was set hard. The last straw was when I once pressed the tube so hard that it split open at the other end squirting the stuff everywhere!


      Inside the tube you'll find a thick, white paste that has quite a characteristic, soapy clean smell generally used to mask the smell of surfactants so overall wasn't really keen as it didn't smell one bit natural. The instructions are to the point. Warming cleansers are activated by water so I wet my hand or face and spread a pea-sized amount of it over my wet face avoiding the eye areas.

      The cleanser is almost solid so it takes a good squeeze to get it out of the container. I spread the cleanser over using light, rubbing motions and it warms up opening up the pores. It also becomes slippery and soapy and generally, quite viscose as opposed to other warming cleansers. The warmth stays for only 30 seconds or but I usually rinse it off quickly as I noticed it can be too drying if left on for longer.


      Smoothes skin's surface 3 / 5

      This aspect was the most noticeable and the cleanser definitely worked in this regard. My skin had soft touch to it and looked healthy and cleansed. My skin has definitely managed get rid of the dead cells and dirt on the surface, although I wouldn't say it stayed soft for long after.

      Makes pores look smaller 2 / 5

      The pores looked slightly smaller but were none the less congested and built-up as usual. I have sensitive, normal-to-oily skin prone to blackheads. I haven't noticed any changes at all and my blackheads were just as big and visible during the day regardless.

      In 2 weeks, fine lines are less visible 1 / 5

      I didn't notice any difference at all, if anything the overall condition of the skin got worse due to the drying effect. Dehydration is the actual cause of the apparition of fine, dehydration lines. I doubt any cleanser would be able to make fine lines less visible in just two weeks and certainly not at such a low price!

      Leaves skin deeply cleansed, conditioned and more youthful 3 / 5

      Let's leave out the 'more youthful' marketing rubbish and concentrate on the more tangible effects. My skin had a smooth touch to it and looked cleansed and refreshed though it didn't look hydrated and conditioned as with my usual cleanser which is designed for sensitive skin and doesn't strip off the natural skin oils while still deep-cleansing.


      For a full list, see the Avon website.

      The good guys:

      There are several anti-ageing substances in the cleanser such as Soybean Seed Extract, Tocopheryl and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) and Retinyl Palmitate (a combination of Retinol or Vitamin A and Palmitic Acid). But as any doctor would say, you don't need Vitamin A or B or C or D, you need an apple. Or a carrot. That is all the binding agents and enzymes coming with the vitamins that will help your system actually make use of these substances as alone, they are not much use.

      The bad guys:

      The main ingredient is Dipropylene Glycol, a solvent derived from mineral oil. Known for its skin drying properties, it strips the natural oils off your skin therefore upsetting its natural sebum balance. As there's no water (Aqua) listed, I assume there must be at least 40% - 60% of this solvent in the product to lower the viscosity of the oil-based ingredients.

      Further down the list we find Peg-32, a solvent and humectant which is a skin irritant. On top of the preserving agents, there's Phenoxyethanol, a solvent derived from glycol ether that's also a skin irritant. And did I mention that all four types of the controversial and potentially dangerous paraben chains are sitting there at the end of the list too?


      Not only did the product not live up to its claims, after a few weeks of daily usage, I got totally fed up with the rubbish packaging and the long-term drying effect on my skin. There are better cleansers I have and love (Elemis and Body Shop) which are far superior. Is it cheap? Yes. Is it nasty? Yes. Is the packaging rubbish? Yes, yes, yes! Is it worth it? No. In the bin it goes.


      Available from Avon at full price for £4.99 or less when it's on offer, usually costing £2.50.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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        07.02.2009 20:27
        Very helpful



        A decent exfoliating cleanser

        One of my neighbours is an Avon rep and I sometimes buy from her catalogues. An item I have bought a few times is Avon Solutions Completely Clean Thermal Cleanser. I do have quite good skin and although a little dry I do like to use an exfoliator when I am washing. I don't need anything too strong and don't want anything too harsh so I tend to experiment with facial exfoliators, I have now found one which I like and use on a regular basis.

        The first time I used this cleanser I found it very strange and wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not. Basically this is a facial wash and it is recommended that you use it twice a day, you wet your face rub in the cleanser and then rinse off. When I first used the cleanser I was quite surprised, it has a rather strong smell, not unpleasant but takes a bit of getting used to but what I found strangest was that the cleanser heats on your skin, this was a very strange sensation. I squeeze the cleanser onto my fingers and then rub together and apply to my face, the rubbing together seems to make the bits in the cleanser heat and when applied to the face it is quite warm, this definitely takes a bit of getting used to. I had to use the cleanser a few times just to get used to it and to decide whether or not I liked the sensation.

        I have continued to use the cleanser and do like it. The fact that this is a "thermal cleanser" should have alerted me to the fact that it had a warming effect. The product is a mild exfoliator and it has some rough bites that exfoliate the skin, the product claims to:

        * Instantly smooth skin's surface and help relax pores; and
        * In 2 weeks reduce the appearance of lines.

        I cannot verify the claims but for me the cleanser has made my skin feel smoother and it definitely feels clean and fresh after I have used it. I have not found any drying effect I just use this to wash with then apply my usual moisturiser. I do have quite sensitive skin but have not had any adverse reaction to this product, other than my initial surprise at the self-heating of the product. There is a warning on the product to keep it away from the eye area and I have found this easy to do. The consistency of the product is quite thick and even when it is applied to a moist face it holds its form quite well, it doesn't become runny or gloopy. The cleanser is easy to rinse off and the little bits just wash away.

        There is an extensive list of ingredients, which I won't list but you can view them if you look at the product on the Avon website www.avon.com

        The product comes in a 100ml tube and is available from Avon reps or can be bought online, in the most recent campaign I paid £2.50 for it. I do find it lasts quite well, a little goes along way. I would recommend the product and would advise not to be put off by the warming effect and smell, you do get used to them and I find it a good product.


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    • Product Details

      Provides deep cleansing of the pores, as well as, minimising fine lines /

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