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Beauticians Secret Spot Clear

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Brand: Beauticians Secret / Spot Clear Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2012 15:57
      Very helpful



      Packed with good ingredients but it did not work for me. 2 stars just for the ingredients present.

      ***Why I want the product?***
      Since the birth of my daughter nearly four years ago I have not had brilliant skin, so I am always on the lookout for the next best thing that will help to heal and fade spots quicker. While browsing various websites I came across a product called Beautician's Secret Spot Clear. I have to admit I was actually sucked into the name of this of this product.

      *** About the product***
      Beautician's Secret Spot Clear is said to dry out spots within eight hours while you are sleeping. This product is for anyone who suffers from acne, has blemish prone skin and can be used on men and women for all ages.

      Spot Clear helps to reduce the size of the spot whiles providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which helps to relieve the inflammation associated with spots and blemishes.

      With great ingredients such as Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid and Zinc Sulphate.

      The packaging I find looks almost clinical, fresh and clean that sets the product off lovely. The rectangle box is glossy white that tells you what the product is, ingredients and how to apply. The back of the box shows you a two pictures of a woman, one picture shows the woman with spots around her chin and cheeks and the below picture show's her with clear skin. Underneath the picture it tells you a little about the ingredients and how it helps.
      The bottom of all this is what surprised me the most, the pictures are actually computer generated, which for any consumer is very misleading.

      The product itself is a long rectangle plastic container that is matte silver with blue writing. You receive 10ml of product. Unscrewing the silver lid I am greeted with a sponge applicator. Straight away I can smelt the strong Tea Tree.

      ***What do the ingredients do?***
      This is important as good ingredients are what makes a product right? Well this product as you know contains Tea Tree Oil, this oil has been around for centuries helping skin infections including spots and blemishes. It is a great anti-bacterial.

      Witch Hazel acts as a freshener and an astringent, which calms local inflammation of the skin.

      Salicylic acid has the ability to penetrate deep into the oil gland that can clog pores.
      Zinc Sulphate helps the healing of tissue and help to prevent scaring where the spot or blemish was.

      ***What is the product like on the skin?***
      After a lovely flare up due to the time of the month on my chin and jaw line I quickly grabbed Beautician's Secret Spot Clear and applied it to my problem areas. I found it difficult for any product to be released out of the sponge applicator and if any product did realise it was not a lot and I felt this would not be beneficial to me. To be able to release more product I had to resort to tapping the sponge applicator on the back of my hand a few times until more product was released, then I could proceed to apply the product to my spots. This resulted in product waste that could have been avoided if the product came with a roller ball instead.

      On application I was quick to notice the very strong scent of Tea Tree and Menthol both of which can irritate sensitive skin types. I have noticed if I apply Spot Clear to my cheeks twice a day this is okay for me but anymore applications no matter how small can leaving the application area red, sore and irritated. Likewise with other areas that are not so much sensitive I still have to be careful.
      As soon as the product has contact with the skin it is very running and easily spread across the skin.
      I find the liquid dries fast, although I find the strong scent can still be detected a few minutes after.

      ***Did the product work over eight hours?***
      Unfortunately not, but I did notice an improvement on texture and inflammation on and around the spots. Size wise if it was an improvement, it was a very slight one. Even after a few applications with the product on it's own I did not see a remarkable difference apart from slight irritation. I find Spot Clear works more efficiently when used with another spot clearing product.

      ***Keep the product away from eyes***
      This may seem obvious but recently I developed a little spot under the skin caused by an eye cream and I decided to apply a small amount of Spot Clear under my eye to one area to see if it would help. Wrong idea as the very strong scent made my eyes water and sting; clearly I did not do this again.

      ***Price and availability***
      There is not a lot of places online where this product can be purchased but I did find it from halfpriceperfumes.co.uk for £4.99

      ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
      I do not think I would repurchase this product, due to a few facts. The product is very strong in scent, irritates the skin with little application, the packaging is misleading, I find after a few applications the sponge applicator tip gets grubby and I found slight wearing. I am also worried about the sponge applicator harbouring bacteria, which can cause more spots, thus causing more problems.


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