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Biotherm Skin Ergetic Normal Skin Day Cream

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Brand: Biotherm / Facial cream / Type: Day Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2011 13:37
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      A very nice skin care product

      ~Fresh and fruity skin care~

      The Biotherm Skin Ergetic Day Cream that I spotted when in a large department store has turned out to be something that not only stands out due to its bright neat packing, as I have found this fresh and fruity skin care product to be light and easy to use giving good results if used with care. I have found the day cream is easy and quick to use in the morning before cleansing and applying a moisturiser plus a foundation product. As this product was being promoted on the day in question I was offered the chance to try it by the skin care consultant and I happily took up the offer.

      I followed the directions given to me by the Biotherm skin care consultant when using this product at first and was able to use up the samples I had been given over the course of an extended period as I was given enough to last for 8 days use, which the consultant said ought to be long enough for me to be able to make my mind up about how well the product samples including the day cream worked. I have since purchased a nice starter kit which included the day cream, the night cream, the concentrate and some extra skin care items which compliment the range at a special offer price that I felt was better value than buying the concentrate on its own.

      ~Product presentation and ease of use~

      I must admit that I was drawn to the day cream as it looked well presented and stood out when I saw it set amongst the rest of the products from the Biotherm range on the in store display. Having used a number of Biotherm products in the past I knew that that range was pleasant and easy to use, so I was more than happy when I was offered the chance to try out the new Ergetic Day Cream. The day cream comes packed into an easy to open orange coloured glass tub that has a simple twist on and off plastic lid and the bright tones used on the container really makes the day cream stand out.

      The bright orange tone of the glass tub shows up well against the plain and simple white plastic lid and a slim sliver line around the lid completes the sleek and modern look of the product. I found the tub easy to open and close when needed with it having a smooth even base which sits well on a flat surface when in use. The cream comes in two options one for normal to combination skin and one for dry skin, I used the former as although I do sometimes get dry patches of skin the Biotherm consultant advised me that it would be best to start with the lighter of the two creams as I may find the version for dry skin overly heavy.

      I am glad that I followed the advice of the consultant as having used this product in the normal to combination skin option I feel that that has been more than adequate for my needs, as I only require a small amount of the cream to give good effects. I began using the day cream as I had a series of small silver metallic and orange toned sachets given to me that lasted for 8 days and I found that each sachet held enough cream for a more than generous application of the cream. When I decided to purchase my starter kit I was lucky enough to get a pot of the day cream with it that has lasted for some time and I have found that the tub of cream is easy to store away when not in use as it is small and compact so doesn't take up too much room.

      ~The 'natural' ingredients~

      Biotherm say that over 97.5% of the ingredients used within the day cream are from natural sources and all of the lovely soft fragrance that the product gives off is 100% natural in its origin, with no additives used to enhance it. The product has been tested and proven safe for use on sensitive skin, although a skin test for each and every potential user would be the only way to know if it suits all individuals. Only pure mineral water is used to mix the product according to the information I was given, although I obviously have to trust in what I am being told as far as that goes, as I haven't seen any of the mixing process used to make up the concentrate.

      ~Are you getting your 5 a day?~

      The ingredients within the day cream combine 5 natural fruits and vegetables which gives this product a very fruity natural scent that is fresh, clean and inviting. When I use this it really reminds me of hot sunny days and tropical fruits and there is a definite orange, apple and pineapple fragrance that stands out when using the cream. Although the list of ingredients doesn't seem to contain pineapple at all it does seem to be there in a very subtle way when I catch a glimpse of the scent given off by the day cream.

      The effect of the fragrance although fruity, is very light and soft and never over powering and it dies down after around 15 minutes leaving a light pleasantly scented hint of its former fruityness. As with the Biotherm Concentrate that I have been using the day cream uses soy protein and botanical cells taken from apples within its mix and then enhances them further with the addition of lycopane from tomatoes which is used for its antioxidant properties, then adds extracts from grapes, pomegranates and seville oranges.

      ~Using the day cream~

      When using this on my skin I have found that when using the concentrate from the same range before the day cream you do need to allow that to sink into the skin for a good few minutes before applying the day cream. If you apply the two products too close together and do not allow a short time for the concentrate to be absorbed fully, the effects on the skin are that there is a very light exfoliation that means dead skin cells come away from the face leaving a filmy residue that doesn't make a very good base for you to apply make up to.

      The only thing you can do if this occurs is wash your face in cool clean water and pat it dry lightly, which may seem like a waste of skin cream, however I have found that when this occurs a light wash will leave my skin feeling super soft and smooth with a nicely moisturised effect. I have been impressed with just how light and natural the day cream feels when used on its own on the skin and I will certainly consider it again in future if I see the day cream on promotion. I feel the range including the day cream, when used as directed are every bit as good as you might hope it would be and I have ben pleased with the results the cream has produced.

      ~Price and rating ~

      When I bought my Ergetic products I received the day cream at the same time as when buying the concentrate which gave me good value for money, verses the normal retail price of this product. I was offered a special deal which included a pot of Ergetic day cream, as well as the same sized pot of the matching Ergetic night cream, plus 4 other nicely presented Biotherm travel size products which I felt was very good value. Having also had 2 previous Biotherm travel sets which had a £5 off voucher inside each little pouch I used one with this purchase and one on another item making my total spend even less.

      The normal retail price for a 50ml tub of day cream is £33.70 which may seem pricey, however as you need only the smallest amount of cream at any one time to give you good results, I have found that a small tub will last for a long time. As this is a new range from Biotherm there are promotions around that may include some free or complimentary items, so my feeling is that is it worth shopping around to see who has the best deal at the moment. As I have enjoyed using this product I feel it ought to get a 4 star rating as it is easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft after use.


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