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Bliss Steep Clean Cleanser

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Brand: Bliss / Type: Cleanser / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Bliss Steep Clean

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2011 22:03
      Very helpful



      Not worth the hefty price tag

      A while ago my Dad received in the post a full sized bottle of Bliss Steep Clean Facial Cleanser I think it was something he won in a competition, but as with the foundation he won a few weeks ago it was not really his sort of thing so gave it to me. I have heard of Bliss products and have heard some good and bad things about them, but never actually tried them, I do use cleansers and facial scrubs but have never tried this particular product so was keen to give it a go.

      The Packaging
      The bottle that my Bliss Steep Clean Facial Mask came in is a bit different to the one shown in the picture as the design has now been changed. The box that my Bliss Steep Clean came in was throw out a while ago and I cannot even remember what information was on it, however the cleanser itself comes in a chunky plain white bottle, the bottle is quite plain and basic in design and has all of the relevant information printed direct onto the bottle itself. There is a small dark blue oval right at the top of the bottle on the front this has the word "Bliss" written inside it in white writing, about halfway down the bottle is further writing about the product including the words "Steep Clean" in green writing and a further list of what this product does to help your skin all indicated by a small green bullet point, other than the size of the bottle that is it for the information on the front of the bottle. There is further information about Bliss Steep Clean on the back of the bottle, again all in black and green writing, this consists of directions of use, warnings and also a "Bliss Tip". The bottle has a large chunky white lid which simply pulls on and off to reveal a clear plastic button type devise, this is where the cleansers comes out of. The cleanser is made up of 2 parts so there are 2 small holes in the clear button, when pressed one part of the cleanser comes out of one hole and the second comes out of the other hole, personally I found the button a bit difficult to press to start with you do need to press it down quite hard whilst on a firm surface.

      Bliss Steep Cleaner is described as a "professional strength facial mask for all skin types", there are 4 things which this product promises to do (these are listed on the front of the bottle) and they include
      *Dissolve dead skin cells and debris
      *Exfoliates and smoothes the skins surface
      *Prevents plugges and prominent pores
      *Includes botanical skin brighteners
      After reading this about the product I was expecting to see noticeable results, I don't have bad skin at all but I was still hoping to see a bit of improvement after using the mask.

      Directions of Use
      The directions are clearly written on the back of the bottle, but in my opinion do go into a little too much detail when they tell which 2 fingers to squeeze the mask onto, anyway you simply press the clear button down on top of the bottle until you have a grape sized amount of the yellow and the green coloured components of the mask on you fingers. The 2 coloured parts come out of the 2 separate holes in the front of the button so once you have the right amount of both colours you mix the 2 together until the whole amount of the mask turns green, this activates the exfoliating enzymes. Once mixed you massage the product over the whole of your face and neck concentrating on clogged and congested area, once your face is fully covered you leave the facial mask for 15 minutes, after which you rinse off with warm waters. Bliss Steep Clean Facial Mask should be used once a week.

      There is only one warning on the back of the Bliss Steep Clean facial mask bottle and that is
      *Avoid contact with the eye area due to the eyes not being aided y exfoliation.
      It does not actually say what you should do if you were to get the product into you eyes, I'm assuming that rinsing with warm water is the best option, I did find it a bit unusual that there was not recommendation of what action to take as the usually is with this type of product.

      I have not actually seen Bliss Steep Clean being sold in any shops such as Superdrug and Boots, although I could be wrong, however I do know it can be purchased online from either ASOS or the official Bliss website, on both sites this product is being sold for £35.80 for a 100ml bottle, quite expensive for a facial mask.

      My Opinion
      Before I used Bliss Steep Clean Facial Mask I was expecting it to be quite gritty as it was described as an exfoliation facial mask, however when I squeezed the product out into my hand I was surprised to find that it was not gritty at all but totally smooth, I blended the 2 coloured halves together and spread it over my face, I really didn't need a huge amount of this at one time, a little bit really did go a long way. I was quite impressed with the fragrance of the product it was not overpowering and did not smell chemically, it had an almost floral smell to it although this did fade the longer I had it on. I left the mask on my face for 15 minutes as instructed, although I did start to get a bit fed up and was tempted to wash it off early but I stuck with it. The mask was easy to wash off with warm water and a sponge, after it had all been removed my face did feel extremely soft and cleansed for the rest of the night, however I cannot say there was a huge amount of difference in the appearance of my face. I did wonder whether the mask would dry my skin out but I didn't have any problems with this, whilst on my face the mask just felt like there was water on my face there was no tightening of my skin the longer the mask was on and once removed I was just left with soft skin.

      Overall I would recommend Bliss Steep Clean facial Mask as my face did feel extremely well cleansed, much better than I could do with a regular cleanser and my skin felt lovely and soft as well, however I think this product is very over priced, whilst it is nice to use once a week whilst relaxing in the bath I do not think I would pay £35.80 for a bottle, it is long lasting but this is rather a lot of money to pay out on a facial mask. In my opinion I did not notice a huge difference in the condition of my skin other than it felt very soft, whether this is because my skin on m face is in quite good condition I don't know but for me the effects I had from it were not worth that amount of money.
      Overall a nice facial mask but one that is very over priced.


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        09.05.2011 17:42
        Very helpful



        Not worth the money at all

        I can't afford to spend a lot on skincare items so whenever it comes to birthday or Christmas my sister always gets me some lovely expensive things to try. The last time she bought me a gift it included this Bliss Steep Clean Cleansing Milk which cost around £20 for a 245ml bottle.

        The bottle is made of a thick white plastic which makes it seem high quality but make sit difficult to see how much you have left. It has quite a clinical look about it which is a bit boring really. It has a flip top lid which makes it easier and more convenient to use. The lid fastens nice and tight so you don't have to worry about spillage if you're taking it away with you.

        The cleanser is really strange, it's very runny and an odd blue colour and weird consistency. What's strange about it is that although it's really runny it has an almost sticky feel to it that you would only expect from thicker substances. It also has a very odd scent that I can't make my mind up about, it's very fruity and quite fresh, but also quite acidic which is what makes me unsure as to whether I like it or not.

        The milk should be massaged into dry or damp skin and then rinsed off. I've tried it both ways and I don't think it makes any difference whether you use it damp or dry, it still does exactly the same. It's so runny it just glides over the skin as you massage it, and you don't need a lot at all to cover your face. It doesn't lather at all though which makes it feel to me like it's not really doing much, but I guess that's just because I'm used to foaming gel cleansers. It does feel nice to massage onto my skin, and it rinses off easily.

        After using it my skin does feel quite clean and fresh but not as much so as with any of my other cleansers. My skin looks shine-free and fresh but apart from that there's not really anything to say about it. If I have been wearing makeup I don't find that this removes it very well and loads comes off onto my cotton pad when I use my toner afterwards.

        I have now been using this regularly for a few months and I haven't seen any noticeable difference in my skin. It's supposed to help unblock pores and get rid of blackheads etc. but if anything I'm sure I have more blocked pores than before I started using this. I've used cleansers for less than a fiver that had better results than this so I definitely won't be buying this one again!


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      For Oily / Congested Skin

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