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Bare Escentuals BareVitamins Skin Rev er Upper

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Brand: Bare Escentuals Type: Face Skincare / Type: Face Care / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2008 17:19
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product for flawless skin

      About Bare Escentuals

      Bare Escentuals BareMinerals is brought to you by a company called Cosmeceuticals, who also own the likes of Skin Doctors, MD Formulations, Vitage and many other brands but those being the most well known and popular.

      Bare Escentuals first of all introuduced their BareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation in 1976, since then Bare Escentuals has created creamy, feather-light color for all over your face, cheeks and eyes. They have a complete line of loose, powder-like products which are 100% pure BareMinerals. Since the popularity of the foundation. BareMinerals have brought out a range of brushes and facial products such as this in the BareVitamins range.

      Although BareMinerals make up has been around since 1976 it is only in the last few years it has become more well known, and it still isn't as widely known about as it should be. It is America's number 1 selling foundation and also the number 1 mineral make up brand in the world, proving that it must be good. It is slowly coming into more salons and getting more of the deserved publicity it should in the UK. Quite a few salons, I have found mainly in the Midlands stock BareMinerals, and the salon I work in does also, and has done for several years - the customers love it! Since using Bare Escentuals make up on my face, I would never use anything else and I know alot of customers feel the same. I think it is the best make up out there by far.

      BareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper

      Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper is an invisible exfoliator in the form of a cream packed full of vitamins. It is formulated with glycolic and salicylic acids and botanical extracts which invisibly exfoliate your skin leaving it soft, smooth and flawless.

      Use & Effects

      Glycolic acid the smallest of the Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) there is. AHA's are natural ingredients that exfoliate the skin. It is a purely natural ingredient and is derived from sugarcane. As Glycolic acid has the smallest molecules, it is the only thing that can reach the basal layer, which is your very bottom layer of skin. Once applied Glycolic acid will react with through the layers of the skin and works by weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold dead skin cells together, this is exfoliating. Most products only reach as far as the first few layers of skin if that, not providing a thorough enough exfoliation. You can get different %'s of Glycolic acid in products. Products specially designed to be used by therapists only can contain up to 80% but in this product is only about 10% providing it is safe from home use. Only containing 10% doesn't mean that it doesn't work as well, it is just a less harsh treatment immediately and suitable for unqualified people to use. It works over time rather than an 80% one would have immediate results, such as a chemical peel. Glycolic acid has been proven to reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and other skin conditions. Salicylic acid is also an AHA and works on the skin by causing the cells in the layers of skin to slough off more readily, preventing pores from clogging up, and allowing room for new cell growth. Glycolic and Salicylic acids work as invisible exfoliators, they aren't like the standard ones, which you rub on and run off. After applying them, they continue to work deep down in your skin for 24 hours without having to wash anything off. The Botanical Extracts in this counteract any irritation occurring from the AHA's.

      Now I have just explained about the AHA's in this, and it all does sound a little daunting but it really isn't. All the AHA's are natural and exfoliating your skin is good for it. This product is suitable for all skin types including sensitive which I have. I have eczema on a lot of my face and this never irritates it at all. It's fantastic for oily skin as it regulates the sebum production and is great for dry skin as exfoliation is a must have for dry skin as the main cause of dry skin is a build up of dead skin cells. It is even suitable to apply near the eyes, it doesn't sting or cause them to water.

      Skin Rever Upper is a slightly liquidous cream, it does appear like a normal moisturiser and is applied the same. It is fragrance free and also has no natural scent. To apply you squirt a small amount out of the small pump provided and then apply all over your face and neck. It absorbs in about 2 minutes fully, depending on how dry your skin is at the time, if it is very dry it will be quicker than this. Skin Rever Upper should be worn alone or under moisturiser, you can apply make up straight over the top. It should be applied daily, and I would definitely recommend wearing it in the day under your make up and at night, as everything works a little better over night. It will continuously work under your moisturiser and make up for 24 hours, but you won't know it is doing anything. This amazing product will make your skin appear clearer and healthier whilst providing a flawless canvas for make up application, even after just one use. Your make up will stay on longer and appear much fresher and smoother. Immediately after use your pores appear much smaller, and after applying your make up they are nearly invisible. With continued use your pores really do keep getting smaller and after a week or so with daily use they will practically have disappeared. When this is applied to your skin it definitely has a lovely cooling effect and doesn't feel as if it is burning your skin at all. This also helps with blackheads, it gently helps to eliminate and prevent them. Immediately after applying it to your skin, it feels soft and velvety. It doesn't dry or make your skin feel tight, but it definitely mattifies it. It doesn't feel as if it has a greasy residue on it at all nor do you have an oily sheen.

      After using for just a week, you will notice a massive difference to your skin. It made my skin appear so much smoother, have an even skin tone and appear less red. It really was an invisible miracle. I have used this now for about 2 years, it is fantastic and when I don't use it, I really notice a difference, my skin goes oily again and my skin appears much more dull and unattractive. The one thing with this product is that you must be careful you aren't using any other products with Glycolic acid in; you should speak to a therapist if you are unsure. If your products contain glycolic acid, you are more than likely going to know that it does. General high street products do not contain it. It will be a specifically prescribed product from a therapist. If you are having chemical peels, then it is fine to use as homecare from the peel, but again, speak to your therapist to check the products they are using. At my salon, we use MD Formulations and this product is fine to use with their chemical peels.

      Skin Rever Upper comes in a small white bottle with a black lid and pump action dispenser. This is easy to use, and doesn't get clogged up or need cleaning. The only problem with the bottle being white is that it can get a little dirty, especially if you're like me and carry everything round in your handbag with you. This doesn't affect the quality of the product at all though. I find a bottle of this will last about 1 year and ½ with daily use, so it really does last a long time!

      Price & Availability

      For a small bottle of this you will be looking to pay between £17 and £24. Although it seems a lot to pay, it lasts so long and is such a fantastic product I really don't think it is. It can be purchased from www.lookfantastic.com or any salon stocking BareMinerals products.


      Although it seems quite a lot to pay, for such a fantastic product with such quick and effective results, it isn't. It is easy to use, and can be worn under make up; you'll never know it's there whilst it secretly works underneath your skin. The bottle lasts for so long, providing another reason why this is so great. I really would recommend this product to anyone as no ones skin is 100% perfect.


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      Re-energise your complexion while continually smoothing your skin's surface /

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