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Biore Pore Minimizing Foaming Face Wash

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Brand: Biore / Type: Facial Wash / Subcategory: Foam / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2010 10:44
      Very helpful



      One product to stay away from

      As a lot of people know cleansing is important to me, mostly because of my skin type, which is blemished, congested, oily, forever breaking out, blackheads, large pores the list is endless. It doesn't matter if you have my skin type or not, cleansing is important for everyone and everyone who wants healthy, clean skin.
      Cleansers in effect help to stop the build up of dirt, grime, stale makeup, which in turn all leads to blackheads, open pores, bumpy skin, irritated, spots, dullness, congested, oily skin. The place where you live also contribute to your skin looking damn right awful due to pollution so a good cleanser is always needed.

      As you are properly aware there are loads and loads of cleansers on the market that differ in price ranges, sizes, formulas it can be confusing. But if you're like me who likes to try new ranges and sees what the hype is all about.
      At the moment I am using Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser, which I love and continuing to use, the reason why I purchase another cleansers is because every night I double cleanse and I like to cleanse with a "cheaper" version first before my wonder product.

      I have heard good reports on Biore as a brand and when I saw they stocked the brand at my local wholesalers I picked one up for £2.25 for 120mls, which I thought was a bargain price. The thing that mostly caught my eye was it stated on the clear with green and blue stripes packaging with a blue flip top lid, it was a oil free pore minimising foaming facial wash. I have pores, which thankfully are smaller due to Alpha H but I started using facial wash before Alpha H came along so pore minimising appealed to me.
      Looking inside the clear packaging I could see little exfoliation grains, which are blue and green in colour but are far and between but thought they had to do something. Biore boasts this product is a mild pH neutral formula and natural extracts even though it doesn't say what these natural extracts are.

      That night I was actually looking forward to trying this new cleanser but was soon disappointed and I wish I had never bothered. Opening the flip top lid and squeezing some of the product out into the palm of my hand the product feels cool to touch and is a clear gel with a sharp scent, and small beads that are very far and between. I squeezed a nice amount and I got five beads, what is that going to do? Because it's not going to rough me up a little that's for sure.

      Rubbing the product between my hands with water to make it a foaming cleanser is a lot easier said than done, this product does not foam, it goes slightly creamy and that's the best you're going to get. Mostly because it is a gel and gel doesn't foam on the skin. I can't understand how companies can get away with stating something that is clearly not true; after all I have found two of them all ready.
      Appling the product to my face did actually feel nice, it felt cooling on the skin and soft to work with, until I got to cleanse around my eye contour area, even though this product was no where near my eyes because of the strong, sharp scent my eyes started stinging and didn't stop until I removed it. The beads did absolutely nothing at all, I even picked some of the beads out and started rolling them around my face to see what they actually did and all I can say is I didn't feel a thing, so I won't talk about them but the gel itself is nice to use until it comes to wiping it away. When I cleanse I make sure I get into all my nucks and crannies and cleanse for a minute or so, just to make sure I have got everywhere, dissolving all my makeup (I don't wear a lot) and hopefully revealing nice clean skin underneath. I wiped the product away with a facial sponge and I was still left with concealer around my nose and on my chin of all places so another cleanse for you and me is a must. Another thing I noticed with my skin is when my skin is a little sensitive this product actually makes my skin sting slightly with a tight feeling that you get when using soap on the face, no cleanser should do this and I had to quickly get my moisturiser on.

      It just goes to show it doesn't matter how good a product may look and what hype they say it to be, sometimes things are as never as it seems.
      This is not a product I am going to recommend to anyone and something I will be staying well away from in the near future as it quickly vacated into the bin.


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