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Benefit b.right Total Moisture Facial Cream

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4 Reviews
  • It feels like luxury
  • It is very soft and thick to apply
  • Doesn't make my skin look more radiant
  • It has no SPF
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    4 Reviews
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      17.06.2015 10:20
      Very helpful


      • Effective


      • Expensive

      A lovely cream

      A while ago I signed up for some beauty boxes and accumulated quite a few samples. One of the samples I got was a small glass pot of the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream.

      Benefit is an American brand most famous for its makeup products, however, it has in the last couple of years launched a skincare line. This product normally costs £27.50 for 48.2g of product, which is quite pricey, however this is in line with their makeup range. The product does look quite classy, with pale green and white packaging, and a glass pot. It’s clear glass, so it’s easy to see how much product you’ve got left.

      The product is designed for normal to dry skin and is described as a “hydra-concentrated facial cream with tri-radiance complex”. That complex is meant to help reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier. It contains mango butter, a naturally moisturising ingredient. It has a faint but pleasant smell.

      I don’t have particularly dry skin, so I stuck to using this product in the evening, rather than during the day when I prefer a lighter moisturiser. The lotion went on easily, and was thick but not too thick. It sunk into my skin well and felt non-greasy, which I was impressed with. Despite this, I felt that it kept my skin moisturised well into the next morning, including the dry bits I sometimes get on my face. Regular use helped my skin look and feel in good condition.

      As my skin tends towards being oily, I couldn’t very well use this as a day cream, but as a more intensive night cream I’ve been very impressed with it. I would certainly consider repurchasing it in the future, but considering the price I might well wait until a special offer!


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      16.11.2014 15:51
      Very helpful


      • "Leaves my skin feeling softer"
      • "Provides intensive moisturisation"


      • "No SPF or anti ageing properties"
      • "Doesn't make my skin look more radiant"
      • "Nothing special for the price"

      There Just Aren't Enough 'Benefits'!

      I went to a beauty evening at Harvey Nichols recently and was given lots of freebies (worth far more than the ticket price), I'm not a fan of Benefit really so when I was given some samples of their Total Moisture Face Cream I wasn't overly excited. I decided to use them up quickly due to the fact that although the samples were contained in little 'pods', these pods were stuck to large pieces of card which I knew straightaway would irritate me if I had to look at them in the bathroom every time I went in there. I was given the equivalent of ten days worth of cream and have used it twice daily, finishing my last pod this morning.

      The aim of this cream is to give your skin a blast of intensive moisturisation, but it also claims that it will leave you with a more radiant complexion (so radiant you'll need a dimmer switch, according to Benefit). Hmmm.

      The cream is horribly thick and gloopy, that's the first thing to be said about it - it absorbs reasonably well considering the consistency of it but feels far too heavy for my skin, I was actually concerned it was going to cause spots due to the thickness but thankfully that hasn't happened although my skin feels less than comfortable for quite a long time after applying Total Moisture.

      It's highly moisturising and has the effect of a balm on my (normal) skin, I don't honestly think I need anything as overpoweringly strong as this but in the short time I've been using it I can feel a difference in my skin compared to the much less intensive day cream I had been using immediately prior to using my Benefit samples. My skin feels softer and incredibly well moisturised - I wouldn't say it's any more radiant than before which is a little disappointing as my skin is rather dull when I'm not wearing make-up and I was hoping this was going to improve that.

      I'd be tempted by a pot of this but the £30 price tag is off-putting considering it's 'just' a moisturiser - there's no SPF in Total Moisture and it has no anti-ageing properties, frankly I can get intensive moisturisation from E45 or Aveeno for a fraction of the cost and despite the fact I'm impressed with the appearance of my skin after using this Benefit product I can't justify spending that kind of money on something that doesn't work as well as claimed.


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      09.11.2014 03:26
      Very helpful


      • "It is very soft and thick to apply"
      • "It feels like luxury"


      • "It does not do anything special for my skin even though it is so thick"
      • "It has no SPF"
      • "It makes my face look greasy"

      Benefit Total Moisture facial cream.

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is face cream that is made by Benefit. It is a highly concentrated cream that is suited for people who have got dry skin.


      The face cream comes in a small glass pot with a very attractive label, the pot is the same as alot of Benefit products and I think it is very pleasing to look at. The Total Moisture facial cream I have been using came in sachets because I was given many by my friend who has a contact with Benefit in my local store of Boots.


      This is very thick cream and it feels very heavy on the skin, it does not absorb into my skin very easy and because of it being so thick it feels quite greasy for a long time after I have applied it. The facial cream does not have any SPF in it so I use it in the evening and at night but I would not like to use it in the daytime anyway because of the way it makes my face so shiny after I have applied it.

      It is very moisturising and I think people who have got dry skin would benefit from this alot more than I have. I like to use it because it feels like luxury but when I have used up all of my sachets I will not buy a full size product because I do not think it is worth it for me to spend all that money on a face cream that does not do very much because my skin on my face is not dry.

      It makes my skin feel softer but I have been using it for one month now and there is not very much difference, that is long enough to tell how effective it is going to be and I do not think it is going to be a product that helps me with caring for my skin because it is not suited to my skin type.

      I think this cream would be too heavy for someone who has got combination skin or greasy skin because it is so rich and I think it might give spots or blemishes on skin that is not dry.


      A pot of Total Moisture facial cream costs £28.50 for 60ml and I think that is not value because even though it is very nice cream to use I do not think it does enough for my skin for it to be worth the money.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      09.02.2014 18:42
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely thick cream that smells great and quenches, but has no spf or anti ageing properties

      The benefit range of beauty products are often a favourite of mine so when I bought a day cream from them I asked if they had a night cream too. The girl at the benefit counter said that they didn't do a specific night cream but that she uses and recommended the benefit moisturiser.

      The cream comes in a glass pot with a screw lid in pale brown the whole design is simple, nice and reminds me a little of Art Deco style. It is the box and packaging that holds most of the product information
      The box itself is lovely with a cute little string wrap around button to keep it shut and it's those little touches that puts benefit in a higher league than some other cosmetics for me.

      The cream is pure white and of a thick creamy texture that is lovely to dap onto your skin and smooth's in quickly without any issues.
      Being an intensely high moisturiser this is better as the girl suggested as a night cream or perhaps if you have dry skin. I tend to get dry skin sometimes after working a lot or walking the dogs in the winter cold and wind. I use this cream as a day cream in these times but alternate it with my normal day cream and find this works well to combat the ill effects of winter on my skin. The cream feels cool on application and a little really does go a long way, if you do use to much you end up with a greasy edge to your skin fine for night time but not day.
      Make up glides onto this base very easily, whether that is foundation or a primer base.

      On of it's aim is to provide immediate relief from dry skin and yes my skin does feel quenched on administering the cream. Another aim is to provide long lasting protection against dry skin and to be fair I think it does that too, but as previously said if you use it all the time it may feel too much.

      It may seem a bit of a steep price at £27.50 For just over 48 grams but as you only use the cream sparingly because it is so moisturising it last much longer than some other creams on the market.

      An advantage of this product for some maybe that it comes as part of a range with another moisturise lotion, a skin prep and an eye cream which all come in similar packaging which looks great on the dressing table. Again on this note they do a mini set, which is an ideal gift or test package to see if you like them.

      Down sides for me is that it contains no sun factor, this is ok when I use it as a night cream but in the day I really need sun factor as I have pale skin. It also appears to contain has no anti aging properties. For me personally this is an issue, I need anti aging components in my creams now as I get older and although I may be prepared to accept this without as a night cream there are many other product which cater for my needs better. I suspect benefit are aiming there brand at a younger age bracket than myself and so do not necessarily see it as a primary issue.

      Would I recommend? Yes but for a younger age range of teens to mid twenties and with dry or combination skin.

      Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username.


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    • Product Details

      Hydra-concentrated facial cream with tri-radiance complex / For normal to dry skin / Say good-bye to dry skin and hello to 'total moisture' / Benefit b / right Total Moisture Facial Cream provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for an ultra radiant complexion / Contains exclusive tri-radiance complex to help develop the skin's reserves of water & reinforce skin's moisture barrier for a radiantly refreshed complexion / For normal to dry skin / Directions for use: For best results, prepare your skin for Benefit b / right Total Moisture Facial Cream by cleansing with Benefit's 1 step gentle facial wash, b / right Foamingly Clean / Follow with a toning lotion to optimise the benefits of your moisturiser / Please note that Benefit is available to customers in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden only /

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