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Boots Botanics Pore Perfecting Toner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Boots Botanics / Type: Toner / Product line: Boots Botanics

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    3 Reviews
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      11.03.2012 15:25
      Very helpful



      A good toner for oily skins

      The product contains active plant extracts and clay to clarify, absorb oil and protect the skin.

      The product is murky green intially, but requires a good shake to mix the ingredients as the clay settles at the bottom. Depsite this - no matter how much I shake there is always a layer of clay on the bottom that won't move, which is a bit frustrating, but doesn't massively change the effectiveness of the product.

      The product smells fresh and a little of clay, which isn't unpleasant.

      The toner is easy to apply with cotton wool, it removes the last traces of make up and cleanser and absorbs oil, but doesnt dry the face out or make it tight.

      After using it my skin looks matte and brighter, but I don't notice a change in the appearance of my pores.

      My skin stays matte for a good few hours after using it - not all day, but this may be due to the moisturiser I wear.

      The product is 150ml and retails at around £4, but is regularly on a 3 for 2 with the Botanics range, so is good value.

      Overall I would recommend this product for someone who has oily skin as it mattifies and absorbs oil well, without striping the skin. But personally I didn't notice a difference in pore size or appearance. But overall it is a good toner.


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      09.06.2010 21:51
      Very helpful



      Finally a toner that work on my oily skin!

      I came across this toner by chance. In my endless quest to find the perfect toner for my oily skin I came across this, I actually went into boots to but the skin brightening toner which I had read about when I accidently knocked this one over, when I picked it up I decided to take a closer look.

      The toners main ingredients are natural with Amazonian clay to absorb oil and rosemary for it's calming properties.
      When you first pick this up you will notice the toner is actually separate with a clear green liquid sitting on top and a more cloudy green towards the bottle. This is actually the clay separating from the rest of the mixture and all it needs is a good shake before using.

      The toner has a nice fresh smell and the clay does not bother me at all while using. I use this morning and evening after cleansing by just pouring this on a cotton pad and wiping on my face and neck.

      After about 3 weeks of use now ! can say that this actually works! After wiping my face even after have used a regular cleanser this toner always picks up leftover grease and grime, I generally take my cleansing seriously so I think this speaks for the effectiveness of the toner as opposed to me being lazy with cleansing!

      I can already see my face clearing up and my face is noticeably cool and calm after use. I would definitely recommend this to others. Natural and not too harsh and I would definitely say it is doing a good job of perfecting my pores. Best toner I accidently knocked over!


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      12.11.2008 02:33
      Very helpful



      Brilliant at tightening up the skin!

      When it comes to Boots I'm sure I'm the biggest fan of the store! I love it and have an unhealthy obsession for toiletries and cosmetics and I buy far too much, far too often. I'm up late now writing this review to try to avoid the fact that I really do need to clean my room up as I can't move for clutter in here and I tripped over some shaving gel earlier and almost ended up flying out of a closed bedroom window! I kid you not, my place is a tip!

      All my money goes on me as a single woman and I love Boots because of the advantage card and like the other day I spent 30 quid on stuff I actually needed (Christmas gifts and the like for my family lol) and I ended up using loads of vouchers I had been sent giving me 300 points for spending over a certain amount and I had a double reward voucher and then single use vouchers like on this range. Buy any Botanics product to get a hundred reward points. So I needed some toner this was £1.99 cash I got 200 points for it (with both coupons) and then on top of that it's points worth doubled as well. ok in layman's terms I was up! In short this is why I adore Boots so much!

      I religiously cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and do the same in the evening before I go to bed. I very rarely deviate from this routine unless I'm drunk, or ill, or both lol and then I will scale down my make up removing routine and use a wipe but as a rule for thorough cleaning this is my preferred method.

      For me removal of grease, grime and/or make up is very important to me indeed and always has been. I suffer combination, naughty skin and it loves an excuse to act up on me so making sure it's clean is something I'm very precious about but obviously if I use the wrong stuff then I get more problems so I do have to be careful what I buy!

      I like Time Delay products for my face but was swayed by the point offer I previously mentioned. Also I'm using Time Delay Cleanser at the moment but like a lot of women (I'm sure I'm not the only one that this happens to!) I always run out of toner first!

      Now I don't mind Botanics products. I find them as treatments to be rather good. However the smell? Well I'm not keen on the smell of Kew garden slapped on my face! I'm not a green, natural goddess and their products fragrance wise has really turned me off! Like their soap I bought and used a while ago. The effects on my skin were damn well amazing.... honestly but the smell as I used it and after I'd finished and dried myself off was unbearable and made me feel a bit nauseous. So yes I do sniff anything now I purchase from this range before I plump for adding it to my collection of goodies cos some of this stuff smells vile and I don't care if it is good if it stinks rotten!

      So my skin at the moment is a mess and I say that without hesitation. I don't know what's up with it and it's really stressing me out big time! I'm 34 years old so I have all the usual signs of ageing creeping up on me. Ok I can deal with that it happens to us all. What I do find hard to deal with is although I have all that going on with my skin to deal with and accept it decides to kick off and try and over compensate itself and act teenage all at the same time!

      I have always has an oily t-zone. Now though my oily t-zone has spread and my face is permanently slimy and appears and looks really greasy. No exaggeration. Even now I have no make up on, my face feels so smooth and like I've used a greasy moisturiser and I haven't! My spots are huge and very noticeable. I have two massive, angry boily, red, pussy type ones that look fit for bursting but I can't pop them because they hurt me to touch. I have has a few little little spots with tiny little yellow heads of late that I did pop and I have the usual amount of blackheads and whiteheads as I've always suffered with and my open pores are really enlarged at the moment and when I put foundation on them they are really noticeable but if I try to gently squeeze them liquid comes out! Gross! My skin is congested to hell and I find this really upsetting because I do try to look after my face and I have been using all sorts of spot treatments and nothing is working so suggestions not needed (I've spent a fortune so far and I'm peed off bout it now lol).

      This appealed to me for a few reasons. For one it's meant to be a more natural product and for another it's called pore perfecting and it contains clay which is meant to 'absorb' oil. Ok the fact it had bonus points did swing it if I'm entirely honest but I still really wanted and needed it to work for me lol

      The Packaging....

      150ml clear plastic bottle with a sticky paper label in light green and white which goes mostly across the middle section of the bottle but leaves some bottle free so you can see the product and how much you have left etc. On the front of the label I'm told it's Active Plant Extract, 'Face' Blemish Prone Pore Perfecting Toner. I'm then told it contains Rosemary that protects and clarifies. Amazonian Clay that absorbs oil. Then at the bottom of the bottle, length-ways I'm told it's Boots, The Power Of Plants, Botanics and finally there is a picture of leaves scribbled on there. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, warning about getting it in the eyes (and what to do if you do), size is stated (as I've told you already), ingredients are listed, the recycle symbol is clearly shown, KEW is written on there, there are contact details for Boots given and finally there is a bar-code. Nice informative and natural looking packaging.

      About The Product.... According To The Bottle...

      Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance. Naturally.

      Even after cleansing, traces of product or oil can remain. This gentle toner tightens pores and sweeps away any excess oil to prepare skin for moisturiser. Leaves complexion soft and matte.

      Rosemary: This extract combines anti-oxidant properties with anti-microbial action, helping to reduce skin bacteria and protect skin form damaging free radicals.

      Extracts authenticated by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

      Directions For Use....

      Shake gently. Apply morning and night with cotton wool over face and neck.

      My Opinion On The Toner....

      Well when I first got it home I thought my bottle had gone off or was old stock! Being a mixture with clay in it I have (when not in use) an odd colour, sludgy green/grey liquid with a sort of white scummy looking powder at the bottom. It's all very watery though at the top and simply appears a bit thicker at the bottom. Nowhere on the bottle does it say to shake it and sure some thick people wouldn't even think about that but me I'm not thick (honest lol) and it's common sense in my book to shake the mixture up so it's well blended.

      Now I use this after cleansing on a cotton wool pad. I almost saturate the pad and liquid runs out of the rather large hole at the top of the bottle and dispenses some coloured water on said cotton wool. The smell of this is really very nice indeed. It has a smell of rosemary about it but mixed with a hint of something sweet to knock the edge of what would otherwise be a rather pungent herb smell but it manages to say very true and natural and just really nice and fresh smelling.

      Using it is simplicity itself. Being wet it just glides over the skin easily and isn't greasy. Yes I can feel a little tiny bit of a gritty feel to it which must be the clay within the product but it doesn't hurt or scratch or anything and it doesn't stop you being able to wipe the skin over easily.

      It does lift off any left cleanser residue. If there is any make up left on your face after cleansing it removes that too. It's all very straightforward and it's simply a toner that really works.

      Not only does it do those things it does make skin feel tighter. In fact considerably so. Pores do look tightened and my face feels more tawt and a little uncomfortable at first for me because I'm not used to feeling a product like this on my skin. However that feeling soon passes and around half an hour later the face returns to feeling normal again however pores do still appear to be more tightened than before this product gets used.

      Because of these effects I will wipe over my face when ever I choose to and not just as part of my cleansing and toning routine. This is great to quickly wipe face with to cool it down and refresh it and try to help spots at the same time. It makes a natural face (no make up) just appear brighter and clearer and no grease can be seen. It even gets rid of my oily t-zone. These results last a couple of hours though and so really are only a quick fix solution. I like to use this as well before applying moisturiser and foundation and of course the rest of my make up that I use. I do realise that my skin probably is so tightened that it isn't drinking in my moisturiser so much but at the same time my face is appearing smoother and now looking better with make up on it but an added bonus is that my pores are not absorbing more gunk it so obviously doesn't need to and make up sits on the top of this.

      As for spots well I haven't had any new one's appear since using this product. However it hasn't after a week of using it made my existing ones suddenly disappear. They're no worse but no better so I think that although this probably helps with the prevention of spots taking root, this doesn't cure the ones you have so they either have to go on their own accord and over time or you need a spot treatment specifically for them.


      I'm very impressed since using this that my skins appearance is a lot better. I won't lie to you and say this has cured all ills as it simply hasn't and basically this is just one product your using on your face and you could be using other stuff that is upsetting your skins balance which would mean this wouldn't be so productive so it's hit and miss to getting using this product right.

      I do like the feeling of clarity this gives my skin. I like the visible dirt that it lifts off my face and pores. I like the smell and the general kindness it gives to my face but do be warned the tightness it gives does take a little bit of getting used to (but i have).

      This is a grim buster and me... well I shall be buying it again purely and if for nothing else just closing up the appearance of pores and be able to seen with no make up on or very little!

      Exclusive to Boots at the current offer price of £1.99 usually £3.99 a bottle (I think!).

      Also posted on Ciao under this same name.


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    • Product Details

      For blemish prone skin / A gentle toner that tightens pores and eliminates excess oil to prepare the skin for moisturising /

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