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Biotherm Biosource Softening Toner

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Brand: Biotherm / Type: Cleanser / Subcategory: Toner / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Biotherm Biosource / Gender: Ladies Skincare

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    5 Reviews
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      25.07.2012 17:04
      Very helpful



      Overall, over priced (in my opinion) and it didn't work well for me unfortunately

      Biotherm Biosource Softening Toner (for dry skin types)

      I bought a travel set of Biotherm Biosource product (three products: this softening water toner, the intense moisture cream and the hydra mineral softening mousse cleanser. I bought the set as I do have dry skin and because the set at the time was less than £10.

      - About the product

      As this is a sample/travel size product it is only 30ml but I have two bottles. The travel size bottle is not that easy to use as it is difficult to control how much product you dispense. The bottle is pink and white and it does not have that much information on it (the full size may though). This product is a toner; a toner is a product that you use after cleansing your face but before moisturiser - it makes sure that there is no residual cleanser and it preps the skin for the application of serum/moisturiser. I have used quite a few toners, such as the Lush Eau Roma Water, the Boots Simply Sensitive toner, Vichy Micellar Water and others.

      - Scent

      I nearly always prefer my skincare products to be unscented as then they are less likely to irritate my skin and this product is scented, so that is one point against this product for my personally. The scent is not that nice either; to me it smells like a mixture of sugary, gelatine sweets (like the jelly cherry sweets) and chlorine! Not a nice combination in my opinion and the scent is fairly strong when using this product.

      - Using the product and results

      I use this product after I have used my facial cleanser and before I use my serum then moisturiser. To use I just: apply a small amount to a cotton pad, I start with a small amount as I can always add more, instead of using too much then wasting some. It is difficult to dispense a small about of this product because the travel bottle does not have a nozzle or pump dispenser. I then just sweep the cotton pad over my face, jaw line and neck (avoiding eyes and lips). While using this product I can smell the scent of it really quite strongly which I do not like and it makes me think that it is going to irritate my skin. And this product does actually irritate my skin slightly which is why I have only just finished the small bottles as I did not want to use them - but as my skin is not as sensitive as it was when I had eczema I can just about use this product without my skin reacting badly. Despite the slight irritation (slight redness and tingling) this product does work well as a toner - it smoothes my skin and it removes the make-up etc that the cleanser missed. Although as this product does irritate my skin and it does not do anything more than the other cheaper toners I have used I will not be buying it again. Overall, a good toner but it is not worth the price tag, in my opinion.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this product as part of a travel size set for just under £10 early last year. This product can be bought full size from: the Biotherm website for £15.50 for a 200ml bottle which I think it quite expensive - especially as it didn't work that well for me.


      *Easy and quick to use
      *Works fairly well as a toner

      *Irritated my skin slightly (tingling and slight redness)
      *Scented and the scent isn't that pleasant, in my opinion
      *Full size bottle is quite expensive

      Thank you for reading my review


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        12.11.2011 19:11
        Very helpful



        Great results

        This toner from Biotherm under the Biosource range is an excellent little product and is ideal for those who suffer from dry skin. My skin can be rather variable and can fluctuate between normal, greasy and dry so it can be a bit of a nightmare finding the right blend of products however this toner has proven to be a great product for when my skin has dried out. The fact that it also acts as an exfoliator is an added benefit. I most recently paid £12.99 for a 200ml bottle. The bottle itself is pink with a pump action dispenser. In fact my only real critique of this product is that I have had the odd spillage from the dispenser when it releases a drop of toner well after I have finished using it.

        You only need to use a little on your face and I apply it using a cotton pad with nice even strokes. It is a clear toner with a light fragrance that is a little flowery in smell but it is not very strong and not always detectable. It certainly feels lovely and cool when I apply it to my face and it certainly is effective at removing any deep ingrained dirt that is not shifted by washing and cleansing. It has a slight tingly feel to it as it blends into my skin and I'm left with very fresh feeling skin and certainly it feels and looks a lot tighter and free from blemishes.

        My skin feels nice and soft after using this and it is certainly effective at gently exfoliating my skin as it is applied. Certainly it compliments both the cleanser and the moisturiser that I use and when I'm looking for a deep clean (that does sound rather NHS) it is an important part of my beauty regime.

        I would certainly say that the results do represent good value for money as you do not need to use a lot each time you use it and so a bottle does last a long time.


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        10.11.2011 14:35
        Very helpful



        An expensive but luxurious toner

        WHAT IS IT?

        A toner that claims to soften and smooth the skin with regular use.

        IS IT ANY GOOD?

        As with most Biotherm products this is excellent but does not justify the high price. You use the toner as normal, after cleansing and poured onto cotton wool for wiping across the skin. You only need a small amount so the bottle will last for ages, if you use too much it will layer too thickly on your skin and make it appear greasy so it's best to apply a little at a time.

        It dries to leave no residue and if your cleanser has left any traces behind the toner will remove that, as well as any dirt you've missed while cleansing. The light fragrance is feminine and pleasant, after use the toner will start smelling a bit like baby powder and it's this perfume that lingers.  After use my skin feels cleaner than if I'd only cleansed, it also has a clean and fresh appearance.

        It took six weeks and a third of a bottle before I could see a difference in my skin but after this time my skin was definitely softer to the touch and also had a smoother appearance. I don't use it everyday now but the softness has persisted, using the toner feels so pampering though that I'll pick this one up more than any other. After it's dried my skin has a velvet texture which provides a smooth base for applying my make up, this also helps with the smooth feeling.

        4 Dooyoo Stars.


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        07.11.2011 19:37
        Very helpful




        The Biotherm Biosource Softening Toner is another great product in the brilliant Biotherm range. I use this product every day along with the Biotherm cleansing gel as well as other products and it does keep my skin in a brilliant condition.

        The Biotherm Toner comes in a very nice plastic pink bottle with a silver and white writing and a white plunge top to dispense the toner with.

        The bottle I have is 200ml and it cost me just over £15, it's not cheap I know and I can't even say it lasts longer than other brands I have used that have cost me less money, I can however say that the Biotherm toner does feel great when I use it and leaves my face feeling very clean.

        The tonner itself it quite thick in texture and it is clear in colour, I don't need to use a massive amount to get the desired affect just enough to cover about half of a cotton wool pad, I then simply apply to my face to get rid of any traces of dirt that might have been left by my cleanser and even traces of the cleanser itself.

        This toner is especially designed for people with dry skin and although my skin isn't really very dry I do have dry patches especially on my fore head and find that it defiantly doesn't dry it out any further.
        The products in the Biotherm range don't generally seem to have very strong or distinctive smells and this is no different, just a subtle clean smell with a slight floral note in there.


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        21.01.2011 13:17
        Very helpful



        a pleasant surprise and addition to my skincare regime

        Biotherm is a skin care company which is part of the L'Oreal company. The range is extensive and offers skincare, makeup, bodycare suncare and also mens products.

        *~*~*Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise!*~*~*

        Skincare experts advise that to look after our skin, we must cleanse, tone and moisturise. There are many ways in which we can do this and different brands promote various products and regimes to keep your skin in tip top condition. Toning is the second step in the regime and is recommended to cleanse the skin where normal cleansers cannot reach.


        The Biosource range from Biotherm includes 8 products designed to work together or alone on your skin. The range includes a cleanser, toner, cleansing milk, exfoliating gel, cleansing gel and eye make up remove. It also includes 2 special products for ultra sensitive skin.

        *~*~*Softening Toner*~*~*

        The toner in the Biosource range is alcohol free and is designed to be used on dry skin. The toner contains essential minerals, wetting agents and hydrating agents which work together to perform on your skin. The aim of the toner, is to rid your skin of dirt which has formed deep down, remove dead skin cells and impurities and therefore resulting in brighter, smoother skin. It is a toner and exfoliator rolled into one product.


        The toner comes suitably housed in a tall, strong plastic bottle. The bottle is curved with frosty, transparent pink body and white lid. Removing the lid, reveals a raised head with a small dispensing hole at the top. The writing on the bottle is white and tiny but includes the product name, directions for use etc. Once opened, the bottle should be used up with 12months.


        It is recommended that you use this with the matching cleanser in the range but this is not neccessary as any cleanser will suffice. Dribble some toner from the bottle onto a cotton pad and sweep the pad over your face from the inside out. Repeat this process until the pad wipes clean.

        *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

        Available at Biotherm counters and online at www.biotherm.co.uk. 200ml is priced at £15.30 which is on par with the likes of Clinique. Other online offers include Amazon at £11.90.

        *~*~*Toning Me Up*~*~*

        I have never really used a toner..not properly. I started out with the Clinique 3 step system and couldn't get along with it so I scrapped it. My normal routine is a sweep with a facial wipe and a layer of No7 day cream. I occasionally treat myself to a fresh face mask or a packet one. My skin hasn't been in the brightest condition over the winter so although I wasn't conciously looking for a toner, I spotted a buyer (who I had bought something else from) selling Biotherm toners at only £1.99. Too good and offer to refuse so I snapped one up and have been using it for the past month.

        Biotherm is a name I am familiar with and moreso over the past few months. I purchased a large lot of deluxe samples and look forward to reviewing them too! The toner or softening lotion as it is referred too, has slotted into my mornings with ease. The bottle is rather plain and simple but keeps the contents safe from harm. The toner is easy to dispense as it slowly but efficiently seeps from the hole. I use a cotton wool ball as I keep forgetting to buy the pads!

        My skin is dry, sensitive and lacking any healthiness about it, especially my face. Considering this is where everyone sees on my body day to day, I feel I should keep it looking fresh and clean! I haven't used a matching Biotherm product to cleanse my face and have stood by my cleansing wipes. Whilst my face feels clean and tingly after using these, it doesn't look nice so I hoped the toner would change this but of course, I know it won't work miracles!

        The toner itself is clear and slightly thick and oily. It has a slightly fresh, floral scent that doesn't smell like it will be too heavy for my sensitive skin. I only tip a very small amount onto my cotton ball and it sits on the surface of it but not for long. Although the wool doesn't soak up the toner quickly, it doesn't take too long so I make sure I only do one at a time to avoid wastage! When the wool touches my skin, the relief is immediate and the cooling sensation takes hold. I gently swish the cotton wool from my nose outwards and I do not need to apply much pressure at all.

        The toner transfers from the wool to my skin with ease and my skin happily soaks it up. I check the wool after a few seconds of it being on my face and although it isn't black, the dirt being released from deep down in my skin, leads me to feel ashamed and totally manky! I didn't realise before how much dirt accumulates where the wipes can't reach but this toner does a perfect job of bringing it all to the surface to be wiped off. I feel deeply ashamed and can only imagine what has been sitting in my skin all these years!

        The previous Clinique toner I used, led my skin to feel tingy and uncomfortable but I am glad that I did not experience this with Biotherm. I can feel something crunching its way through my skin but it isn't an unpleasant experience in the least. It is revitalising and I feel like I am getting a deep down facial from a bottle! I use around 3 cotton wool balls with a dribble of toner on each and that is plenty to remove all the dirt from my pores and skin. After the 3 cotton ball, it is almost clean and I can rest assured that everything has been cleansed out my skin.

        The toner left my skin feeling fresh and even the air in my home, gave me a pleasant, tingly feeling that only a deep down clean can do. The toner once applied to my face, changed from floral to a subtle, sweet scent that didn't make my eyes water and as it is free from alcohol, it didn't overpower in strength. I mainly suffer from dry skin on my forehead and whilst wipes seem to hide it for a short period of time, a moisturiser is usually my option to eradicate it. This toner started off the process and although it took a few sweeps to see any improvement in the dryness, it was almost invisible when I had finished.

        The toner when used alone leaves my skin smooth and soft. Not only does it feel clean and fresh, over the past few weeks, I have noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my skin. Redness in my cheeks has reduced slightly, dryness has improved and I have a subtle, glow which allows my skin to look healthy and taken care off. I often apply my day cream following this toner just to keep the hydration in place the rest of the day and No7 works well with the Biotherm toner.


        If you have dry and sensitive skin then this is for you. It offers a quick and simple yet fully effective addition to a cleansing routine and if you can pick it up at £1.99 then its a bargain!

        *~*~*Conclusiong and Recommendation*~*~*

        Whilst I have never shown much interest in toners, I was glad I purchased this from ebay as I have noticed a pleasant improvement in my skin texture and appearance. I have been using it for approx 4weeks and nearly everyday and have barely made a dent in the bottle so it works out excellent value for money. Its subtle scent and no alcohol content makes it an ideal, gentle solution for my little skincare regime and I would happy buy another bottle.

        I therefore recommend Biother Softening Lotion to you all and thank you for reading my review. :)


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      • Product Details

        Toning the skin is the most important step of your daily skin care routine. This soft and refreshing toner reaches the deep dirt that cleansers cannot. More than a simple toner, it works as a biological exfoliant, ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells, revealing brighter and smoother skin.It cleanses and tightens pores, allowing the skin to better absorb the hydrating cream.Skin is soft, toned, feeling wonderfully comfortable, clean and refreshed.